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The Show Must Go On………….. Sleepless in Florida Rethinking Agency Finance A Play in Four Acts.

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1 The Show Must Go On………….. Sleepless in Florida Rethinking Agency Finance A Play in Four Acts

2 Starring Melissa Skipton, Hope Childree- DISC Village, Inc., Tallahassee Deanne Miranda, Sophia Lewis, Margrid Goodhand - Agency for Community Treatment Services.ACTS, Tampa Becky Razaire – Tri County Human Services, Lakeland Maureen Kempa, Marianne Benvenuti - Westcare Guidance Care Center, Inc., Florida Keys Bob Hafer,Tom Griffin -The Transition House, St. Cloud Wendy Curry, Lisa March- Human Services Associates, Inc., Winter Park AngelaPalmer - Better Way of Miami, Miami Mary Booker Florida Alcohol and Drug Administration (FAADA), Tallahassee Amy McIlvaine, NIATx, Madison, WI


4 FLORIDA SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND MENTAL HEALTH - KEY FACTS Current Budget: Substance Abuse: $215,672,421 Mental Health: $760,060,545 Sources of Funding: Substance Abuse State: 40%; Federal: 60% Mental Health (including State Mental Health Facilities) State: 81% Federal: 19% Operational Structure: Central Office: Guides State System of Care, monitors progress Regional Offices (6): Manage regional systems of care Percent Funds in Contracted Services: Mental Health: Civil Facilities – 1 of 3 privatized Forensic Facilities – 2 of 4 privatized Community MH – privatized Substance Abuse: Privatized Managing Entities (includes SA and Community MH) Current contracts: 6 Early 2013 Target: 100 percent

5 State Focus in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Managing Entities Performance and Quality Redesigning for Recovery in the Community

6 Managing Entities Managing Entity (ME) – a corporation that is organized in the State of Florida, is designated or filed as a nonprofit corporation under s. 501 (c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service and is under contract to the Florida Department of Children and Families to manage the day-to-day operational delivery of behavioral health services through an organized system of care. Programmatic Goals for ME: Redirect funds from restrictive care settings to community based recovery support services. Funding Prevention Coalitions. Enhancement of the continuity of care for children, adolescents and adults, including the elderly, entering the publicly funded behavioral health service system For all children and parents who are not Medicaid eligible or who need services not covered by Medicaid, and who are placed from households that DCF determines are “unsafe” without additional services, will have priority for substance abuse and mental health services

7 Managing Entities Essential component of DCF strategy is administrative cost reductions to achieve better return for state investment -- redirect funds for increased service access, and to develop necessary infrastructure. ME financial management and accounting system must have capacity to generate financial reports on individual service recipient utilization, cost, claims billing and collections for the Florida Dept. of Children and Families and other stakeholders. ME must work with Department to reinvest administrative cost savings into improve services. ME contracts require specific amounts for provider administrative cost reductions by Year 2 of contract. ME contracts have negotiated administrative rate at 4.5 %.





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