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May 2011. The Team Jason Seiken, Head of PBSi Kristin Calhoun, Head of PBSi Station Relations Mike Jenkins, Head of PBSi Product Development Keith Brengle,

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1 May 2011

2 The Team Jason Seiken, Head of PBSi Kristin Calhoun, Head of PBSi Station Relations Mike Jenkins, Head of PBSi Product Development Keith Brengle, Head of PROSPER Kayla Nicolay, PROSPER Marla Krueger, Station Relations

3 Today’s Webinar The Opportunity Who We’re Targeting Reddit Case Study Plan Updates Agile Development Timeline Key Platform Functions Station Testing Future Opportunities Q&A

4 An Audience That’s Different Than the TV Audience Only 26% of Visitors Watched PBS on TV in Last 7 Days** Television Audience Average Age 63* The Opportunity An Untapped Audience of Potential Station Members A Vast & Dynamic Audience … Audience Average Age 34.2 Years Old* 40% of Audience Have HH Income of $75k+ 19MM+ Visitors Coming to PBS Websites & Growing 1.5MM Social Followers & Growing 2MM Mobile App Downloads Source: *ComScore March 2011; **ComScore PlanMetrix March 2011 Adults 18+

5 We’re Not Targeting Users Who are Already Localized Who We’re Targeting Prospects Who Are Falling Through the Cracks

6 Reddit Case Study Huge Click Through From Reddit to the “Donate to Station” Page “Yesterday, I Emailed the PBS Tech Support About an Issue With Their Video Player …” -- 77% Exited -- 13% Went to Local Station Site -- 10% Other Areas of PBS  Unknown % Went to Local Stations  16k Went to PBS Donation Page “I don't have much spare money to throw around these days, but I think PBS would be worth it.” “I bet if Reddit got a big enough check together (say $10,000+), and donated it to a specific show on PBS, that show would TOTALLY give a shout out. “ “I grew up in a small town in Québec and my parents didn't have cable, only a fancy outdoor antenna with a rotor on it. As a kid, I would always turn the antenna away from Montreal where my parents kept it and fine- tune it towards the Vermont transmitter to listen to PBS shows.” “How do I donate to the people that make PBS content available online? This is the future for a lot of people. I don't have a TV, so it doesn't make sense for me to donate to a local channel.” -- Initial Post on

7 Plan Updates Donation flow for “Localized Users” – Will remain as it is today. Expansion of opportunities for users to indicate station affinity. Introduction of two station pilots centered around name sharing and dual prospecting. Commitment to collaborate with Contributor Development Partnership (CDP) to identify areas and projects for alignment. Rebranded plan to PROSPER: Station Prospecting Platform How You Informed the Plan …

8 Agile Development Launch is not the end of the process, but rather the beginning We’ll constantly adjust, with the guiding principle always being the financial health of stations Flexible … Constantly Revising and Improving “Agile development is a group of development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, where Requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration.” -- Wikipedia

9 Timeline Going on a Journey Together Q4Q1Q2Q3 & Beyond Develop Detailed Project Plan Communicate Plan Spring Summer Winter Fall  Launch & Develop Platform  Profile Registration  Pilot Station Test Begins  Launch Email Program  End of Year Campaign  Prospecting Campaigns  Phase II Platform Enhancements  List/Name Sharing  Surveys  Partnership Programs

10 Key Platform Functions Contact Management: Centralized donor contact database; detailed histories including gift and station affinity ~ Salesforce Email Campaigns: Electronic customer relationship management system offering lead qualification and nurturing tools; digital footprint of users on ~ Eloqua Member Station Reporting Portal Online portal allowing Member Stations to view and download “matched” donor contact records ~ Salesforce Billing System: PayPal payment processer for top four credit cards and PayPal Call Center Support: Donation troubleshooting via toll free number

11 Station Testing PBS will work with a group of pilot stations to evaluate the name sharing process and dual solicitation to develop business rules and share key learnings. Online Dual Solicitation Test Question to Answer: Dual solicitation and its impact? Test: Two groups of matched stations – one group gets both station and PBS communications while the other group only gets station communications Prospect Cultivation Test Question to Answer: How is the best way to maximize cultivation efforts for name sharing? Test: 50/50 member station/PBS split of matched prospect names to cultivate

12 Future Opportunities A Wealth of Possibilities Media partnerships to expand audience Tools, training & idea sharing forums for stations Cross-platform features to drive user registration - Resume viewing (e.g., start on desktop – resume on iPad) - Favorite programs (profile alerts, push notifications) - Persistent station affinity storage / related features Features/Offers for “Station Members Only”

13 Q & A

14 Appendix

15 Online Platform Salesforce Roundcorner PayPal Eloqua Connecting the back end systems together to be the online fundraising platform Payment processor leveraging Payment Connect Email application for customer relationship management and consumer behavior Donor contact management (station and gift histories, etc.) A robust online platform that leverages the best in electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) and contact management systems for both prospects and donors.

16 Key Station Benefits 1. Prospect & Cultivate New Leads Acquire and build intender profiles using Eloqua; real time contact updates with Salesforce; lead qualification and nurturing tools 2. Build Robust Contact Profiles Centralized online contact database; prospect and donor contact profiles; station/gift/transaction tracking histories; powered by Salesforce 3. Retrieve Information in a Station Reporting Portal Self-service member station reporting portal (24/7); viewable/ csv downloadable donor information; profile with marketing details

17 Contact Donor Record


19 Prospecting Identify and qualify new leads through the following tactics: On Network Previews newsletter site-wide Universal User Authentication (UUA) Overlay light boxes and other site functionality, e.g., opt-ins Existing lists, e.g., Parents Viral marketed editorial products, e.g., eCards, quizzes ROS banners Campaigns Off Network Google AdWords monthly $10k grant Partnerships, e.g., major website to start testing name acquisition and build awareness in PBS as a cause Facebook and Twitter campaigns

20 Key Station Benefits 1. Reach New Audiences Leverage the reach of PBS websites to engage audiences and build station affinity; off-network partnerships to prospect new names; cultivate for future monetization 2. Leverage & Optimize Site-wide profile creation that encourages station matching through future product (Universal User Authentication); robust profile of user interests, e.g., news and public affairs, and favorite shows; opt in to receive alerts and updates; database updates -- PROSPER and UUA 3. Create Station Awareness Encourage consumers to establish a station affinity; create relevancy by understanding users and their interests; name sharing test to determine business rules, e.g. Join PBS Community Campaign

21 Fundraising Simplify and expedite the donation process through the following tactics: On Network Integration points across Producer sites and newsletters Actionable video, e.g., how-to donate bumper spots Donation tip jar Off Network Corporate matching gifts New ways to donate, e.g., text and/or bar code donations

22 Key Stations Benefits 1. Capture, Reinvest & Share Donations Not Matched Don’t let monies fall through the cracks; tap into larger donation pool to reinvest back into PROSPER program 2. Transact Quickly – Lessen Overall Bail “One click” transaction; customized donation process, e.g. mobile donation; payment processed and contact information shared in station reporting portal when matched 3. Improve ROI, Lower Acquisition Costs Develop key learnings and best practices for transaction user flow to share with stations; survey and test to understand target audience

23 Donation Process Customized transaction forms to help streamline overall process. The forms “smart” for device type and/or point of entry.

24 Localized Donation Station Localized Donation made directly to station when user experience is localized Links to station donation experience on station site

25 Non Localized Donation Step 1: Donate Multiple payment options Programmable lead Quick transaction

26 Step 2: Match Station Auto-populate local stations Enable sharing of information Non Localized Donation

27 Step 3: Share Focused sharing Preset messaging to create engaging copy Non Localized Donation

28 For Stations Donor Information Information shared via the Member Station Reporting Portal Robust contact record, e.g., gift history One lead person at station is credentialed *Once donor is matched to a member station, PBS will not reengage individual through any direct e-mail solicitations* Donor Monies Lifetime value of donor 100% of monies collected will be distributed to stations after program cost No donation monies used to pay initial program set-up costs First payment in January 2012; quarterly afterwards

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