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2 KENNEDY AND THE COLD WAR: SECTION ONE THE ELECTION OF 1960  Setbacks of the Cold War (a recession, sputnik, U-2 incident, an alliance between Cuba and Soviet Union) causes people to question if we were winning the C. War  Kennedy’s advantages and setbacks*  Kennedy vs. Nixon on television during pres. debates Kennedy vs. Nixon on television during pres. debates  John and Robert Kennedy’s actions with the African American community

3 KENNEDY AND THE COLD WAR THE CAMELOT YEARS  Kennedy wins the election in 1960 by a narrow margin  Kennedy family is characterized with beauty and grace  Invite celebrities and artists to the White House  People follow the Pres., his wife, and the children obsessively*  Surrounded by great team of advisors

4 KENNEDY AND THE COLD WAR A NEW MILITARY POLICY  Kennedy blamed Eisenhower and the Republicans for not dealing with the growth of Soviet influence in third-world countries (esp. Cuba)  Kennedy did not like building up nuclear weapons against Soviets in minor conflicts; decides to change this  Flexible response*

5 KENNEDY AND THE COLD WAR CRISES OVER CUBA  Fidel Castro*  Castro takes over American and British oil refineries  Takes over commercial farms and makes them into communes (some American sugar companies give up land)  U.S. reaction*

6 KENNEDY AND THE COLD WAR  Castro relies on Soviet aid  Some like him for his willingness to stand up to the U.S.; some do not like him because he is another dictator  10 percent of Cuban population exiled  March 1960 –Eisenhower has CIA train exiles in plot to overthrow Castro  Kennedy learns of this nine days after elected; sends troops in 1961 and the following goes wrong*  Kennedy embarrassed*

7 KENNEDY AND THE COLD WAR  Summer of 1962— Soviets promise to protect Cuba with placement of missile heads on the country  Oct. 14 th —photos taken by American planes of missiles; some are ready to launch  Kennedy on tv*

8 KENNEDY AND THE COLD WAR  U.S. uses a quarantine*  Soviet ships stop before quarantine  Khruschev offers an exchange* CRISIS OVER BERLIN  Berlin Wall*  Three million East Germans fled into West Berlin to escape communist rule  Weakens East Germany’s economy

9 KENNEDY AND THE COLD WAR  June 1961 Summit in Vienna—Khruschev threatens to close all access roads to West Berlin  Kennedy refuses to give up U.S. access to West Berlin  Khruschev’s actions afterward*  Only a few refugees are able to get into West Berlin  Kennedy tries to smooth over tensions with the Soviet Union with a hot line* and the Limited Test Ban Treaty*

10 THE NEW FRONTIER: SECTION TWO THE PROMISE OF PROGRESS  New Frontier*  Kennedy unable to get some of his programs passed due to Republicans and Southern Democrats  Shows limited skill and inexperience to push for program approval  Poor economy in the 60’s  Kennedy has Congress increase spending  Defense spends more on weapons, minimum wage rises, extended unemployment, and provide assist. to cities

11 THE NEW FRONTIER  Peace Corps*  Kennedy’s reasoning behind it—stop the spread of communism  Alliance for Progress*  12 billion spent on Latin America to resist the influence of Castro

12 THE NEW FRONTIER  Soviets beat the U.S. with sending the first person into space  Telstar launched*  NASA creates facilities in Cape Canaveral, FL and Houston, TX  1969 Neil Armstrong lands on the moon  Results of the space program*

13 THE NEW FRONTIER TRAGEDY IN DALLAS  November 22, 1963 Pres. Kennedy and wife went to Dallas, Texas for promotion for the next election  Lee Harvey Oswald shoots Kennedy from the Texas Schoolbook Depository Lee Harvey Oswald shoots Kennedy from the Texas Schoolbook Depository  Jack Ruby kills Oswald  Televised funeral—many distraught Americans  Warren Commission*  Lyndon Baines Johnson is president

14 THE GREAT SOCIETY: SECTION THREE LBJ’S PATH TO POWER  Lyndon Baines Johnson*  Politician from Texas that worked closely with FDR  “LBJ Treatment”

15 THE GREAT SOCIETY JOHNSON’S DOMESTIC AGENDA  In memory of Kennedy, Johnson urges Congress to pass tax-cuts and civil rights bill  Ten billion in tax cuts spur economic growth  Civil Rights Act of 64 passed*  Economic Opportunity Act*  Election of 1964—Republican Barry Goldwater believes govt. should not help with poverty and discrimination; should use atomic bombs on Cuba and Vietnam  Americans have more confidence in LBJ—he wins

16 THE GREAT SOCIETY BUILDING THE GREAT SOCIETY  The Great Society* 1.Provides one bill. in federal aid to schools to purchase books and library materials 2.Medicare and Medicaid* 3.HUD—rent or housing is based on income 4.Immigration Act of 1965* 5.Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring inspires the Water Quality Act of 1965—states need to clean up rivers 6.Safety standards increase for food, cars and tires

17 THE GREAT SOCIETY REFORMS OF THE WARREN COURT  Warren Court*  Landmark decisions such as Brown v. Board of Ed., banning prayer in schools, freedom of speech with wearing black arm bands, limiting the power of communities to censor books and films  Baker v. Carr and Reynolds v. Sims—”one person, one vote”  Mapp v. Ohio—evidence seized illegally cannot be used in state courts  Gideon v. Wainwright*  Escebedo v. Illinois*  Miranda v. Arizona*


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