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Cultural, Social and Religious Life

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1 Cultural, Social and Religious Life
Chapter 7 Section 1 Cultural, Social and Religious Life

2 What makes a society unique?

3 Scholarship Art Education

4 Benjamin Rush Doctor Scientist Revolutionary
Represented PA in Continental Congress

5 Charles Wilson Peale Artist

6 Phillis Wheatley Young enslaved woman from Senegal Became a poet

7 Republican virtues Self reliance Hard work Frugality Harmony
Sacrificing for the good of the community

8 Republican Woman One who had the virtues that would help her contribute to the success of the republic.

9 Social changes Population growth
Social mobility- people were free to move place to place

10 Religious Renewal Second Great Awakening- Powerful religious movement from the early 1800s Evangelical in nature

11 Evangelical The Bible is the final authority
Salvation is achieved only through personal belief in Jesus Christ People demonstrate beliefs by living a “transformed lifestyle”

12 Congregation Members of the church
Focus was on the congregation rather than the ministers SGA was very democratic because of this

13 Revival Common feature of SGA
Gathering where people were “revived” or brought back to a religious life Listening to preachers Accepting Jesus

14 New Denominations Religious subgroups
Experienced rapid growth during SGA Baptists, Methodists, Unitarians, Mormons, etc…

15 What were Republican Virtues, and why were they considered important?

16 What factors drove population growth in the early 1800s?

17 How did the Second Great Awakening lead to the growth of new Christian denominations?

18 Mercy Otis Warren Was Mercy Otis warren a good example of a “republican woman”? Why or why not?

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