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Sowing Seeds for Sustainability Susan DakinCity of Lethbridge Kelly Andres.

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1 Sowing Seeds for Sustainability Susan DakinCity of Lethbridge Kelly Andres

2 Vision for Lethbridge “To be a healthy, attractive and viable city”

3 A model for urban environmental management A Council endorsed model guides programs and initiatives Compliance (with regulations, policy) Sustainable development (environment – social – economic) Ecosystem management (basis is city as ecosystem) Present Desired

4 What is a sustainable community? A community that seeks a high quality of life for all citizens while maintaining nature’s ability to function over time –minimizing waste –preventing pollution –promoting efficiency –emphasizing a local perspective to revitalize the local economy present and into future

5 Sustainability is NOT anti-development … it requires doing development differently : economy - society - environment acknowledge the links between economy - society - environment “nature” respect and restore “nature” by recognizing its intrinsic value and limits minimize their ecological footprint consume sustainably enable citizens to minimize their ecological footprint and consume sustainably distinctive, local recognize and build on distinctive, local characteristics empower people empower people to participate

6 Why become more sustainable?

7 Key Environmental Issues in Lethbridge climate change, GHGs and energy use sprawl and auto-dependent neighbourhoods resource waste water quality and conservation bioregional and ecosystem identity Partnership – Leadership - Stewardship

8 How to become more sustainable? consumption & lifestyles transportation options building & community design

9 Green consumption & lifestyle

10 Average Canadian creates 5 T of GHGs annually… … driving … heating home & water … using electricity The Challenge: “reduce your GHGs by One Tonne (20%) per person”

11 recyclebuy recycled/recyclable  complete the loop: recycle AND buy recycled/recyclable eco- friendly yard practices  adopt eco- friendly yard practices

12 Sustainable Transportation Walk, bike, or take public transportation when you ca –encourage your local community to be more bicycle- friendly (e.g. bike lanes)  If you have a car: combine trips, keep it well maintained, slow down  If you plan to buy a car: buy most fuel efficient model, consider a hybrid vehicle, alt fuel potential (Biodiesel)

13 Urban Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) education program for storm water quality monitoring results – review – survey citizens – program Water quality – knowledge & action

14 “The River Starts Here …” encourage eco-friendly home and yard practices: information, examples ensure municipal demonstration of leading practices: IPM, naturalized storm water ponds assist businesses to provide information

15 “Green” building & neighbourhoods Sustainable homes homes & yards built for: energy efficiency, resource conservation, health… SunRidge designated as “Built Green” subdivision – minimum bronze standard, incentives for higher levels and neighbourhood planning: pedestrian friendly, low water use parks, transit access

16 “Green” home retrofitting   improve the energy efficiency of your home  improve water efficiency practices

17 Waste reduction & recycling “Grasscycling” – Youth Challenge, info Composting – sell bins Recycling – provide depots

18 … it’s as easy as changing a light bulb… Eco Footprint: a measure of human demand on nature - food – energy – fibre - waste Reducing Eco Footprints: - walk, bus, bike - eat locally-produced food -build smaller, energy- efficient homes - create less waste – recycle & compost Climate change & energy use “Reduce your Eco Footprint”


20 City of Lethbridge: - Enviroscope newsletter; waste & recycling (cart program); Sustainable SunRidge: Water & yard practices: Sustainable transportation:


22 River valley & coulee ecology In 2001, the Lethbridge Rattlesnake Conservation Program was developed- an ongoing urban conservation initiative a “species at risk” protected by law – “illegal to harass, possess, harm rattlesnakes or to traffic in rattlesnake parts” – volunteers capture & release reported snakes, educate, track population now estimated at 50

23 Educating for a Sustainable Society “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action” - Herbert Spencer “We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect” - Aldo Leopold “To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival” - Wendell Berry

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