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Lee Harvey Oswald  Texas Book Depository  3 Shots #1 Bullet misses #2 Bullet hits JFK in back, exits front throat hits Gov.

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15 Lee Harvey Oswald  Texas Book Depository  3 Shots #1 Bullet misses #2 Bullet hits JFK in back, exits front throat hits Gov. Connally in back, wrist, and thigh. #3. Bullet hits JFK in back of head- fatal shot. Warren Commission

16 When the Warren Commission Drawing [right above] is turned so that President Kennedy is in the same position shown in frame 312 of the Zapruder Film, the path of the bullet is rising not descending, as it would if fired from the sixth floor of the Book Depository Building.



19 The Zapruder film head shot. The spray of ‘particulate matter’ (brain tissue) is it moving forward or backward?



22 Zapruder Film, Frame 242. The fatal shot splattered two motorcycle officers, Bobby Hargis and B.J. Martin, with pieces of skull and blood and brain matter. Hargis was struck so hard that he said, “I thought at first I might have been hit.” New York Daily News, 24 November, 1963.

23 The Parkland doctors believed the neck wound to be an entrance, not an exit. Further, the location of Kennedy's back wound - as measured by the shirt and jacket holes, medical witnesses, autopsy photos, and other evidence - is too low for a shot fired from the 6th floor of the TSBD to have exited the neck wound where it did. The Warren Commission misrepresented the back wound location in drawings. Trajectory Neck Wound

24 This is a photo of the autopsy- in Bethesda hospital. Warren Commission claimed this to be an exit wound.


26 The post mortem or autopsy photo on the right shows the actual location of the bullet entry wound, as opposed to the official drawing of Warren Commission on the left, which places it too high on the neck.

27 This Warren Commission drawing is also clearly wrong. The entry wound to Kennedy’s neck on the drawing on the left is both too high and too much to the side.

28 A drawing of the impact of the second shot fired – according to the Warren Commission. This would not have been a fatal wound.

29 The Magic Bullet from different views The Magic Bullet is the bullet that caused seven wounds on Kennedy and Connally. Initially this bullet had not been found. Mysteriously, it appeared in the Parkland Memorial Hospital stretcher, Dallas - - in an almost pristine condition - It was virtually undamaged and had no blood or tissue on it.


31 Warren Commission


33 Left - Bullet that Warren Commisson claimed struck both President Kennedy and Governor Connally, the magic bullet. Centre - Bullet fired through a cadaver’s wrist. Right - Bullet fired into cotton.

34 One of the three Rifle Test targets Although marksmen hit this target five times, none of the shots hit the head or neck region.

35 Catalogue ad for the alleged Oswald rifle, a six-shot, clip fed, Italian carbine, which is not a high-velocity weapon. How capable was this weapon as a sniper rifle?

36 Sniper’ s Perch This is Lee Harvey Oswald’s view from the 6 th floor of the School Book Depository

37 6 th floor

38 3 rd shot 1 st shot Sniper perch

39 View towards the Grassy Knoll Within 20 seconds of the Assassination.

40 This well-known Polaroid picture was being taken at the moment of the assassination by Mary Moorman who stood on the south side of Elm Street. Blow-ups show two figures behind the fence next to the Grassy Knoll resembling a man with a rifle (The Black Dog Man) and a police officer (The Badge Man). The two men never have been found.


42 Film of the Dealey Plaza shows that within seconds of the shots being fired several police charged up the grassy knoll. A few minutes later there were over 50 policemen searching the grassy knoll area and the railroad parking lot that was situated just behind it. This was a far larger number than went into the Texas Book Depository.

43 Police Officer runs after gunman


45 Left Arrow: President Kennedy Right Arrow: Secret Service Agent Glenn Bennett In the photograph Secret Service Agent Glenn Bennett is looking off to the right moments before President Kennedy, according to the Warren Commission, is struck in the back. Yet Bennett claimed, “I saw a shot that hot the Boss about four inches down from the right shoulder.” Other photographs taken after the President is shot show Bennett still looking off to the right.


47 They concluded that four shots were fired at JFK. The gap between the first and second shots was 1.66 seconds. The third shot took place 7.49 seconds later. The gap between this and the final shot was only 0.44 seconds. It was clear that the third and fourth shots could not have been fired by same gun. (2 gunmen / 4 gun shots) After establishing where the police motorcycle that made the recording was at the time of the shooting, Barger and Weiss concluded that "with a probability of 95% or better" the third shot was fired from the grassy knoll. They were even able to state that the firing position was behind the picket fence, eight feet west of the corner. This was the very spot where S. M. Holland had claimed he has seen a puff of smoke after he had heard shots on the day Kennedy was killed. It was also the same spot where Phillip Willis' photograph appeared to show, according to computer analysis, "an adult person" standing behind a fence. 1978 the House Select Committee on Assassinations

48 Senate Report 1979 In 1977 the US Senate set up another enquiry into the assassination because so many people believed that the Warren Commission had done a bad job. The Senate’s Select Committee reported in 1979. It agreed with Warren that Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots which killed Kennedy. However, it also said that it was likely that another gunman had fired and missed from the grassy knoll and, therefore, there had been a conspiracy. The Report concluded that it did know the identity of the second gunman.

49 Three ‘tramps’ were found in a box car on the railroad immediately behind the TSBD. They were taken into custody but then officially ‘disappeared’ The ‘tramps’ were later identified as: Chauncey M. Holt, a counterfeiter; Charles Harrelson who was a notorious hit man for the Mob; and Charles Rogers, also known as Richard Montoya. They were not tramps but had connections to both the Mob and the CIA. What were they doing there, why were they released? 1 2 3

50 Look at the blond-headed tramp, who for some reason is smiling right after the president of the United States has been shot. ="">

51 Police story was that they were arrested immediately after the assassination, within minutes after the shooting. Holt's story was that they were discovered and apprehended from the boxcar at least 1.5 hours AFTER the assassination. =""> If you look at the tramps photos below, you can see that the crowds have disappeared, and that the shadows have moved from a southern angle to a southwestern diagonal. This means that Holt was right. At least 1.5 hours have passed.

52 Could there have been a point after the assassination when Kennedy’s body was secretly removed and sent elsewhere for a separate autopsy and, if so, why? There was a 14 minute period when Kennedy’s coffin was left unattended on board Air Force One Diagram of Interior of Air Force One Lyndon Johnson being sworn in as US President onboard Air Force One

53 Maryland - Thirty minutes after the autopsy had begun, a properly credentialed, Army forensics pathologist, Colonel Pierre Finck, MD, arrived from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology to lend a hand. But by that time three doctors had already removed JFK’s brain, and forensically important evidence may well have been lost. So three inadequately prepared pathologists rolled up their sleeves to unravel the complex mysteries of JFK’s murder. The key to the case was to determine from which direction the bullets had come and whether there was evidence of more than one gunman. If the autopsy had been done correctly it could have proved shots from different directions, the verdict of conspiracy would have been inevitable. In October 1966, it was allegedly discovered that brain and other autopsy materials were missing.

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