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NHS England Yorkshire and The Humber

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1 NHS England Yorkshire and The Humber

2 North Regional Team Richard Barker Regional Director Helen Dowdy Head of Intervention & Support Sally Baines Regional Director of HR & OD Julia Hickling Regional Director for P&I Damian Riley Regional Medical Director Gill Harris Regional Director of Nursing Tim Savage Regional Finance Director Jon Develing Regional Director of Ops and Delivery Julie Higgins Regional Commissioning Director Embedded teams. Also report to relevant National Director

3 Medical Directorate – Mike Bewick
providing regional clinical leadership for domains 1-3 of the NHS Outcomes Framework; supporting the regional and area teams to provide clinical input to direct commissioning and CCG oversight; supporting the Medical Director to undertake the statutory Responsible Officer (RO) role in the Region and for medical staff employed by the regional team; providing professional and clinical leadership including: across the AT medical director network; establishing, developing and managing clinical senates and clinical networks; providing and quality assuring clinical advice; and addressing professional performance issues (responding to service failure, complaints, untoward incidents and poor performance in primary care). Nursing Directorate – Gill Harris providing regional clinical leadership for domains 4 and 5 of the NHS Outcomes Framework; providing professional leadership for nursing and midwifery within the health and social care system supporting regional and area teams to provide nursing input to direct commissioning and CCGs oversight; leading assurance of quality and safety including: convening risk summits where appropriate; through reconfigurations, including working with LETBs on workforce planning; and oversight of serious incident reporting and learning. lead on patient and public involvement, acting as champion for patients and their interests and involving the public and patients in the work of the NHS England. Commissioning Directorate – Julie Higgins lead Direct Commissioning for the Region, including identifying needs, contracting, development, assurance and intervention for numerous services including NHS primary medical care services, specialist services, Public Health services (screening), military health services, offender health services, dentists, optometrists and pharmacies. Operations and Delivery Directorate – Jon Develing Strategically leading, supporting and holding to account CCGs in their commissioning of high-quality, safe, patient and client-centred services within the framework of the NHS England’s single operating model; Setting and implementing the planning framework for CCGs, ensuring agreed Mandate priorities are planned for, and delivered; Implementing and leading an effective emergency planning and resilience system for the NHS in the Region; leading in managing national predictable events (i.e. ‘Winter’) and other less predictable events such as industrial action; co-ordinate single, coherent relationships with all key external stakeholders.

4 Finance Directorate – Tim Savage
providing strategic financial leadership for NHS England across the Region, including co-ordination and oversight of area teams; designing and implementing a clear financial strategy for the Region consistent with the NHS England’s clinical strategy, investment priorities and resource assumptions – covering £5-6bn of direct commissioning funding and £15bn+ allocated to CCGs; assuring and supporting the effective financial performance of CCGs overseeing and assuring the financial planning and re-design of services, particularly large scale and complex service reconfigurations, working in partnership with CCGs, HWBs, area teams, NTDA and other stakeholders; Patients and Information – Julia Hickling Assure / support local commissioners and directly commissioned providers; Excellence in use of data, intelligence and transparency Putting patient and public voice and insight at the heart of service delivery Making best use of technology to improve customer service and outcomes Improving local communications between the NHS and communities we serve Champions / ambassadors for national programmes – extension of the national team; Potential to lead on key strategic programmes / functions. Human Resources and Organisational Development– Sally Baines Strategic HR&OD support to Regional and Area Teams Implementation and management of outsourced operational HR services for the Region To ensure NHS England (North) meets employment related statutory, regulatory and NHS requirements Leaders / ambassadors of national HR & OD programmes – extension of the national HR&OD team Intervention and Support & Business Office Teams – Helen Dowdy I&S - small team to provide flexible resource during the early part of NHS England’s operations. Also supports matrix working and coherent delivery across the regional teams and the area teams, in line with the single operating model. Business Office - small team to support the RD in leading and organising NHS England across the region, liaising with key external stakeholders, and supporting key briefing and (internal) communications requirements.


6 YORSHIRE & THE HUMBER Director of Commissioning Operations
(Yorkshire and the Humber) Moira Dumma Director of Nursing and Quality Margaret Kitching Medical Director David Black Paul Twomey Director of Finance Jon Swift Locality Director (West Yorkshire) Brian Hughes Locality Director (North Yorkshire & The Humber) Julie Warren Locality Director (South Yorkshire) Alison Knowles


8 Director of Nursing and Quality
Margaret Kitching Deputy Director of Nursing Carole Lavelle Deputy Director of Nursing Geraldine Sands Deputy Director of Nursing Zena Robertson Deputy Director of Nursing Julie Finch

9 Head of Co-Commissioning Head of Ops and Delivery
Locality Director (West Yorkshire) Brian Hughes Head of EPRR Adam Bland Head of Co-Commissioning Kathryn Hilliam Head of Ops and Delivery Lou Auger

10 Locality Director (South Yorkshire)
Alison Knowles Head of Health and Justice Christopher Jewesbury Head of Co-Commissioning Emma Wilson Head of Co-Commissioning Karen Curran Head of Ops and Delivery Katrina Boffey

11 Head of Co-Commissioning (1 WTE x Band 8d) Emma Wilson
Screening & Immunisation Lead Screening & Immunisation Manager Public Health Nurse Screening & Immunisation Co-ordinator Public Health Nurse

12 Locality Director (North Yorkshire & the Humber)
Julie Warren Head of Co-Commissioning Geoff Day Head of Ops and Delivery Mark Janvier ARMED FORCES Manager Jim Khambatta


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