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SMCOE Hearing April 20, 2011. 2 We Value Advice from the Community of East Palo Alto Aaron Llones Ravenswood Family Health Center, Alison Upton Lopez.

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1 SMCOE Hearing April 20, 2011

2 2 We Value Advice from the Community of East Palo Alto Aaron Llones Ravenswood Family Health Center, Alison Upton Lopez Building Futures Now, Amy Joh Bayshore Christian Ministries, Anna Waring Foundation for College Education, Bob Hoover Making It Happen / Promise Neighborhood, Carlos Romero, Mayor EPA City Council, Chris Bischoff Eastside Prep, Cruz Hyland St. Francis of Assisi Parent Assoc’n, Dave Higeki EPA Tennis & Tutoring, David Foldey 2 nd Mile, David Herrera Downtown College Prep, David Woods EPA City Council, Debbie Bickel YMCA, Dee Uhila Pacific Islander Outreach, Faye McNair-Knox One EPA, Marion Winters De Anza College, Elizabeth Silva Ravenswood CDC Parents Association, Father Goode St Francis of Assisi, Gloria Marshall CLC Montessori, Goro Mitchell CDI, Heather Starnes For Youth By Youth, Helen Kim Eastside Prep, Hema Mohan Office of Senator Joe Samitian, James Bryant Mi Pueblo Grocery, Joanna Leon EPA Girls To Women, Katharine Pough Calif. Bank & Trust, Larry Moody Making It Happen / Promise Neighborhood, Laura Martinez Vice Mayor EPA City Council, Kevin Sved Stanford New School, Kristina Thompson For Youth By Youth, Les DeWitt Peninsula Bridge, Liliana Gaytan Magnolia Head Start, Lisa Moody YFES, Mateo Jaffe Nuestra Casa Parents as Leaders, Matt Martin O’Keefe Family Center, Michael Levin, Pastor Bennett Bayshore Christian Ministries, Pastor Prado EPA Apostolic Assembly, Pastor Smith Community Church, Pastor Uelese Samoan Assembly of God, Patricia Artia Nuestra Casa Parents as Leaders, Patricia Foster EPA Girls To Women, Peter Fortenbaugh Boys and Girls Clubs, Reverend Williams St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church, Reymundo Armendariz Public Allies, Rich Gordon California State Assemblyman, Rolando Zeledon Bayshore Christian Ministries, Shannon Pekary Ravenswood Youth Athletic Association, Stewart Hyland Making It Happen / Promise Neighborhood, Whitney Hoermann CLC Montessori

3 3 What East Palo Alto Parents Told Us... “ Rocketship would be a great opportunity for East Palo Alto. I have four young kids and I want them all to go to college. I know Rocketship will put them on that track. ”

4 4 East Palo Alto Families Want a Great School Parents of 1,012 children signed the Rocketship petition In only four weeks…… More than 1/3 of total Ravenswood K-3 students Many Tinsley parents who want a GREAT school in East Palo Alto

5 5 Trajectory of Local Schools Achievement: API Three Schools in San Jose Local schools last year 10 points less than Rocketship’s average in ’09 -‘10 Grade Level = 875 It will take local schools 8 more years to approach the student achievement levels of Rocketship Rocketeers.

6 6 The Big Picture Collaborate with local communities and schools to eliminate the achievement gap. 21 st Century Schools that implement a hybrid and holistic model. Students proficient and college-bound when they graduate from elementary school. Our Vision Our Mission Our Focus

7 7 Rocketship Schools Realize Outstanding Results 925 Rocketship Mateo Sheedy 886 Rocketship Sí Se Puede (In its 1 st year) 2010 API Results 622 Stanford 737 Edison 925 Palo Alto Unified Aspire EPACS 882 752 CA Low Income 847 CA Non Low Income

8 8 Individualization: The Power of a Hybrid School Individualized Learning Introduce Concepts Guided Practice Independent Practice Extend Assess Intervene 1. In class, teachers introduce new topics and conduct guided discussion. 2. During Learning Lab, students spend 1:1 time on computers, and take assessment tests specialized at THEIR learning level. 4. In class, teachers focus on critical thinking skills. 3. For remediation, students work 1:1 and in small-groups with tutors, again, at THEIR learning level.

9 9 Hybrid and 21 st Century Schools Better for EACH Student Reinvest in Schools Better for Teachers Individualized, adaptive learning Joyful learning, critical thinking, holistic model in class Driving towards 21 st Century model and skills Academic Deans Response to Intervention Program Leadership Program Professional Development and more… Sustainable profession Learning Lab lessons for remediation Critical thinking skills in classroom High student achievement

10 10 Special Education We serve all students Full inclusion program Response to Intervention Reputation for innovation Aware of Ravenswood School Improvement Plan, prepared to comply and collaborate Rocketship Rocketeer ISD students: Over 70% scoring proficient or advanced in ELA Over 60% scoring proficient or advanced in math.

11 11 Outstanding Rocketship Teachers Ongoing Teacher Development 100% Highly Qualified Academic Deans Coaching Real-time, videotaping, in-class feedback The New Teacher Project—’Rocketship in top 5%’ Professional Growth Plans: 3 goals every 8 weeks Teacher Effectiveness Measures Student achievement (actual and change over time) Professional growth plan metrics Home visits completed, parent volunteer hours completed School-wide API

12 12 Empowering Parents and Building Community Collaborative, Inclusive Culture Monthly Community Meetings: School Governance Teacher hiring Review Data and Budget School naming Parent/ Family Meetings: Celebrate diversity ‘Field Trips’ for Families Volunteer Hours Parent Leadership Groups Parent Empowerment Workshops Home Visits Every Rocketeer, Every Year

13 13 Rocketship and East Palo Alto Collaborating for Student Success Collaborating with Ravenswood Community to Eliminate the Achievement Gap Invested in and already listening to and working with parents and community of East Palo Alto Collaborate with Ravenswood City School District student achievement via hybrid model (Ravenswood Education Foundation) Partner in transforming outcomes for kids

14 14 East Palo Alto Families Want a Great School East Palo Alto Families Deserve a Great School Now… Parents signed the Rocketship petition with overwhelming support 21 st Century Schools: innovative hybrid model, deeply invested in parent engagement, focus on professional development We want to partner and collaborate so students succeed

15 Thank You

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