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REWORK COMMITTEE 2006 UPDATE Co-Chairs - Pieter Diedericks Petro-Canada - Glen Warren Ledcor.

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1 REWORK COMMITTEE 2006 UPDATE Co-Chairs - Pieter Diedericks Petro-Canada - Glen Warren Ledcor

2 Subcommittees Project Rework ReductionKen East, Horton CBI Tool (P.R.R.T.) MeasurementHans Wolf Associated Eng. Engineering & ReviewsDan Meek, Suncor Construction PlanningGlen Warren, Ledcor And Scheduling Leadership & CommunicationGlen Warren, Ledcor

3 Field Rework …. Total direct cost of redoing work in the field regardless of initiating cause or source.

4 BP VII & BP VIII (1999-2000) Raised the Issue of Rework Identified Causes of Rework - DONE

5 Root Cause Classification System 30% 26% 18%

6 BPIX - 2001 Explained Cause Data Focused on Measurement / Classification Commenced Pilot Study

7 BPX - 2002 BEST PRACTICE ISSUED Measuring & Classifying Rework Included Rework Collection Database Program (Industry-wide Benchmarking Process – DONE) WORKSHOPS Published & Explained Pilot Study Previewed Version 1 of PRRT Eng & Review Cause Defined


9 BPX - 2002 Measuring & Classifying Rework Recommendations: Use it on your projects Classify by Root Cause (Fishbone) Identify to Secondary Cause (Fishbone) Submit project to COAA for Benchmarking

10 BPXI - 2003 BEST PRACTICES ISSUED PRRT – Project Rework Reduction Tool (Leading Indicator Analysis – DONE) Workshops Engineering & Review Checklist – V1 Construction Execution Checklist – V1





15 BPXII & XIII – 2004-5 BEST PRACTICES ISSUED Engineering & Review Checklist Construction Execution Checklist Workshops Leadership & Communication



18 BPXIV – 2006 BEST PRACTICE TO ISSUE Leadership & Communication Checklist

19 Subcommittee Members Avo AlboPetro-Canada Joe CrawfordLedcor Industrial Frank ForteJacobs Engineering John HullSuncor Energy Inc. Chris KeanCNRL Paul LangeLedcor Industrial Paul LessardCord Projects Roger MappBantrel Engineering Scott McMorranJ V Driver Bob MontgomeryColt Engineering Michele PowerImperial Oil Glen WarrenLedcor Industrial

20 Ambiguity is perhaps one of the greatest causes of failure of projects. Ambiguity causes REWORK, scope creep, missed deadlines, run-away costs, under / over utilization of resources, and others. It's the job of the Project Team to identify and eliminate ambiguities, otherwise the project plan is nothing more than a guess.

21 KEY FINDINGS What can we do better???? Defined Roles & Responsibilities of Team Members Defined authority matrix Defined communication matrix Alignment of all Stakeholders Earlier engagement of Operations Leadership & Communication Checklist

22 WHAT’S NEXT? Use the Best Practices developed. Get your copy of the Best Practices CD available at our booth. Project rework data to be collected, input to COAA and benchmarked.


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