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Bulletim no. 7 A SUCCESSFUL VETERAN Raimundo INTRODUCTION Our bulletins have the purpose not only to show our results but also of all those who, actually.

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2 Bulletim no. 7 A SUCCESSFUL VETERAN Raimundo INTRODUCTION Our bulletins have the purpose not only to show our results but also of all those who, actually are working in this area, that could be either in writings, or with the research, here in Brazil or in the whole world. The objective is to show that the phenomenon is accessible to any person who would like to dedicate with interest, and that it is completely disseminated here in Brazil and throughout the world. Thus, it is especially rewarding when talking today about the work of Phyllis. Perhaps the strongest personal reference that I have from her, is the fact of that she looked for me, when we only knew each other by the names, when my husband Fernando died. Human being, sensible and friend, wrote me for the first time in solidarity. I think I’ll never forget this gesture from her, that bolds her as a person of extreme generosity. From that time on, we knew each other better and thus I could strengthen my impression on her. I always tell that we must have the dignity in terms of friendships of the Friends of the Other Side and, therefore nobility of character is fundamental. Concerning on it and also on her dedication, love and engagement, what makes from her a successful transcomunicater. Today we show you a few of her results on researchings. With a huge hug Sonia Rinaldi IPATI – Instituto de Pesquisas Avançadas em TCI PHYLLIS DELDUQUE discovered the Transcommunication, says, "by chance", there are 21 years ago, her mother was doing 4 months of death. She was surprised with her mother calling her through the radio. Years later I had the chance to know her and after that, when she moved to Florianópolis, we’d stopped getting notices from each other. But, by the time my husband Fernando died, even without having asked for, she made me some records interceding with some notices to aliviate my sadness. And sent me some of those. I must say that it made me happyer not only because of the contacts given to me, but also because my friend Phyllis was reconnecting again with me. The owner of an immense heart, what motivates her is not only to support people but also growing in learning and to pass ahead this. Therefore she is loved among the transcomunicators from here and, for sure, with the others of the Other Side Mostly!. Phyllis, fromFlorianópolis

3 PHYLLIS’ IMAGES This transcomunicator not only dedicates the writing of audios and thus to take the consolation to many people who look for her, but also to the images’ register. One of her notable cases was the appearance of one friend of her, named Miriam, that is also, curiously confirmed in audio. We can see aside at the TV the transimage formed, and filmed in a process that she described here and we publish as follows. We can notice in the comparative images how much the sent transphoto seems with Miriam‘s photo of when she was alived. Phyllis has a site where you can find this and Other tens of notable cases. Visit it by: It is very curious to observe that each process that is used by different experimenters generates different results. We use different processes to register and the results seems to be diverse between one another.

4 IMAGE SEQUENCE SET UP: Note to the set up of the image in picture 6, where if a seated young notices. Subtle and delicate, it is noticed how much the Transmission is difficult... Some pictures were necessary to get this one. 1.3. 4.5. 6. 2.

5 DESCRIPTION OF HER TECHNIC: Mirror and plated sheet by Phyllis Delduque The caption of images through mirror and plated sheets is been told there are some times. I’ve struggled against in accepting a caption like these, principally in paper mainly plated, because it is made in a certain laborious form at the moment of the search of the paranormals images. We know that we must differentiate, a paranormal image from an engraving or any another effect. Caption with mirror also deserves our attention not to allow the entrance of any image of the environment. Considering that, Klaus Schreiber, the father of the images in TCI (Images onTranscommunications ), the first one who capted "deceased" images on TV, for many times used the method of the plated sheet. I discovered, with his teachings, that one of the factors, besides so many others, for the success of these captions, is about the illumination. Klaus used different types of light bulbs, as ultraviolet and infra red and even though the common bulbs. I only use the computer that contains a caption plate, a colored and common lamp, one with 100w and the other with 60w. In some of the record sections, I only use one common lamp keeping the room darker. Using the plated sheet: It’s used a new sheet of aluminium paper, strained in a plane table, taking much care not to fold or mark the sheet, on the other side (caricatures) will come together and this is not the objective. The plated one seems like dimmed mirror. I directly direct the light bulb of 60w on the plated one, afterwards I take the camera at the minimum distance (Zoom) at the same time moving in the brightness, contrast and color controls of the program of the capture plate of the camera, obtaining thus, the tunnel effect on the caption plate of the computer.

6 The waiting play of pacience and love begins this way. I start recording at the moment that the first images appear and I get one minute recordding, including simultaneously and taking always, much care, because sometimes there are some voices that appear at the own images record. In these sections I use my environment noise (EVP), but sometimes I use the radio and the voices would appear lauder, as we do at the foreingner station and on short waves voices’ caption. Using the mirror: Not different from the process, taking double care for none of the local object being reflected in the mirror. This is obtained with the game of light, but in my case, I use a camera in a bigger distance (zoom) from the mirror and I do not approximate so much, because with this micro camera I haven’t the necessary resources to a better improvement, even thus, I obtained satisfactory results. To realize these records in images, we must be pacient, thus, we would ever be rewarded by our communicants friends. We must consider the Love as essential to establish the contact with the friends of the other spheres. We are the channel, then all we must do is use it. PHYLLIS’ AUDIOS 1. MIRIAM CASE: Phyllis asks: -”Miriam can you hear me?... Could you please bring your message, dear friend?” Female voice: -”For you!” Phyllis: -”What would you like to transmit to me, if you are ok...?” Femal voice: -”Try at the TV... We’ve passed to be born!”

7 As follows we have some audios sent by the communicator as exemple of her audios’ records: 1.Phyllis’ mother voice (deceased): -”Good night Phyllis, your mummy!” 2.Paranormal child’s voice -”We haven’t this test”! I receive many messages with voice from children and finished making a question for one of these children if she felt homesicknesses from the time she was living between us. In my recordings, none of these children appear to be sad. Interesting that it seems to be much more painful for an incarnate adult when he loses a son for the spiritual plan than it’s for the proper children. We’ve the exactly idea that these tests, are much more for the adults who are alived here, than it could be for the children who are there. 3.Paranormal voice (female) – “Phyllis find na Angel earth” The message was exactly for the Comunicant to open my contact channel with these children. 4. Paranromal voice: -”Listen, if you listen me, stay in Simão TCI!” 5. Paranormal voice: -”You’ll know, cities, covered of bridges in th sky!” 6. Paranormal voice (male) – “Courage starts first” This message came through my records on those sad moments of our lives. When we think the world is falling down ahead us.

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