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+ Or how is this all going to get done? Ruta Abolins June 8, 2011 Moving the Brown Media Archives.

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1 + Or how is this all going to get done? Ruta Abolins June 8, 2011 Moving the Brown Media Archives

2 + What we do and/or who we are Brown Media Archive & Peabody Awards Collection: unique material in all kinds of formats Media Desk: commercially available purchased content For the archive: 1 program can = 1 archive master, 1 preservation master, 1 viewing copy, 1hi-res file master, and 1 low-res viewing file Our users NEVER see original item unless requested

3 + What needs to happen so we can move? Better control of collection Inspection and Physical re-housing as needed De-accessioning Cataloging Bar-coding Exhibit area creation New website creation

4 + Control of Collection Control of collection –Where do we have it? If we don’t have it how do we get it? Accession list – list of every collection and all pertinent info about it. [ We’re not using AT] Collection level records added to GIL Adding more content to Peabody DB Adding content to Newsfilm DB -- WRDW Instantiation DB created – every instance of a program tracked More detailed inventories in the collections (not Peabody) Bar-coding – physical attachment of barcode, scanning barcode, verification of barcode

5 + Cataloging Collection level records added in GIL – Out of 145 collections – 100 collection level records done. Adding more content to Peabody DB – 200,000+ items in this collection alone Instantiation DB created – what is that? 1 program can = 1 archive master, 1 preservation master, 1 viewing copy, 1hi-res file master, 1 low-res viewing file 1 record in instantiation DB for every occurrence of that title

6 + Inspection of Collection Mold Deteriorated film Improper winds New housing needed

7 + De-accessioning Getting rid of stuff Collections that do not serve our mission or are better suited somewhere else Items that too far gone for preservation – like in this picture Sending some things back to original donor if they cannot be preserved ex. Home movies

8 + For physical move All collections in boxes will have a box level barcode All film cans have individual barcodes All Peabody Awards Collection will be bar- coded on the item level – currently we are 90% done with physical bar-coding – scanning and verification still needed with much of the collection At the new building the Peabody items will be sorted by size and trayed. The bar-coded items in the tray are then bar-coded into a separate system that links to the tray and then the location of the tray in the storage cube.

9 + Bar-coding Peabody -- 70 years of broadcasting 1941-2011 Television Archive masters: 16mm- not done. 2" bar-coded, scanned, verified; video tape formats 1973-1998: (3/4", VHS, Beta): all bar-coded & scanned through 1993, verified through 1989 video tape and disc, 1999-2010: 2006 100% bar-coded, scanned, verified. 2007 bar-coded & scanned, verification pending. 2008 bar-coded and 50% scanned. 2009 moving at box level; 100% ready to go.

10 + Peabody TV cont. Preservation masters: 100% bar-coded. Also scanned, verified through 1997. 2006-2007 and 2009 also ready for move. User copies- 100% done through 1998. 2006-2007 and 2009 also done.

11 + Peabody radio Radio Archive masters: transcription discs: 100% bar- coded; 80% scanned and verified. Audio reels: 100% bar-coded, about 60% scanned, 40% also verified. Audio tapes and CD's: 75% bar-coded, 35% also scanned. Preservation masters: bar-coded, but scanning not started yet. User copies- not started yet.

12 + Bar-coding – everything else Inventory or reinventory into Excel, accounting for each item. Barcode each line of each Excel spreadsheet for each collection, either at item level or box level. Applying barcodes, barcodes then verified. In this aisle 1200+ film cans bar-coded

13 + Media Archive Bar-coding Art Rosenbaum collection = 858 items, reinventoried and bar-coded (Alex) Art Chimes Radio programs collection = 3,180 programs on 700 tapes, bar-coded (Warren) Atlanta Image Film Festival Collection = 95 boxes of tapes and DVDs inventoried and bar-coded (Warren) CTL films = 1,235 films bar-coded (Margie, Warren) CTL videotapes = 1,460 reinventoried and bar-coded (Margie, Warren) Cinema Showcase program videotapes = 247 tapes inventoried (Margie, Patti) to be bar-coded

14 + More collections… Dept. of Natural Resources = 575 films to reinventory, recan, relabel, and barcode (Margie, Warren) Football Collection = 400 cans of film, 875 videotapes, and 120 audiotapes inventoried and bar-coded (Margie and Warren) Foxfire Collection = 1,140 videotapes reinventoried, reboxed, and bar-coded (Warren, Margie) Foxfire interview films = 50 films, 21 videotapes, and 153 audiotapes to be inventoried, bar-coded, and trayed (Margie, Warren) 60 Home Movie collections, each containing from 1 to 200 reels of film to account for, to be rehoused, reinventoried, Excel spreadsheet prepared, and box to be bar-coded (Margie) Georgia Center films = 1,245 cans to barcode and recan archivally (Margie) Georgia Center videotapes = 3,336 videotapes inventoried, bar-coded, and trayed or boxed (Warren )

15 + Still more… Georgia Folklore Collection = 2,211 items reinventoried and bar-coded (Alex) Jon Stewart Show = 160 tapes inventoried, reboxed, and bar-coded (Warren) Koinonia films = 50 cans to inventory, rehouse, and barcode (Margie, Warren) Michaelis collection = ________ items to barcode Now Explosion = 385 reels to be bar-coded Pam & Buffy children’s program = 314 videotapes, inventoried, reboxed, bar-coded (Margie, Warren) Parade of Quartets = 465 videotapes, bar-coded (Margie, Warren) PRTVC Collection = 250 boxes of audiotapes newly inventoried to item level, boxed, and bar-coded (Philip, Alex), lab is digitizing (Margie coordinating) Redcoat Band films = 60 cans to barcode Southeast Regional Emmys = thousands of items to inventory and barcode

16 + And …. Telenews film collection = 30 cans of film inventoried and bar-coded, containing 720 individual clips (Margie) UGA Math club films = 50 to be bar-coded University Almanac audiotapes = 1,250 audiotapes inventoried and bar-coded (Warren) WALB Albany Newsfilm = 1,415 cans of film (each containing 1 to 20 reels) to renumber, inspect, and barcode (Margie, Warren) WRDW Augusta Newsfilm = 16 compilation reels created and bar-coded (Margie), 270 individual clips being digitized & cataloged (James, Laura) WSB Atlanta Newsfilm = 2,500 film reels to reinspect and barcode (Margie, Warren) WATL Sunday News Conference = 180 tapes inventoried and bar-coded (Margie, Warren) WUOG Athens radio collection = 2,987 audiotapes boxed and bar-coded (Warren) Youmans tapes of Savannah scenes = 140 tapes, bar-coded (Warren) Multiple small collections of a dozen or fewer films or tapes

17 + More images and more content With help from Deb Stanley and Amy Watts New Website Creation

18 + Exhibit Area Creation Physical design Been working with a designer since fall of 2010 Collection display Gathering items for display Interactives Touch screen monitors Working with another designer for this

19 + How will people access our collection? Media Desk On line by streaming content Special Collections Building Purchasing a copy for themselves – under certain conditions

20 + Finally…what’s left to say? Space for freezers and uncompleted projects – staying in space we have here in sub-basement For Peabody we predict 3 years of tv and 10 years of radio will not be completed before the move…leaving that here until it can be more completely processed after the move. Moldy tapes – packed in plastic bags and leaving here until we have money and time to work through the collection. PRTVC – unprocessed staying here Repo collections move later

21 + And, we are also doing all the things we normally do as well….phew Thank you.

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