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Facilities Williams Report Overview

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1 Facilities Williams Report Overview
Inglewood Unified School District January 16, 2015

2 Maintenance/Facilities Dept.
Department Staff Joe Dominguez, Deputy Superintendent 1yr 5mth Robert Tiger, Director of MOT months Cindi Collecchi, Document Specialist yrs 8mths Anthony Boyd, Warehouse Supervisor years

3 9 Williams Visit - School Sites
Inglewood High School Morningside High School Monroe Middle School Parent Elementary Centinela Elementary Warren Lane Elementary Hudnall Elementary Crozier Middle School Woodworth Elementary

4 Inglewood High School Extreme Deficiencies Findings: 23
Corrected Extreme Deficiencies: Pending Extreme Deficiencies: Room/Area near B1: Breezeway under const. Monday 1/19 Room/Area Grounds: (Spring/Summer) exterior paint /plaster /finish/breezeways Room/Area D2 AVID Room: lighting covers – special order 1/28 Room/Area School Wide: damaged grounds/fields/asphalt/drainage Room/Area M202: floor tile missing – Tuesday 1/20

5 Morningside High School
Extreme Deficiencies Findings: 10 Corrected Extreme Deficiencies: 8 Pending Extreme Deficiencies: Room/Area Classroom T6: floor sagging (portable) Spring/Summer Room/Area I3: exit door blocked by security gate

6 Monroe Middle School Extreme Deficiencies Findings: 5
Corrected Extreme Deficiencies: 3 Pending Extreme Deficiencies: 2 Room/Area Kitchen/MPR: Stage/Storage Area (2) – 1/27 Open wall severe damage, several studs damaged missing, floor damaged/cracked, ceiling tiles damaged/stained/missing, plaster/paint damaged Room/Area Classroom A3: cracks, deterioration, eroded soil

7 Plan of Action Restrooms Deep Cleaned Locker rooms Deep Cleaned
Painting/Floor polishing/wax being scheduled Restrooms Painted Exterminating Company Monthly/On Call Custodians assigned to designated restrooms Roof repair/replacement quotes in process Custodian training best practices being scheduled in partnership with ASCIP

8 Moving Forward Hiring of additional Maintenance Workers LAWA - $44m
Surplus sale of Park Property - $600k Rotation of Contractors Pool - Area of Expertise Supervisory Positions Pending Measure GG – Reinvest to “FIX” our schools

9 Equity and Modernization Issues
Improve security, access points and perimeter of school by installing/replacing fencing, develop better site drainage ading retaining walls. Improve parking and instructional facilities by relocating the Maintenance - Grounds, Operations, Transporation Department. Remove/replace pipes on roofs. Modernize and improve size and functionality of multipurpose room.

10 Thank You Any Questions???

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