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George Warren Brown School of Social Work Office of Research Hilltop Research Administrator Forum March 07, 2003.

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1 George Warren Brown School of Social Work Office of Research Hilltop Research Administrator Forum March 07, 2003

2 Our Numbers Support 29 full-time faculty Current research portfolio includes 49 awards funded by 20 various agencies To date, 25 submissions in FY03

3 Our Centers Center for Mental Health Services Research (NIMH – R24 MH50857) Comorbidity and Addictions Center (NIDA – R24 DA13572) Center for Social Development Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies

4 Organization Associate Dean for Research Oversees the Grant Development Office, Administrative Coordinator and works with Contract & Grant Coordinator Provides Dean’s review and approval prior to submission

5 Organization Contract & Grant Coordinator -part of GWB Business Office Prepares grant proposal budgets Facilitates grants management through monitoring award balances and preparing continuation reports Liaisons regarding financial compliance & post- award issues

6 Organization Grant Development Office Staffing Coordinator Part-time Grant Assistant Student Research Assistants

7 Organization Grant Development Office (cont.) Provides support in prospecting for funding sources Provides administrative support in preparation of grants Facilitates correspondence with external grant participants Coordinates pre-award services of other school/university offices (GWB Writing Lab, Corporate & Foundation Relations)

8 Organization Administrative Coordinator Supports compliance of research activities Provides quality review of grant submissions Liaison regarding non-financial compliance issues Provides administrative support to Associate Dean for Research

9 Grant Submission Activity/Timeline Handout #1 We find it important for everyone to understand their roles and, more importantly, for PIs to know what supports are available Also important to illustrate how available center support augments school resources

10 Grant Proposal Development Checklist Handout #2 Starting point for GWB submissions Reinforces required institutional clearances (Dean’s Approval, Research Office review, etc.)

11 Key/Non-Key Comparison Table Handout #3 Visually informs faculty about demands of naming someone as “Key Personnel”

12 Consultant/Consortium Checklist Handout #4 Provides a uniform format for documenting contact information from outside participants Documents faculty authorization for staff to contact

13 Consultant Checklist Handout #5 Consortium Checklist Handout #6 Details information required of Consultants & Consortiums Provides language to be used in correspondence requesting information Provides space to track contact with participants

14 Budget Preparation Worksheet Handout #7 Designed to be used for faculty to complete independently and submit to Business Office to begin budget preparation process Intent is that it will allow GWB Business Office to structure grant development work with other pressing needs (payroll, etc.)

15 Budget Categories Handout #8 Narrative description of applicable cost categories Provides listing of commonly requested items

16 Evaluation of School Support for Grant Submission Handout #9 Given to PIs after each submission Allows us to assess current supports and identify areas for future development

17 On the Horizon Electronic Proposal Submission Checklist Grants Tracking Database Provide reports searchable by PI, funding agency, period, purpose, area of scientific interest, etc. Track Other Support Updated GWB Grant Preparation Help Book Office of Research Web Page

18 Contacts Chad Henry, Administrative Coordinator 935-8675 Sherri Stichling, Contract & Grant Coordinator 935-6690 Christine Nolan, Grant Development Coordinator 935-6654 Meghan Elkourie, Grant Assistant 935-8774

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