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SK COMMUNITY TURF FIELD Opportunities for Kids and Community.

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1 SK COMMUNITY TURF FIELD Opportunities for Kids and Community




5 SOUTH KITSAP HIGH SCHOOL FIELD PROJECT Football/Soccer Turf Field Construction Cost Estimate 1. Mobilization$ 12,500 2. Site Prep$ 300,000 (Performance Bond if Required 3%, Excavation, Drainage System ) 3. Artificial Turf$ 300,000 4. Nailer Boards$ 4,500 5. Logos, Letters, Numbers, Arrows, Cut-ins$ 25,000 6. Contingency$ 20,000 Turf Field Construction Total:$ 662,000 Additional costs (Maroon Turf)$ 31,000 Tax estimate:$ 57,000 Turf Project Total: $ 750,000

6 Maintenance Costs Grass Field Annual Maintenance: $40,000 – Water – Mowing & Aerating – Sanding & Seeding – Fertilizing – Painting Turf Field Annual Maintenance: $5,000 – Raking* (quarterly) – Vacuuming* (monthly) *Field grooming equipment is included in purchase price. Annual Savings = $35,000

7 ENDORSEMENTS These South Kitsap companies and organizations have endorsed the concept of this project Debbie Macomber Port Orchard Rotary South Kitsap Rotary Dick Vlist Motors PA4SK (Public Art for South Kitsap) Port Orchard City Council Columbia Bank Kurt Wagner Educational Foundation Scott McLendon’s Ace Hardware Eagle Crest Construction SK Professional Firefighters Local 2876 Grey Chevrolet Pristine Homes Westbay NAPA SK Pee Wee Youth Athletics

8 Turf Field vs. Current Grass Field Turf Field Safety Maintenance Savings Top Quality Playing Surface Revenue Opportunities – Community Use – Hosting playoff games and events – Concerts – Speakers – Tournaments Community Pride Improved District Assets Available for Daily School Use Current Grass Increased Risk of Injury Inadequate for District Needs – Practices – Field unusable 7 months of the year – Daily School Use – SKSD soccer and football must travel for all playoff games and practices leading up to games Not Available for Community Use Lost Revenue Opportunities

9 Capital Fundraising Opportunities Community and Business Sponsorships Individual Donations Fundraising Events Grants Naming Rights Outreach to Alumni and Athletes Tiered Donation Program Recognition Wall Advertising

10 Next Steps Fundraising initiated on approval from SKSD Board of Directors Secure 50% of turf costs by September 2014 Secure 100% of turf costs by May 2015 Turf Field installed, dedicated and ready for first use by September 2015

11 What We are Asking… SKSD Board Concurrence to Proceed Naming Rights and Advertising Parameters Commitment to Reinvest Net Revenue for Turf Replacement and Non-Voter Bond Concurrent Stadium Improvements

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