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Domestic Policies of the 1960s

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1 Domestic Policies of the 1960s

2 New Frontier & Congress
JFK’s Campaign Slogan “There are new frontiers for America to conquer… not frontier on a map, but frontiers of the mind, the will, & the spirit of man”

3 Vice President LBJ is seen as the more experienced & wiser politician while President JFK is the “kid”

4 Kennedy’s Policy New Frontier Successful Domestic Policies
Conservative mood No clear mandate (authorization to act without Congress) Successful Domestic Policies Area Redevelopment Act: help economically distressed regions Minimum wage up to $1.25/hour

5 Space Race 1961 Soviet’s launch 1st human into space Man on the moon
U.S. astronaut John Glenn followed 1 year later Man on the moon “This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon & returning him safely to the earth. No single space project… will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space… But in a very real sense, it will not be one man going to the moon… it will be an entire nation”

6 Earl Warren Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Controversial court rulings changed American society Considered 2nd to John Marshall as the most important chief justice

7 Warren Court Major Decisions
Baker v. Carr Urban voters required equal protection under 14th Amendment Westberry v. Sanders & Reynolds v. Sims Legislative district needed equal populations: “1 person, 1 vote” Mapp v. Ohio Search warrants required

8 Warren Court continued
Gideon v. Wainwright Free lawyers if you can’t afford one Escobedo v. Illinois Right to lawyer during questioning Miranda v. Arizona “Right to remain silent” Engel v. Vitale Banned formal prayer in schools

9 JFK Assassination Dallas, TX Key Figures Key Places
Atmosphere different in South because of Civil Rights Key Figures JFK & Jackie Gov. Connelly & Mrs. Key Places Dealey Plaza Texas Schoolbook Depository Warehouse

10 Things to consider… Problems Events Parade route published
Open-air convertible Motorcade Car arrangement Events Abraham Zapruder captures on film Lee Harvey Oswald Ex-sniper; FBI had a file; Communist associations


12 JFK’s Assassination Gun shots 3rd shot 1st shot missed
2nd shot hit JFK in upper back/neck > exited neck > went through seat to Connelly’s upper shoulder > exited just below chest > into right hand then thigh 3rd shot Hit JFK in back of head All 3 shots fired in 7 seconds Jackie begins to crawl out of car … to collect brain matter Motorcycle cop rushes to push her back on top of JFK


14 Legacy Nation grieved for loss as much as for hope & potential
Funeral procession on TV with rider-less horse Most memorable scene = son Jack saluting casket JFK became larger than life

15 Who did it?? Oswald & Ruby Warren Commission
Oswald kills another cop when pulled over Oswald arrested, killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby Warren Commission Investigation by Earl Warren Concluded that Oswald acted alone despite “shady” characteristics


17 Hmm… Coincidence? Lincoln Kennedy Elected to Congress in 1846
Elected President in 1860 Secretary named Kennedy Andrew Johnson born in 1808 John Wilkes Booth born in 1839 Shot in a theater named ‘Ford’ Booth ran from the theater & was caught in a warehouse Kennedy Elected to Congress in 1946 Elected President in 1960 Secretary named Lincoln Lyndon Johnson born in 1908 Lee Harvey Oswald born in 1939 Shot in a car called ‘Lincoln’ (made by Ford) Oswald ran from a warehouse & was caught in a theater

18 Connections continued…
Both men… Have last names with 7 letters Were concerned with civil rights Their wives lost children while living in the White House Shot on a Friday Shot in the head Assassinated by Southerners Succeeded by Southerners… (both named Johnson) Both assassins were known by 3 names & total 15 letters Booth & Oswald were assassinated before their trials

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