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1 Strategic Economic Plan for New Hampshire Public Release November 2013

2 Background members requested plan for seven years running board agreed with need, but declined to lead effort

3 Background (cont.) Gov. Lynch stepped down no other group stepped up BIA board approved development of Strategic Economic Plan for New Hampshire (Oct. 2012)

4 Process BIA board oversight committee formed (Oct. 2012)

5 Board Oversight Committee Don Baldini, Liberty Mutual Joe Carelli, Citizens Bank Nancy Clark, Glen Group Brad Cook, Sheehan Phinney, et al. Mike Donahue, Aries Engineering Linda Fanaras, Millennium Integrated Mktg Bryan Granger, C & S Wholesale Grocers

6 Board Ovrsght Comm. (cont.) Lisa Guertin, Anthem BCBS Ed MacKay, UNSNH, retired John Morison, Hitchiner Manufacturing Joe Murray, Fidelity Investments Teresa Rosenberger, Devine Strategies Dick Samuels, McLane Graf, et al. Dennis Sasseville, Worthen Industries

7 Board Ovrsght Comm. (cont.) Tim Scullin, Sig Sauer Tim Sink, Greater Concord Chamber Tom Sullivan, Sturm Ruger Steve Webb, TD Bank Don Welch, Globe Manufacturing

8 Process (cont.) Created vision statement and scope of project (Nov-Dec. 2012)

9 A Vision for New Hampshire To ensure New Hampshire provides meaningful advantages for businesses through a vibrant, sustainable economy and the nation’s best environment in which our residents can prosper.

10 Process (cont.) created RFQ, then RFP, selected consulting team (Dec. 2012-March 2013) New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies (NHCPPS)  analyzed New Hampshire’s economic landscape and provided benchmark data for comparison

11 Process (cont.) Synchrony Advisors LLC and Mather Associates LLC (Synchrony-Mather), led by John Gilbert and Cotton Cleveland  facilitated the stakeholder meetings and developed the initial draft of plan

12 Process (cont.) Board oversight committee established nine key issue areas:  business growth, retention & attraction  education/labor  energy  fiscal/tax

13 Process (cont.) healthcare infrastructure natural, cultural & historic resources regulatory environment, and workforce housing

14 Process (cont.) Formed nine stakeholder groups around issue areas (April, May and June)

15 Process (cont.) Two charges for each stakeholder group: 1.Establish goal in support of vision statement 2.Develop tactics/recommendations in support of goal

16 Process (cont.) Board Oversight Committee determined Strategic Economic Plan would be for the benefit of New Hampshire (not intended as BIA staff “to do” list)

17 Special Focus: Advanced Manufacturing/High Tech Most important sector of New Hampshire’s economy by virtually every measure

18 Three Themes Emerged New Hampshire expensive for business Consistency and predictability of business environment a challenge Access to STEM-educated, workplace- ready labor pool

19 Process (cont.) Drafting of Strategic Economic Plan for the benefit of New Hampshire began in July Review, editing, redrafts by BIA staff and board oversight committee (Aug. – Sep.)

20 Process (cont.) Final draft presented to full BIA board of directors at fall planning retreat Debate, discussion, final edits, approved by full board (unanimous) Oct. 1 st

21 Plan Includes Over 100 Recommendations Examples include…

22 Survey New Hampshire businesses on labor and environmental regulations to:  Identify most onerous state regulations (those far exceeding those in other states’ and federal requirements)  Begin crafting legislative or regulatory response(s) to most pressing state regulations  Work with trade associations and local chambers of commerce to increase participation in survey Business regulation survey

23 Explore outsourcing certain regulatory functions Research regulatory functions in other states that are outsourced (to approved private contractors) to determine applicability to New Hampshire  Consult with NH Dept. of Environ. Svs.  BIA Environmental Affairs Policy Com

24 Research & development tax credit Queue up legislation to increase overall state investment in and streamline access to New Hampshire’s research and development tax credit.

25 Education Identify and evaluate efficiencies in existing educational administrative structures to reinvest in programs that improve outcomes.

26 Healthcare Support the proposed Health Care Delivery Innovation Through Cooperation Act, which establishes a regulatory framework to allow New Hampshire healthcare providers to better collaborate to improve healthcare delivery, increase access to services and reduce costs.

27 Fiscal policy Work with Governor’s Commission on Innovation, Efficiency and Transparency in State Government (Eric Herr & John Morison) to identify and implement cost reduction opportunities

28 End Q & A

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