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©2000 General Digital Corporation1

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1 ©2000 General Digital Corporation1

2 ©2000 General Digital Corporation2 System Overview 20.1" Diagonal Active Viewing Area SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels) Resolution Sunlight Readable (1000+ nits) High Contrast (~ 6:1 @ 6000 ft-candles) Flicker-Free Brightness 0.5 nits to Max Designed and Manufactured in U.S.A.

3 ©2000 General Digital Corporation3 System Overview Local and Remote Brightness Control Very Low Specular & Diffuse Reflection BIT/Failure LED Indicators System Performance/Failures Recorded in Non-Volatile Memory (Date & Time Stamped) Field Replaceable Electronic Components FCC Class A & UL1950 Approvals

4 ©2000 General Digital Corporation4 Special Features SmartBright ™ Backlight Assembly Intelligent Backlight Controller ™ Icarus “Identify and Replace Before Fail” Software CoolBright ™ Cooling System

5 ©2000 General Digital Corporation5 SmartBright™ Features/Benefits Interleaved Bulbs -Singular bulb failures do not affect brightness uniformity or display functionality (Soft Failure). Redundant Backlight Inverter -Each inverter drives half of the interleaved bulbs. -Singular inverter failure reduces display brightness to 50% (Soft Failure). -Uniform brightness across display is maintained.

6 ©2000 General Digital Corporation6 SmartBright ™ Features/Benefits Brightness Limited to 1000 nit by IBC –Increases bulb life expectancy. Capable of Generating >1300 nits Brightness -P rovides “headroom” for eventual bulb decay. Failure Reporting to IBC - Inverter Over-Current or Under-Current - Bulb Decay (50 nit increments), Bulb Failure - Backlight Temperature

7 ©2000 General Digital Corporation7 IBC Features/Benefits The Intelligent Backlight Controller (IBC) augments the UltraBright backlight assembly. It offers: –Advanced System Control, –Alert, –System Monitoring, and –Data logging capabilities.

8 ©2000 General Digital Corporation8 IBC Control Features Digital Dimming Control –Maintains a peak brightness of 1000 nits at the LCD surface (before contrast filters) Continuously monitors and adjusts brightness for bulb decay* and temperature changes. Augments performance consistency. *CCFT tubes typically decay 10% during first 2000 hours of operation due to the following: » Impurities in the fill gas » UV degradation » Tube blackening

9 ©2000 General Digital Corporation9 IBC Control Features Digital Dimming Control (Cont’d) –Flicker-free control from 0.5 nits to max brightness. –Automatically executes SmartBright™ brightness dimming algorithm in response to over-temp condition. System power consumption and internal heat reduced by dimming backlights until over-temp condition is eliminated. Intelligent response prevents critical failure to electronics without interrupting operation. (Soft Failure)

10 ©2000 General Digital Corporation10 IBC Control Features Thermal Control –Activates cooling fans after internal ambient reaches programmable “set point”, allowing SmartBright™ bulbs to warm up quickly to maximum brightness from cold start. –Fan Speed is thermally controlled to reduce excessive noise (40dB max). –Reduces power consumption/heat dissipation in response to over-temp condition.

11 ©2000 General Digital Corporation11 IBC Control Features BIOS Upgrades –Performance upgrades can be performed quickly and easily in the field thru the use of Icarus software. –Upgrades can be done while the display is still operational thereby minimizing inconvenience. Service/Warranty Update –Password protection of component serial numbers and warranty information ensure only authorized repairs.

12 ©2000 General Digital Corporation12 IBC Alert Features Built-in Test (BIT)/Failure LEDs –Visual self-health indicators (tri-state LEDs) alert operators of failure conditions and assist troubleshooting. »Power Good» Temperature Good »Video Standby» Temperature Warning »Video Ctlr Failure» Over-Temperature »Fan Failure » Inverter Failure –More detailed data is recorded in NVRAM for retrieval by Icarus software.

13 ©2000 General Digital Corporation13 IBC Monitoring Features »Bulb Brightness » Fan Operation »Bulb Decay » Inverter Current »Backlight Temp (Current) » Power Supply Voltages »Backlight Temp (Max) » Runtime Hours (System) »Backlight Temp (Min) » Runtime Hours (Fans) »Ambient Temp (Current) » Video Controller Operation »Ambient Temp (Max) » Video Standby »Ambient Temp (Min) » Remote Brightness Sense

14 ©2000 General Digital Corporation14 IBC Data Logging All event data is date & time stamped in NVRAM. Data is retrievable using Icarus/Daedalus Software. Other Data Recorded: – Warranty Date of Individual Components » Password protected to allow updates for repair/replacement. – Date of Manufacture – Serial Number of Components and System – IBC BIOS Revision – NVRAM Available

15 ©2000 General Digital Corporation15 Icarus Overview Promotes “Intelligent Replacement Before Fail”. Upload data to General Digital’s National Database -Facilitates failure trend analysis at design and component level. -Facilitates customer notification of BIOS revisions and other product enhancements. -Assists service technicians in diagnosis & troubleshooting. Upload BIOS Revisions to Enhance Performance. Update Serial # and Install Dates for Replaced Components -Authorization/password obtained from GDC service department. -Warranty information is updated at GDC to reflect replacement of components.

16 ©2000 General Digital Corporation16 Icarus User Interface User can download and view data from an IBC to analyze performance. Data is saved to disk for archiving and performance trend analysis.

17 ©2000 General Digital Corporation17 Icarus User Interface Printable report for off-line viewing. Report Includes: –Unit serial number –Date data was obtained –System events

18 ©2000 General Digital Corporation18 Icarus User Interface View serial numbers and warranty expiration dates for components. Update serial numbers and installation dates for replaced components.

19 ©2000 General Digital Corporation19 Daedalus Expert System Upgrade More in-depth information about current and future system status. Detailed solutions to current problems. Analyzes available data to recommend replacement of problem components before failure.

20 ©2000 General Digital Corporation20 Character Smoothing Aliasing Anti-Aliasing

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