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“There is no substitute to hard work” THOMAS EDISON.

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1 “There is no substitute to hard work” THOMAS EDISON

2  Incandescent Light bulb.  Quadruplex telegraph.  Phonograph Cylinder.  Carbon Microphone.  Movie Camera. WHAT HE INVENTED

3 The Incandescent Light Bulb was the first ever proper indoor light bulb. This light bulb used a lot more electricity than the ones we use today. And by November the 4 th he had completed his work of art. INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULB

4 The Quadruplex telegraph is a type of electrical telegraph which allows a total of four separate signals to be transmitted and received on a single wire at the same time (two signals in each direction.) Quadruplex telegraphy thus implements a form of multiplexing. QUADRUPLEX TELEGRAPH

5 Phonograph cylinders are the earliest commercial medium for recording and reproducing sound. Commonly known simply as "records" in their era of greatest popularity (c. 1896–1915), these hollow cylindrical objects had an audio recording engraved on the outside surface, which could be reproduced when they were played on a mechanical cylinder phonograph. In the 1910s, the competing disc record system triumphed in the marketplace to become the dominant commercial audio medium. The commercial production of cylinders for entertainment use ended in 1929. PHONOGRAPH CYLINDER

6 The carbon microphone, also known as carbon button microphone, button microphone, or carbon transmitter, is a type of microphone, a transducer that converts sound to an electrical audio signal. It consists of two metal plates separated by granules of carbon. One plate is very thin and faces outward, acting as a diaphragm. When sound waves strike this plate, the pressure on the granules changes, which in turn changes the electrical resistance between the plate. CARBON MICROPHONE

7 The movie camera, film camera or cine- camera is a type of photographic camera which takes a rapid sequence of photographs on strips of film. The video camera has largely replaced it for private use, but for professional purposes, movie cameras are used and produced today, especially for the production of full-feature movies. MOVIE CAMERA

8 Wiki Book Knowledge Youtube Television THANKS FOR WATCHING!! By Caleb SOURCES

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