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Agenda Funding New K-12 Campus Challenges & Rumors Current Taxes.

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2 Agenda Funding New K-12 Campus Challenges & Rumors Current Taxes

3 New K-12 Campus Community forum’s fall 2008 Consolidated K-12 Campus format Current 52 acre Baker site (size, utilities, athletic facilities) 3 years from approval of issue to occupation of new facility Solidifies the viability of the district Why? Age, 1919, 1921, 1967 Condition Flexibility Maintenance & Operations costs ($955,452/yr), expect savings > $250,000 yr with new facilities Safety Security Enrollment decline from 1680 to 805 (projected 2013)

4 New K-12 Campus… Consolidated K-12 hub & spoke layout Centralized administration, athletics, auditorium, cafeteria and support services Separate wings for Elementary, Jr. High, High School students Single floor elementary wing secluded on backside of campus Two floor Jr. High and High School wings on frontside of campus Excellent segmentation & security Linear expandability for each wing Designed for multi-use community access Example Building Layout

5 New K-12 Campus… New facility would overlay existing Baker building Considering various phased construction options to minimize impact to students and costs Would align with current athletic fields and facilities Would include addition of two additional practice fields and relocation of baseball fields Example Site Layout

6 New K-12 Campus… Example Architecture & Styles

7 Funding 8.1 mil “Bond” issue that generates $22.5 million to be repaid over 37 years (@5.25%) Typical district home tax-valued at $100,000 would pay $20.67 per month, about $0.68 per day. Renovation costs nearly equivalent to new construction Construction costs have escalated 4%/yr over the past 7 years Temporary decrease (%15) in costs due to national economy Qualified School Construction Bonds? At least $3.2M of interest free (0%) money for 14 years One time availability (now) as part of Federal Stimulus Legislation What about State funding? Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) 20% matching funds unavailable until 2015 Accepting OSFC funds increases project costs by 20%

8 Current Taxes 12.68 mil operating levy passed May 1999 Reduced to 9.76 mil in November 2003 Reduced to 9.25 in November 2008 Current total school millage at 52.06 mil Current Vienna total millage at 75.76 Current Fowler total millage at 77.56 Lakeview = 43.05 Maplewood = 48.45 Liberty = 50.90 Brookfield = 51.50 Hubbard = 58.85 Original 8.9 & 4.4 mil operating levies combined & reduced to 8.7 in November 1999 Reduced again to 7.9 mil in May 2005

9 Challenges & Rumors Teachers and Staff oppose this? While there are genuine staffing concerns neither the Mathews Education Association (MEA) or the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE) has opposed this plan. Already in financial trouble? Budget is black for 2009, 2010, 2011(after mitigation plan for 2011) Plans being formulated to reduce $1,199,697 forecast deficit for 2012 They’re going to destroy the old buildings? No. Disposition of the existing buildings has yet to be decided by the community and the BOE. Board members are quitting because they’re opposed to this plan? Balderdash. No BOE member has quit and those not seeking re-election are doing so for personal reasons.

10 Challenges & Rumors… The money will go to raises? Bond issue funds cannot (by law) be used for anything other than the construction, furnishing, and equipping of the facility. Staff salaries are funded out of the operating budget funds of the district They’re closing Neal building if this levy issue fails? These are two separate & distinct issues The BOE has decided to close Neal in 2010 for maintenance, safety, and cost savings reasons. Personal Demographics $38,298 median household income 44% have HS education 14% have Bachelors degrees On the good side, local cost of living factor is 91.4% of national baseline Local Economy Lost 20,900 jobs in last 10 years 6.5% local unemployment, 5.8% state Population decrease of 13,000 in last 10 years, expect 3,000 more in next 10 years. New home construction down 66% since 2003

11 Appendix Trumbull County Tax Rates for 2008 Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber Factbook

12 Trumbull County Tax Rates for 2008 If you wish to calculate your real estate taxes, use the following formula (Mill is $1 for each $1,000 assessed value): Market value x.35 = Assessed Value Assessed Value x effective rate (on tax rate sheet, and move decimal three places to left) = gross tax If you're calculating residential owner-occupied property, multiply gross tax by.875 (for state rollbacks, 10% rollback, and the 2.5% rollback for owner-occupied property) This will give you annual net tax. Note: A tax bill may include a charge for a Special (or current) Assessment. This represents a special charge to pay for certain services and/or improvements such as sewers, lighting, urban forestry, etc. Such assessments are not taxes, but are collected as part of your tax bill.) Source:

13 Trumbull County Tax Rates for 2008…

14 Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber Factbook

15 Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber Factbook…



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