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Physical Graphical Mathematical Statistical

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1 Physical Graphical Mathematical Statistical
Modelling Physical Graphical Mathematical Statistical

2 Modelling Models represent reality Crash testing
Dangerous procedures can be simulated Problems with using models how good are they at simulating reality, or using small scale production runs e.g. cars this is very expensive And can be dangerous, not just crash testing but cold testing, skid testing, etc, crash dummies are not used, instead very experienced drivers.

3 Modelling Working out ideas or hypothesis by building physical models

4 Modelling Using computers to generate mathematical, graphical or statistical models

5 West Point Bridge Designer

6 Modelling using West Point Bridge Designer
Work through the tasks on the worksheet Use the tables to examine Mathematical modelling The costing data The load test data The members property data Load test the bridge using the animated graphical interface and test

7 Modelling using Excel Mathematical data can be hard to understand and read, therefore the information can be graphically represented using Excel Copy the Cost Calculations Report and paste into Excel Edit the data so only items that cost, remain in the spreadsheet Create 2 types of charts to represent the different ‘Types of Costs’ Save and Printout

8 Physical Modelling Making the Warren Thru Truss Bridge
Using the straws and joints to make and test the bridge Using the plastic maccarno to build and test the bridge Take photos and record all observations

9 The Purpose of Modelling
Advantages Time saved Cost of materials reduced Computer simulations cost less e.g. car crash testing Judge peoples reaction e.g. aesthetics Standardisation Disadvantages Simplicity of models lead to aspects being overlooked Scaled models can be misleading Mathematical models only as good as the formulas Computer models create delusions of infallibility

10 Modelling Dennis H. Mahan Memorial Bridge
Cost Calculations Report (Design Iteration #1) Designed By: I. M. Bridgemaster 11/7/2007 Type of Cost Cost Material Cost (M) $102,197.12 Connection Cost (C) $3,300.00 Product Cost (P) $600.00 Deck Cost $20,000.00 Excavation Cost $92,000.00 Abutment Cost $8,000.00 TOTAL COST $226,097.12 Modelling

11 Modelling You can model the Warren Thru Truss bridge using Google Sketchup Try modelling the bridge using another material Wood Spaghetti

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