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CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 36 History of Dispensationalism.

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1 CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 36 History of Dispensationalism

2 Apostolic Church Apostolic Fathers Church Councils Church History Ca. 30AD590 AD1517 AD Golden Age of Church Fathers Reformation & Counter Reformation Rationalism, Revivalism, & Denominationalism Revivalism, Missions, & Modernism ? Ancient Church HistoryMedieval Church HistoryModern Church History The Pre-Reformers The First Medieval Pope The Rise of the Holy Rom Emp The Crusades The Papacy in Decline Charismatic/Pentecostal Keswick/Holiness/Higher Life Modernism/Fundamentalist Dispensationalism

3  What is Dispensationalism  Qualifications  How did Dispensationalism Begin  What Has Been the Affect of Dispensationalism on the Church Dispensationalism

4 Qualifications 1.My Source Material An Examination of Dispensationalism by William Cox Dispensationalism Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow by Curtis I Crenshaw & Grover E. Gunn III Continuity & Discountinuity: Perspectives on the Relationship Between the Old & New Testaments Edited by John S. Feinberg The Gospel According to Dispensationalism: A Doctrinal Survey of the System that Permeated Fundamentalism by Reginald C. Kimbro “Church History Lecture Notes #74” by David Merck “The Late Great Planet Church: The Rise of Dispensationalism” by American Vision

5 Qualifications 2.Charity Many good Christians are/were dispensationalists. J. Vernon McGee Pat Robertson Billy Graham Warren Wiersbe David Jeremiah John MacArthur

6 3.Dispensationalism has Evolved – Be careful to define what you mean by the term Dispensationalism. Not all Dispensationalist are alike. Qualifications

7 What is Dispensationalism “Dispensationalism is an organized system by which Christians have tried to explain in an orderly way God's entire plan for the earth from its creation to the ushering in of the eternal state as it is unfolded throughout Scripture.” Pastor Craig Sietsema Dispensationalism is a system of interpretation that seeks to show God’s plan for understanding the overall flow of the Bible.

8 KingdomGraceLaw 3 Dispensation al Scheme (minimalist) ZionicEccles ial Mosai c Patriarchal 4 Dispensation al Scheme Eternal State or Final Millennial Kingdom Grace or Churc h Mosai c or Law Patriar chal or Promi se Civil Govern ment Consci ence or Antedil uvian Innoc ence or Edeni c 7 or 8 Dispensation al Scheme Revelation 20-22 Revelation 20:4-6 Acts 2 to Revelati on 20 Exodus 20 to Acts 1 Genesis 12 to Exodus 19 Genesis 9-11 Genesis 3-8 Genesi s 1-3 Schemes Range of Bible Chapters What is Dispensationalism

9  Dichotomy (Not Distinction) between the Old Testament Israel and the New Testament church  Parenthesis Theory What are the major tenets of Dispensationalism?


11 What is Dispensationalism  Dichotomy (Not Distinction) between the Old Testament Israel and the New Testament church  Parenthesis Theory  Literal Interpretation of the Bible “Historical-Grammatical Interpretation” What are the major tenets of Dispensationalism?

12 What is Dispensationalism Classic Dispensationalist - the most important feature of classical dispensationalism is its dualistic idea of redemption. In order to understand the Bible, one needs to recognize that God was pursuing two different purposes, one related to heaven and one related to the earth. These two purposes affected God's dealings with humanity. In fact, they resulted in an anthropological dualism: a heavenly humanity and an earthly humanity."

13 Revised Dispensationalist -they abandon the eternal dualism of heavenly and earthly peoples.... Instead, they reworked the dualism in more of an organizational sense. There were simply two groups of people. Not heavenly versus earthly, but those represented by Israel and the church.... They are structured differently, with different dispensational prerogatives and responsibilities.... There will be an eternal distinction between Israel and the church, not in metaphysically distinctive kinds of salvation, but in name — the church is always church, Israel is always Israel."

14 Progressive Dispensationalists - substituted a more specific distinction between Israel and the Church as two forms of redeemed humanity, destined for the same heavenly or new earthly salvation.

15 How Did Dispensationalism Begin?  J.N. Darby  The Brethern Movement  The Bible Conference Movement  The Bible Institute Movement  The Scofield Reference Bible  Dallas Theological Seminary

16 What is the Fruit of Dispensationalism Negative Fruit Neglect of God’s Word Leads to Antinomianism Eschatological Speculation Positive Fruit Lessons If you believe something that is new & not found in 2000 years of church history, you had better be careful. No scripture is of any private interpretation. The church is a living organism. Clarity forced on distinctions continuity & discontinuity

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