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Extending IBM Security Identity Manager

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1 Extending IBM Security Identity Manager
With StealthAUDIT for Data & Access Governance Charlie Palella – IBM Alliance Manager Sean Cataldo – GM, Data & Access Governance Jeff Warren – VP, Product Mgt. Data & Access Governance

2 Agenda Unstructured Data Access Challenges Managing Privileged Identities Enabling Complete IAM Governance

3 Unstructured Data Challenges
Access Sprawl Joiner, Mover, Leaver Activity Management Distributed Entitlements Unlike applications, unstructured data entitlements are widespread at the folder level Access Never thoroughly Reviewed/Adjusted Data Explosion 80% of Data is in Unstructured Data Sites SharePoint, File Systems, SQL, etc. Estimated that 30-40% of that data is sensitive Gartner predicts 650% increase in next 5 years Risk Exposure on the Rise Brand, Revenue & Reputation Exposure Security Breach / Insider Threat Compliance Findings Service Level Impacts

4 Managing Access to Unstructured Data
Privileged Identities User Access

5 Managing Privileged Identities
Extending PIM to Unstructured Data with StealthAUDIT Managing Privileged Identities

6 Setting the Stage for PIM
ESSO SIM I need access to this Server. I need access to this Database. I need access to this Web App. IT Admin IT Admin IT Admin

7 How StealthAUDIT Helps…..
DISCOVER CONFORM PUBLISH MONITOR Discover Where risk exists Who has privileged access How they are have privileged access Monitor User Activity User Logons PIM ESSO SIM

8 Our Value Proposition for PIM
Capability Benefit Discovery & Conformance Find any “back doors” to circumvent PIM and close them where it matters the most Monitor Activity Know exactly what files administrators touched, modified, read, copied, etc. Monitor Logons Know when Privileged IDs not managed by PIM logged onto the system Publish to PIM StealthAUDIT can feed information directly to PIM to ensure all Privileged Identities are managed centrally

9 StealthAUDIT Integration with IBM’s PIM and SIM
Governing User Access

10 Access Governance for Unstructured Data
SIM Access Recertification Self-Service Access StealthAUDIT® Directory Services Applications SharePoint Databases File Systems

11 How StealthAUDIT Helps…..
Discover Critical Unstructured Data Resources Correlate Access & Permissions Determine Resource Ownership Publish to SIM

12 IBM & STEALTHbits: One Stop Access Governance
SIM: Governs User Access to Applications…but what about the Data? What SIM Does Natively With StealthAUDIT Provision User Access to Applications (ex. PeopleSoft) to Data (ex. the Finance Share) Review User Access to Applications to Data De-Provision User Access PIM: Governs Known Privileged Identities …but what about the Unknown? What PIM Does With StealthAUDIT Control shared access to sensitive User IDs Discover Backdoor Privileged ID’s residing within Data (ex. Local Admin Group) Request, approve and re-validate privileged access Identify Un-managed Privileged Identities Track usage of shared identities Monitor Privileged Identity Activity Automated password management Ensure Sensitive Resources are only Accessed by the PIM Controlled Accounts For Applications ,Data and Privileged Identities!

13 Contact Us for Additional Details
STEALTHbits Partner Alliance Manager Charlie Palella: Visit our developerWorks® website Visit

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