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1 Inventions

2 "An invention is ..."  With your partner, try to think what the definition of an invention is. You may use dictionaries on the net. Write 1 definition. Oxford Dictionaries Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary

3 Definitions "Invention is the creation of a new device, process, or product“. The Discovery School site "an original device or process”. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

4 Top 10 Inventions As a class, students will choose the ten most important inventions of the 20th century. Partners will research important facts about the greatest invention that had an impact on people's lives.

5 Top 10 Inventions Which invention has really changed the way people live? Which ones would be the most difficult to live without? Which inventions have the greatest impact on most people around the world?

6 Top 10 Inventions Write your answers in the Forum. Add your choice.
Make sure the invention was invented during the 1900s – 2000. Add the following details: • the name of the invention  • a picture of the invention  • the name of the inventor  • the date or year it was invented  • one or two facts about how it was invented • a description of what it does

7 Top 10 Inventions – Writing Task
Review the findings of the class. Which field do most of them belong to (communication, medicine, transportation, games, education, housewares)? Explain why. Think of an invention that will make life better / easier. Describe your invention – give your invention a name, what it looks like, how it works, who can use it, how it will improve people's lives. Write your essay in Word and send it to my E.mail.

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