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What to Expect from your Mentor Elaine M. Hylek, MD, MPH Associate Professor Boston University.

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1 What to Expect from your Mentor Elaine M. Hylek, MD, MPH Associate Professor Boston University

2 Mentor »First described by Homer as a “wise and trusted counselor” »Someone who takes a special interest in helping another person develop into a successful professional

3 A real-life example of the ultimate mentor He was fond of making bold pronouncements that one day he would outdo Buddha, Gandhi and Mandela in world influence. He recognized the potential. He developed techniques to sharpen his focus. He was the role model, career architect, cheerleader and first coach. He became his chief promoter.

4 The Ultimate Mentor “He was instrumental in helping me develop the drive to achieve, but his role was one of support and guidance, not interference.” Tiger Woods speaking of his father, Earl D. Woods

5 Advisor-shares career experience and knowledge Supporter-provides emotional and moral encouragement Tutor-gives specific feedback on performance Sponsor-seeks opportunities Model-exemplifies the kind of person one should be to be an academic Mentor’s Multiple Roles Morris Zelditch An effective mentoring relationship is characterized by mutual trust, understanding, and empathy.

6 Advisor-shares career experience and knowledge Time management-ensures protected time Develop research ideas Scholarly activities Outlines trade-offs Job search Mentor’s Multiple Roles Tangible Examples:

7 Supporter-provides encouragement Your papers will be rejected. Your grants will be rejected. Mentors provide the broader context that facilitates an objective evaluation of your “successes” and “failures” Mentor’s Multiple Roles Tangible Examples:

8 Tutor-gives specific feedback on performance Manuscripts Grants Abstracts Oral presentations Mentor’s Multiple Roles Tangible Examples:

9 Sponsor-seeks opportunities Funding sources Networking Job contacts Circle of influence Why would any of this matter???? Mentor’s Multiple Roles Tangible Examples:

10 Creates Opportunities What objective criteria affirm that your work/contribution has made a difference??

11 Goal: to advance the educational and personal growth of the student Your mentor’s primary responsibility is to you –Your education –Your professional development –Your recognition –Your career “In the end, they establish an environment in which the student’s accomplishment is limited only by the extent of his or her talent.”

12 Why be a mentor? Achieve professional and personal satisfaction Attract good students-Produce better research, papers, and grant proposals Keep current-Stay on top of your field Enhance productivity-New ideas, new directions Develop professional network

13 Qualities of a Good Mentor Listens Accessible Constructive feedback Encourages confidence and independent thinking Role model Builds network Encourages multiple mentors Avoids dictating choices or controlling behavior

14 National Academy of Sciences National Academy of Engineering Institute of Medicine National Academy Press, 1997

15 Carol B. Muller, Ph.D., Founder, MentorNet Ex: Chemical engineer at Dow Chemical Company mentor for engineering student at Carnegie Mellon University

16 Phases of Training in Scientific Investigation Early: Mentors may suggest projects-scientifically innovative, challenging, and feasible. Mentors should monitor work closely. Transition: Increasingly independent role in identifying research questions, formulating hypotheses, designing and conducting experiments, and presenting results.

17 A good mentor knows when to step back and allow more independence.

18 The Good Mentor Checklist Ensures that you get academic credit for your intellectual contribution Nominates you for every conceivable award Ensures that your evaluators are cognizant of your terrific work Facilitates introductions and networking to launch your academic career

19 Potential Conflicts Intellectual property Authorship credit Who gets to present at the big meeting? Your ultimate goal of independence

20 Recognize Negative Mentoring Ambivalent, inattentive Inaccessible Insecure Lack of mentoring skills Lacks intellectual generosity-perhaps the most difficult……it is challenging to “let go”. SEEK HELP ELSEWHERE

21 Two-Way Street What is your role in facilitating this relationship? What can you do to help ensure your relationship with your mentor>>>>>colleague endures?

22 Tips  Be explicit early on about your expectations and goals  Do not be passive when it comes to YOUR career  Know the criteria for promotion  Do your homework…….Be prepared…….  Go the extra mile……..

23 Barriers to being a good mentor 1.TIME, TIME, TIME 2.Content area 3.Intellectual generosity




27 Epstein delivered, too. He felt his successes should have earned him more money, more independence, more respect. Somewhere along the line, Lucchino began wondering whether the kid really appreciated all the opportunities Lucchino had afforded him. It gets complicated when you mold someone into something greater than yourself. When a guy starts out fetching your coffee and paper for you, maybe it’s impossible to ever view him as your equal, or, even more horrifying, someone who has surpassed you in stature and reputation. Human nature being what it is, maybe this split was inevitable. Jackie MacMullan, Boston Globe 11/2/2005

28 Drs. J. Robin Warren and Barry Marshall The H. Pylori Story

29 As a pathologist, Dr. Warren found that in over 50% of the patients studied, small curved bacteria had colonized the lower part of the stomach (antrum). More significantly, he made the crucial observation that there was inflammation in the gastric mucosa around the bacterial site.

30 Although Dr. Warren noticed the first evidence of the organism, Dr. Barry Marshall provided the "acid test" - in fact, literally - by actually swallowing a bacterial potion in water and developing the symptoms, after which he was duly cured by a dose of antibiotics. EUREKA!!

31 The prevalent scientific wisdom suggested that a bacterial colony could not survive in the highly acidic gastric environment. Together Warren and Marshall undertook a study of biopsies from 100 patients. After some perseverance, Marshall was able to cultivate this hitherto unknown bacterial species (originally called Campylobacter pylori) from several of these biopsies.

32 Drs. J. Robin Warren and Barry Marshall celebrate after learning that they have received the 2005 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

33 Why is a Mentor not important? At the end of the day, it is ALL ABOUT YOU. There are many kinds of “mentoring” –Peer mentoring –Dual mentoring ( mentor for content, mentor for methods) –Self mentoring –Mentoring you ‘absorb’ from the culture

34 Advisor Supporter Tutor Sponsor Role Model Mentor Checklist



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