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Industrial Revolution Part 4 The Revolution Spreads.

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1 Industrial Revolution Part 4 The Revolution Spreads

2 At First England tries to keep Industry at home…But Fails Parliament passed laws prohibiting until 1824: The Emigration of Skilled workers The Exportation of Machines In spite of this Many Workers emigrated anyway, especially to America, France, and Germany Eventually British Industrialists invest in factories and railroads in America, France and Germany.

3 Railroads Spread 1807 First Passenger Railroad in England 1826 First Railroad in America 1839 Germany builds its first railroad with English investments. 1869 America completes the Transcontinental Railroad 1870 Railroads go in all directions from Paris

4 Germany and America Industrialize next Revolution in France slows the rate of Industrialization…Agriculture continues to dominate the economy America Industrializes quickly especially in the Northeast. Germany began industrializing as early as 1830 By 1870 Britain, Germany and America are the most industrialized countries in the world.

5 Business Grows Big Industrial Capitalists reinvest profits to make companies grow New methods lead to Mass Production –Interchangable parts…Eli Whitney –Division of Labor…Frederick Taylor Each worker does a separate part of the job along an Assembly Line

6 3 Ways that Businesses are Owned The old way…Owned by one person or a family Partnership…Several Investors own it together A Joint-Stock Company or “Corporation”…Many people own stock (or shares) in the Company A Stock Market or Stock Exchange is a place were people can buy and sell stock

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