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Global Health Bureau All Hands Meeting on Bureau Relocation to Crystal City July 24, 2014.

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1 Global Health Bureau All Hands Meeting on Bureau Relocation to Crystal City July 24, 2014

2 Last week, the Administrator made a final decision that GH will relocate to Crystal City to create “swing space” to renovate the RRB. The relocation will occur after the end of Fiscal Year 2014. –The move is currently scheduled to begin in November 2014. –We will probably move in waves, about 50 per week. The Decision to Move To Crystal City Is Final 2

3 The GH Front Office recognizes that this move will create many personal and professional challenges for staff. Over the past several months, we have attempted to negotiate alternatives – including not moving at all or moving the Bureau to the Warner Building – but no other option proved acceptable. We share your concerns about being separated from colleagues with whom we work on a daily basis. ­We will have significant new challenges to maintain productive relationships. ­We will have to adapt our work styles, build in more time for transport, and rely more on telecommunications, among many other changes. Since the decision is final, we want to search for solutions to address staff concerns and make the transition as smooth as possible. 3 Personal and Professional Challenges

4 Space Committee 4 Stefanie Cook, HIDN Krista Stewart, OHA Mihira Karra, PRH Adam Slote, OHS Sharon Carney, PDMS Wade Warren, Front Office Composition: Wendy Taylor, CII (chair) Victoria Ellis, PRH Megan Fotheringham, HIDN Carl Hawkins, OCS Trip Wallace, P3 Greg Raney, PDMS Lucrecia Roman, PDMS

5 Who Will Move? 5 The new building has enough space to accommodate all current GH staff, both direct hire and non-direct hire. We would strongly prefer for all GH staff to be co- located. Whether or not the non-direct hire staff who are currently located in facilities near the RRB (The Warner Building and 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue) will move is complicated because of existing lease timelines, procurement factors, and issues related to the type of awards under which staff are employed. We are working with the Management Bureau and GC to make decisions as quickly as possible about which staff can move and on what schedule.

6 We will arrange for visits as soon as possible for Office Directors and Deputies, Division Chiefs, and the Space Committee. All 450 staff will not be able to visit the site before the move. We will make photos of the space available to everyone. We will make detailed floor plans available as soon as we have them. Visiting the Space 6

7 Is the Move Temporary or Permanent? 7 The Management Bureau plans for the GH Bureau to return to renovated space within the RRB at the end of two years. The Agency can have access to the new building for three years. The intent is to relocate the entire GH Bureau back to the RRB; however the M Bureau will work with GH on options for placing direct hire and non-direct hire staff in leased space near the RRB in the event all 500 staff cannot be accommodated.

8 The office is located at 2100 Crystal Drive, Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia. It is across the street from the Washington Learning Center. It is one block from the Crystal City metro stop on the Blue and Yellow lines. We will occupy the top four floors, Floors 8-11, in their entirety. Details about the Space 8

9 9 The building is rectangular and freestanding with windows on all four exterior walls. The central core of the building contains elevators, restrooms, stairwells, and utility areas with the work spaces arranged around the perimeter of the building by the windows, allowing much more natural light than in the RRB. The space contains 470 seats: -22 Large Offices -5 Small Offices -399 Cubicles -44 Hoteling Workstations Allocating seat assignments, determining who gets offices and cubicles, and deciding where teams will sit will not be easy. These decisions will be made by the GH Front Office after consultation with Office Directors, PDMS, and the Space Committee.

10 Other features of the space include: –14 Conference Rooms –4 Kitchens –A training room for 45-50 persons –Numerous other spaces for quiet rooms, lactation, photocopying, mail, storage, library, etc. –A “Front Office” suite The GH Front Office will move to and work from the new space along with the rest of the GH staff. Details about the Space 10

11 The office space was last occupied by the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), a part of the General Services Administration. The four floors are already fully furnished with furniture, file cabinets, shelving, conference tables and chairs, etc. GH will transfer specialized equipment and furniture to the new space (e.g., shredders, the map printer, and ergonomic (stand-up) desks and chairs). Details about the Space 11

12 Building access will be controlled by card readers coded to USAID badges, and the building will have security guard services. Visitors will need to be met by USAID staff to be escorted to meetings. The space will have AIDNet for direct connection to USAID’s computer network; we will not have to rely on virtual connections. All four floors will have wi-fi. The space will not have a secure network for processing classified documents or space for storing classified documents. All GH phone numbers will be changed to a Virginia extension. Details about the Space 12

13 Metro: The building is accessible to the metro via an underground tunnel. Shuttle: Shuttle service is already available between the RRB and the Washington Learning Center; additional shuttles will be added to accommodate travel to and from the new building and the WLC every 15 minutes. Parking: Staff who currently have a parking permit for the RRB will have similar parking accommodations at the Crystal City location; staff will have the option of retaining a parking space at the RRB if they prefer to park at the RRB and shuttle or metro to Crystal City; there are commercial parking garages and on-street pay-parking options near the building; PMI operates most of the garages, and rates are cheaper than in Washington. Commuter Issues 13

14 Slug Lines: There are slug lines at 1200 Crystal Drive and 12th Street, and they service the following locations: -Horner Road -Tackett’s Mill -Route 610 Stafford -Route 234 Dumfries Bicycles: USAID will provide space to lock bicycles; we are exploring options for shower facilities at the Washington Learning Center. Transit Subsidies: Transit subsidies are based on actual costs incurred by the employee up to a Federal limit of $130 monthly. Employees can amend their current application if their transit costs change, but cannot receive more than $130 monthly. Commuter Issues 14

15 We recognize that childcare is a key concern for employees. Three childcare facilities are located within close proximity to the new building: –Sparkles Child Care Center, 1235 South Clark Street, Arlington, VA 22202; 571-312-1052 –Bright Horizons at Crystal City, 2451 Crystal Drive, Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22202; 703-416-0767 –Crystal City Children’s Center, 3650 Glebe Road, Suite 170, Arlington, VA 22202; 703-979-2770 We will work with the Management Bureau and with the Agency’s Staff Care program to address childcare issues to the extent possible. Childcare Facilities 15

16 Currently, there are no provisions for making services like the health clinic, passport and visa assistance, Duluth travel, HR, and computer support available on site in the new building; we have heard your desire to have some of these services provided on-site, at least on an periodic basis, and will explore the possibilities. Staff will have access to exercise and shower facilities located at the Washington Learning Center; rates for these facilities are not subsidized at this time; we are exploring options. There are a variety of restaurants and shops in the immediate vicinity of the new building. Services / Amenities 16

17 Workflow and New Styles of Working 17 Hoteling in the RRB: -A second floor team room in the RRB will be allocated to GH staff for use as short-term hoteling space on an as needed basis; the room can accommodate eight employees at a time. -We do not think eight seats will be sufficient and will discuss this arrangement further with the Management Bureau. -The current GH Front Office suite will also be maintained for GH use, especially for meetings with outside visitors. Hoteling in Crystal City: -We will explore the best approaches to using the hoteling space in Crystal City.

18 Workflow and New Styles of Working 18 Technology: -The Agency is committed to exploring innovative telecommunications solutions to help bridge the distance between the new building and headquarters. -The Administrator wants to maximize the use of technology to improve our productivity. Telework: -The USG and USAID encourage teleworking. As is currently the case, managers and employees in the coming months will need to determine on a case-by-case basis which teleworking arrangements allow the Bureau to reach its goals effectively. -The Space Committee is working with telework specialists to explore best approaches and innovative solutions and will make recommendations to the front office and the SMT.

19 Need for Specialized Expertise 19 We recognize that the Bureau will need dedicated staff to make the move itself successful. -PDMS will hire a full-time person to focus on space. -M is providing a dedicated person for GH’s relocation. -We will need specialized expertise in: Records Management Teleworking Logistics Staff Care

20 Looking Ahead 20 We are open to your suggestions for making this move as smooth as possible and for making our work from Crystal City as effective as possible. We want to hear from you frequently about your concerns and your ideas. We appreciate the staff survey that was conducted last month; the results helped inform our discussion with the Administrator and the Management Bureau. We will be conducting further surveys and meetings to continue to assess concerns and seek solutions.

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