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21 st Century Community Learning Center Warren County School District.

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1 21 st Century Community Learning Center Warren County School District

2 Program Overview Allegheny Valley Elementary School Sugar Grove Elementary School Youngsville Elementary Middle School Tidioute Community Charter School Warren Area Elementary Center Grades 3 – 5 Hours 3:00 – 6:00pm 140+ students 18 staff members Sheffield Elementary School

3 Grant Overview 21 st Century Community Learning Center Grant – Cohort 6 Goals: 1)Increase participating student academic performance in Reading and Math. 2)Increase participating school attendance. The sites will provide identified students with academic assistance, enrichment opportunities in both music and the arts, planned physical activities, and parental activities/education opportunities. Partners: Tidioute Community Charter School, St. Joseph Catholic School, Family Services of Warren County, and the Warren County YMCA. The school year program operates at the five sites, while a summer program operates at Youngsville Elementary/Middle School and Warren Area Elementary Center. Year 1:Budget$317,915Actual$237,369.35 Year 2:Budget$317,915Actual$279,241.79 Year 3: Budget $317,915 Actual……

4 Sustainability Plan Preliminary Sustainability Planning for 2014-2015 School Year Three Scenarios: 1.Develop a plan that will be funded by the Warren County School District. 2.Split the program into four segments and secure grant funding for each area. 3.Collaborate with local businesses and foundations to fund the program.

5 Center Operation Homework Assistance  Agendas are checked for assigned homework.  Students complete homework with assistance.  Staff initials agenda after checking for accuracy. Physical Activity  Partnership with YMCA provides instructors at each site.  SPARK program  Fitness Finders walking club Enrichment Opportunities  Book-makingMusical Instruments  PhotographyArts & Crafts  Poetry SlamCooking  Theatre Arts PresentationDance  Hand BellsDrake’s Well Museum Field Trip

6 Enrichment Examples

7 Year 2 (2012-2013) Data

8 Teacher Survey Results Parent Survey Results 21sth Century Parent Survey ReportsAgreeStrongly agree Total The program is helping my child to do better in school (2012-13) 34%59%93% 2011-2012 38%47%85% The program is helping my child get homework done (2012-13) 16%82%98% 2011-2012 25%59%84% I feel better prepared to support my child's learning because of after-school program activities. (2012-13) 50%29%79% 2011-2012 36%12%48% Turning in Homework on Time Completing Homework to your satisfaction Participating in Class Volunteering (extra credit or more responsibility) Attending Class Regularly Being Attentive in Class Behaving in Class Academic Performance Coming to School Motivated to Learn Getting Along With Others Improved 58%52%48%18%13%40%34%73%47%24% No Change 12%13%22%36%23%33%28%15%29%24% Declined 4%8%0%1%0%1%3% 1%3% Did Not Need To Improve 26%28%30%45%65%26%35%9%24%49% No Data Reported 0%

9 Year 3 (2013-2014) Data

10 Parent/Student Comments “There’s someone there to help with homework if we need it.” “We cook! So far we’ve made pizza, rice crispy treats, grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries.” “There’s lots of fun games like Sharks and Minnows, Tag, and Capture the Flag.” “I think it’s a fantastic program, one of the best in the school district. Once the kids get their homework done, they get to do different activities. It keeps their minds fresh and involved, and it takes the pressure off parents that may have to work. The parents don’t have to worry about homework, and can instead spend quality time with their children.”

11 PDE Monitoring Report Richard Murray, 21 st CCLC Program Officer, PDE performed a monitoring visit on November 19, 2013. Meetings were held at Central Office to review program procedures, operation, and documentation. A site tour and staff/parent/student interviews were held at Warren Area Elementary Center. 70 items were reviewed with the following results: Exemplary : 1 “Grantee maintains records of attendance for both the program and the school day.” Meeting Requirements : 68 In Development : 1 “Grantees have held a minimum of three Advisory Board meetings per year.” Non-Compliant : 0

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