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Referral Generation from Existing Clients Speaker: Warren Kennaugh Date: November 22 nd 2006.

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1 Referral Generation from Existing Clients Speaker: Warren Kennaugh Date: November 22 nd 2006

2 Why Customer Referrals? Customers Seeking ongoing advice More educated Demanding more

3 Why Customer Referrals? Business Cheaper Quicker Easier High return

4 Why Customer Referrals? Industry Move to Ongoing Service Greater competition Continued margin squeeze Compliance driven

5 Your Referral Style 1.Proactive Style – extrovert, confidence, like meeting new people and unfamiliar environments. Approach – asking, questioning, positioning, on the front foot. Customer Relationship – centre of influence, authority, leading the customer, respected. Environment – networking, presentations, impromptu, “unique selling proposition”.

6 Your Referral Style 2.Receptive Style – relaxed, introvert, comfortable with existing relationship, proving value over time. Approach – listening, offering, servicing, driven by the customer. Customer Relationship – trusted, proven, thoughtful, invited. Environment – longer term relationships, within existing base or networks.

7 Opportunity Points Up front, first interview (Proactive) During first Interview (Receptive) Conclusion of Plan Presentation (Proactive) Six weeks post business written (Proactive) At points of interest (Proactive) At reviews (Receptive) External functions / networking (Proactive)

8 Customer Referral Types

9 Dog Characteristics – loyal, always happy to see you, committed, doesn’t always buy, very friendly, do what you say, allows you to lead their buying decision. What To Do – make time for them, tell them what you like about them and how they can help you, thank them, be grateful, keep in contact. What Not To Do – expect them to buy or refer every time, focus only on task or business, be dismissive or flippant, lose patience or forget about them.

10 Cat Characteristics – self serving, done under their terms, secretive, aloof, won’t always disclose all information, makes the buying decision without you. What To Do – allow them to do it their way, make them feel they are important and a co-contributor, expect little and thank them, demonstrate uniqueness, give information freely. What Not To Do – treat them like a Dog, try and train or lead them, rush them with your agenda, think that because they like you they’ll refer, badger them with follow up.

11 Flea Characteristics – fast moving, self interested, all about the deal, have multiple relationships, transactional, makes the buying decision quickly on limited information. What To Do – let them drive the pace, support their drivers and “currency”, stay in touch (high level), allow them to have their way (even when it could be wrong). What Not To Do – trying to make the relationship something it’s not, expecting a lot of repeat business or referrals, get upset when the business moves, lose touch, demand loyalty.

12 Yeh, Not Bad Proactive Who would you say amongst your peers is most likely to succeed in business? Why would you chose them? It seems they are somewhat similar to you. It appears that I may be able to assist them just as I have assisted you? Would you mind if I made contact with them? Could you let them know that I’d like to make contact and have a chat?

13 Questions?


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