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Student Health and Safety Induction 2013/2014. Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Office.

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1 Student Health and Safety Induction 2013/2014

2 Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Office

3 Location The Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Office is located at Riverside Court, Lower Bristol Road, Bath SHE office staff Warren Cole CMIOSH –Safety Health and Environment Adviser Katharine Mulready – SHE Office Administrator

4 Anita Taylor (ASM) Art & Design Sion Hill all A&D studios and workshops David Tinkham (OASM) Christine Eden (temp ASM) Education Compton, Twiverton except Computer Server excluding art studios Alison Denning (OASM) Steve May Newton, Newton Annexe, Old Gatehouse and Dairy Ann Durbin (OASM) Joe Bennettt Music & Performing Arts Ashton, MTC, UT, Burdalls Yard, and the TPC Michelle Diwell (OASM) Rob Mears Stanton, Corston, Twinhoe, Wellow, Kewstoke, Castle and Stable Jan Hanley (OASM) Tim Middleton Corsham Court

5 Chris Ellicott Extn 5644 Registry Main House at NP, Student Services Doynton Alison Baud Extn 5634 Library & Information Services NP Library & shops, excluding Computer Services offices Paula Walsh Extn 5745 Catering Services@ Moreton NP & SP Refectories Richard Jordan Extn 5775 Property Services, Security, Grounds, Plant rooms, Sophia Sarah Dawes Extn 6160 Students Union SU Building Alison Fertig Extn 5781 Domestic Services all Student Residences and Stewards Lodge David Hassall Extn 5545 Computer Services Computer Services offices in NP Library and Twiverton Christopher Stedham Extn 5426 Riverside Court Nicholas Jeune Artworks

6 Kirsty Folan (Newton Park) Edward Prior (Newton Park) Christina Fritts (Newton Park) Sarah Goodwin (Bankside) All of the RTs are first aid and Fire Warden trained

7 BSU new academic build






13 BSU new residential build




17 Take reasonable care of your own health & safety and think about others who may be affected by what you do Co-operate with the University Do not misuse /damage safety equipment provided Refer any health & safety concerns to a responsible member of staff Comply with all health & safety legislation If you are in any doubt about what you are doing, stop and ask

18 All activities / tasks should be risk assessed before starting Before starting work you should satisfy yourself you are competent to carry out the task Significant risks should be recorded Safe working requires risk assessments, safety procedures and suitable training and instruction e.g. for lone working, slips/trips/falls, working from height, manual handling Leave all areas in a tidy, safe condition. Any faults or damage must be reported






24 Unsuitable protection from UV

25 Respiratory / eye protection?

26 Hard hat?


28 Safe system of work?



31 Personal safety away from BSU premises

32 The path that runs along the River Avon between Green Park and Windsor Bridge has limited edge protection. When tired, or under the influence, this becomes a significant hazard and the risk of falling into the water increases. Following a number of tragic incidents BANES council (supported by BSU) have installed railings in the highest risk areas. Summer 2012 Summer 2013 If you plan to walk home this way after a night out please consider making the journey with friends.

33 Campus Life fire safety film

34 Familiarise yourself with the fire evacuation procedure – see health-and-safety/7-fire/09-evacuation-procedure IF YOU DISCOVER A FIRE: Sound the alarm and use the Fire Assembly Points On hearing ‘FIRE’: If trained and competent use available fire extinguisher Shut doors, windows, turn off gas and electric appliances Leave the building by nearest exit Go directly to the Fire Assembly Point

35 Sep 2011 – Aug 2012 Last year there were 47 activations of the fire alarm and there was 1 genuine fire. Sep 2012 – Aug 2013 There were 29 activations of the fire alarm and 1 genuine fire. Both of the genuine fires were in halls of residence


37 Damage following a fire at the University of Westminster. Fortunately there were no fatalities.

38 Note the effectiveness of the fire doors, with minimum damage to the internal room.



41 Call Security directly in case of an emergency Newton Park 01225 875555 Internal extension 5555 Safety Office Riverside Court, Lower Bristol Road, Bath Health Safety & Environment Advisor Warren Cole Administrator Katharine Mulready

42 All accidents / incidents / “near misses” must be reported to the Safety Office. Accident Reporting form available from a University First Aider or from the BSU H&S website under Section 5 Medical Matters. Certain injuries and dangerous occurrences need to be reported to the Health and Safety Executive – contact the Safety Office in the first instance

43 First Aid MINOR Call a First Aider listed on the University website – Health and Safety, First Aid Personnel: first-aid-personnel URGENT FIRST AID Dial 9-999 for ambulance and then call Security and a First Aider.

44 The University Safety Manual is freely accessible to all students and contains University Health and Safety Policy Guidance and Codes of Practice And can be found at: and-safety BSU OPERATES A NO SMOKING POLICY IN ALL BUILDINGS AND WITHIN 10 METRES OF ANY BUILDING

45 Students must ensure that plugs are correctly wired, with the correct fuse. Appliances should have a CE conformity mark The following are permitted in student rooms: Hair dryers Radios Hi-fi equipment Televisions PC’s Shavers

46 The following are not permitted in student rooms: Irons Kettles Toasters Heaters


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