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Radio Navigation + Template Reading

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1 Radio Navigation + Template Reading
HELP Radio Navigation + Template Reading Radio Training v7.14

2 Visit us on the web!
Warren County Telecommunications Department – Warren County Ohio @WCOH_Telecom

3 The 2-Page Digital Template Handout
Telecom created a custom 2-page handout for every department during the Feb-May reprogramming/digital cutover. It explains the new zone/talkgroup layout & was handed back with each programmed radio.

4 Understanding your Radio Template
*using Mason Fire as example. *Explanation is universal.

5 Changing Zones White Soft Key below ZNUP will navigate to the right in your template. Once at your last zone, will circle back to Zone A. White Soft Key below ZNDN will navigate to the left in your template. Once at Zone A, it will jump to your last zone. First Character on your display is the ZONE you’re in!

6 Zone Navigation on APX model
ABC Switch Or from keypad Zone A Zone B 3. 1. 2. Zone C

7 Changing Talkgroups/Channels
Once in the zone you want, the channel selector knob scrolls you up & down your zone, through positions The white hash on you radio must align with the number/position of the talkgroup you want to “sit on” / talk on. The shown picture would have you sitting in position 1 of your zone.

8 Changing Talkgroup/Channel on APX model (with channel selector knob)
Rotate the channel selector knob to align the dial’s white strip with the channel # you want to sit on.

9 Changing Talkgroup/Channel on APX model (with softkeys & display)
Press the soft key beneath Chan on your display Arrow up or down to your desired talkgroup Press the soft key beneath Sel for select Radio is now on selected talkgroup

10 Understanding your Radio Template
v ‘X’ in front of a talkgroup indicates it’s a digital talkgroup on the State’s MARCS IP radio system. We were told to add this “X’ as a distinguisher.

11 Understanding your Radio Template
v Neighboring County talkgroups/zones typically start with a 2-character acronym to let you know when you’ve reached a zone holding their talkgroups. Most Chiefs picked the zone order of your dept template, so more frequently-used talkgroups are near the front for quick navigation. BC = Butler County (ER’s are BC hospitals) HC = Hamilton County MC = Montgomery County CC = Clermont County

12 Other Channel Selector Knob notes
Full twist to left or right when in a WC zone puts you on your Primary / direct line to Dispatch. LAW RADIOS: When you turn on your radio, your display will show your last used talkgroup (to which you previously navigated with either soft keys or channel selector knob). Spinning the channel selector knob while your radio is off will NOT change the talkgroup you see when turning on your radio. Navigate once your radio is powered on.

13 Home Departments chose where their Home button directs – usually their Primary in either Zone A, B, or C. You must press and hold the “Home” button until the display changes to your home talkgroup. Home button also closes out of programming screens like scan, clock, or the channel/zone menus on the APX model.

14 Contact Telecom’s Help System
The Telecom Help System guarantees the appropriate person will receive your call/ , providing a quicker response. Option 3 CAD/RMS/Training Application Support Training Scheduling Option 4 Data Systems MDC, Gateway, Security, Passwords Option 5 Radio Systems Radio or Voice Paging Option 6 Telephony Systems Phones, Engraving, Alpha Pages HELP (4357)

15 Sign once you’ve reviewed
Name (Print + Sign) Date Reviewed

16 Sign once you’ve reviewed
Name (Print + Sign) Date Reviewed

17 Sign once you’ve reviewed
Name (Print + Sign) Date Reviewed

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