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February 22, 2014 RMR / AMR Event Chair Training.

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1 February 22, 2014 RMR / AMR Event Chair Training

2 Welcome Event Chairpersons!!! Thank you for volunteering to Chair an Event. New Club Experience… Give back to RMR community… Satisfaction of Contribution… Meet and Get to Know Others… Get to add your touch to an event… Role of Event Chair is:  Organize and run a successful fun event…  Obtain RMR Board approval for your event…  Coordinate and Communicate with the available volunteers and resources within RMR / AMR… (develop a plan, then work the plan)  “Trust but Verify” …  Maximize the fun factor...  Team work works… 2

3 Overview Event Schedule & Chairs Resources Executive Summary of 2014 Event Chair Guidelines Event Chair Guidelines An Overview Event Timeline and Checklist Budgeting Fees and Rewards Communication Channels Questions 3

4 2014 RMR Events Tours/Rally April 12 - Helga's May 25 - Edelweiss June Steamboat Springs June 28 - Gimmick Rally July 26 - Peak to Peak Aug 24 - Triple Bypass Sept 6-7 R/T Charity Sept 14 - Fall Foliage Oct 11 – Edelweiss Concours – June 8 Holiday Party – Dec 13 Autocross  Eiskhana January 18 May 17/18 July 5 - ??? Aug 23 October 25 Drivers Ed/Club Race (HPR) April 26/27 Ladies Day – June 7 at CHP Track June 21/22 July 19/20 August 16/17 - Club Race/Super DE Sept 20/21 Oct 18/19 4

5 2014 Event Chairs 5  Eiskhana – Angela Hill PBC Tours – Erik Behrendsen “Speed Fever V” April DE - Troy Nakatani & Joe Warren May AutoX School & AutoX – Chris Sulley Ladies Day DE – Kathy Fricke & Karen Harrison Concours d’Elegance RMR Representative – Jerry Medina June DE – Jim Thorburn, Rob Lorentz & Gregg Bell RMR Gimmick Rally – David Schmidt July AutoX - ??? July DE – Gavin Yuill & Dave Buehmann

6 2014 Event Chairs Continued 6 Club Race/Super DE - Vicki Earnshaw & Brian Leary August AutoX – Jon Barr & Carl Boecher Drive for the Kids Round Table Tour Repsentatives – Andy Foreberg & Steve Wright September DE - Dan Carlson & Dan Mayer October DE – Bill Emery & Dale Hartzell October AutoX – Chris Sulley Holiday Party – Kathy Fricke, Marcia Hubbell & Nancy Warren

7 RMR People Resources and Contacts 7 2 nd VP Joe Warren Home Cell 1 st VP (Communications) John Mackin Chief Driving Instructor - Chair Cecil Morris (RMR) Cell Control - Chair George Strimbu (RMR) HPR - Corner Workers, Ambulance… Glenn Conser, HPR Track Mgr Equipment Keith Hall Insurance Coordinator Troy Nakatani Newsletter Editor David Schmidt Pre-Tech Hank Padilla Registration Chair Nancy Warren Home C

8 Resources Continued 8 Safety Scott Henderson Safety Bo Jensen HPR Grid J. Eric Elliff Timing Joe Warren Treasurer Rick Seiferth Webmaster Scott Rogers RMR President Jim Widrig Other Resources Western Ambulance Company - HPR & Ladies Day at CHP Track Steve McMillan Head Special Events Division Office Cell Byers General Store Christina Dawkins Operations Manager HPR Concession - Colorado Grill Mario Martinez

9 Resources Continued - Registrars 9 April DE – SFV – Joe Warren and Bill Allen May Autox School and Autox – Vicki Cox-Jones Ladies’ Day –June – Bill Allen June DE – Cristina Iordan and Donna Helberg July Autox – Harry Jones July DE – Nancy Buehmann August DE – Nancy Warren August Autox – Luann Dodge September DE – Donna Helberg and Cristina Iordan

10 Resources Continued – Registrars 10 October DE – E.J. Bennett October Autox - ???? Holiday Party – Sarah Henderson and Margaret Henderson

11 EX Summary - What’s Really New - 1… 11 RMR will be obtaining ambulance service at HPR through the track with Western Ambulance Control, Equipment, Grid, Photographers and Tech Inspection (at the track) will have to register in a special section of each day of event if they are not driving RMR will be giving Motorsportreg credits to Event Chair, Registrar, Control, Grid, Photographers, Equipment, Tech Inspection (at track), CDI’s and NDI’s (no free lunches this year) Everyone who works or volunteers at an event gets the event take- away

12 EX Summary - What’s Really New - 2… 12 RMR will not be allowing 2 driver cars in DE’s when both drivers are first time novices. RMR will not be allowing 3 driver cars in DE’s. Due to HPR contract we must provide our own Beer 30 “food” at the track or use the HPR concession vendor, no outside vendors. RMR will be doing a quick and simple survey of participants through after the event. Asking for 4 (Four) News Letter Articles RMR News Letter Guidelines Section on Communication Channels

13 Executive Summary Continued… 13 Where to go for help: under “rules/info/forms” under Activities or after signing in, under Insurance Forms…then under Event Management or call Joe What’s really changed: Section 103 General Guidelines for Events Section 104 Event Timeline and Checklist What’s been modified: Almost everything has been looked over, updated and perhaps moved around… Follow up, questions, corrections, thoughts, concerns to Joe Warren, is best or H or

14 14

15 Event Chair Guidelines an Overview-1 15 File Contents 001Cover 002Table of Contents 003Executive Summary The Major Information AMR/RMR Event Calendar 102People Resources and Contacts 103General Guidelines for Events 104Event Timeline and Checklist 105Communications Channels 106RMR Event Fees and Rewards 107RMR Post Event Survey 108AMR/RMR Event Rules 109AMR/RMR Technical Inspection Guidelines

16 Event Chair Guidelines – An Overview-2 16 Planning Tools 201Event Budget Planner –HPR DE 202Event Budget Planner Autocross 203RMR Registration Guidelines 204RMR News Letter Guidelines 205RMR Radio Guidelines 206Example 4 Run Group Schedule – HPR 207Example 5 Run Group Schedule –HPR 208Sample Drivers Meeting Agenda 209Example Food, Water, Soft Drinks, Ice order for HPR DE’s

17 Event chair Guidelines an Overview-3 17 Other Information 301New Driver Information Sheet 302Flags Explained 303Grid 304Typical Insurance Certificate – Post at Registration 305Junior Participation Program Information 306Junior Participation Program FAQ 307Junior Participation Program Minor’s Assumption of Risk 308Junior Participation Program Waiver 309Noon Time Touring Laps 310Parental Waiver for Touring Laps

18 Event Chair Guidelines – An Overview 4 18 Track Maps 401High Plains Raceway 402High Planes Raceway Passing Zones 403LaJunta 404Pueblo 405Colorado Highway Patrol Track, Golden Colorado

19 Event Chair Guidelines – An Overview 5 19 Forms 501RMR Expense Report Form 502RMR/AMR Driver’s Education Pre-Tech Inspection Form (2014) 503Observers Report-DE Observers Report-Autocross Observers Report-Rally Observers Report-Tour Observers Report-Tech Session Post Event Report 509PCA_Incident_Report-2012

20 Event Chair Guidelines – An Overview 6 20 Waivers 601RELEASE_AND_WAIVER_OF_LIABILITY- PCA _Driving_or_Riding_Minor_and_Parent_Form_WAIVE R-PCA Minor_and_Parent_Form_Waiver_Observers_Only- PCA Parental Waiver Touring Laps

21 Time to get hands on… 21 Let’s look over the web site Once you get there look for the tab marked rules/info/forms at the top the page and click on it Then scroll down the page until you get to Event Organizer Forms & Documents Scroll down a little more to 2014 Event Chair Manual and all forms Now if you click on the blue line “Zip File (All documents below indicated) you will down load the entire 2014 Event Chair Guidelines, a handy reference to have for your event

22 More Hands On If you download the entire document take a look at what you have… All the pdfs for the Guidelines Source documents for spread sheets Take a look at section 104 a day by day Event TimeLine and Check list, you can print this out and modify or add for your event. Take a look at section 201 a spreadsheet template for your HPR DE with most of the hard stuff filled in (check the sheets at the bottom)

23 More Hands on Check out section 106 on fees and rewards!!! Check out section 105 on Communication Channels, who knew that there were so many ways to advertise your event, including contacts in the BMW, Mini5280 and Audi clubs…

24 Questions… 24

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