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MOBILE PHONE ACTIVATED LED LIGHT BULB LED Light Bulb with a Built in CPU Executive Summary Contact Bobev (415)513-5112

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1 MOBILE PHONE ACTIVATED LED LIGHT BULB LED Light Bulb with a Built in CPU Executive Summary Contact Bobev (415)513-5112 Email

2 iBulb Solutions to Current Lighting Problems 4 billion Incandescent light bulbs will be phased out of the US market by 2018 Fluorescent light bulbs create cold artificial light and cannot dim Current issues LED light bulbs are prime candidates to fill the void after incandescent bulbs are eliminated LED light bulbs create warm light, have dimming and color changing capabilities iBulb Solution

3 iBulb Solutions to Current Lighting Problems US Households spend $700 per year on incandescent lights electrical bills Motion sensors are not accurate when a person remains static in the room Smart lighting systems are expensive as they require professional house rewiring and installation Current Problems The LED iBulb reduces lighting expenses to $50 per year iBulb senses a mobile phone’s presence and accurately controls the light in the room iBulb does not require any specialized installation Even kids can screw it in iBulb Solutions

4 How the iBulb will Revolutionize Lighting An iBulb communicates wirelessly and senses any mobile phone’s presence to turn on/off The iBulb system can be controlled easily from a mobile phone or the Web Users can monitor the home power usage and schedule at certain times individual iBulbs to turn on and off

5 How the iBulb Works 2. User with mobile phone enters room and iBulb turns on 3. When user leaves room with mobile phone iBulb turns off 1. User with mobile phone is about to enter room OFF ON OFF If interested in more details Email Call Bobev (415)513-5112

6 Additional Features The iBulb lighting system can be managed from anywhere on a secure website. The same website can display the power usage and statistic of your home iBulb offers a wide range of creative lighting options. The iBulb also has a Music Sync mode that can blend lighting effects with musical rhythms played iBulb will have an associated Facebook page that will run community contests focused on energy efficiency. Elect winners such as: “Johnsons saved this much and saved one tree this month”

7 Philips Wi-Fi dumb bulb, is does not turn on when are you in the room Market Competitors Internet Control Room Presence Sensor Power Monitoring LED Light Quality & Efficiency Rewiring Cost for 10 units Philips LEDYesNo Yes $0 Sylvania LEDNo Yes $0 GeoBulb LEDNo Yes $0 iBulbYes $0 X-10YesNo $1,000 PloggYesNo $1,000 Alert MeNo YesNo $1,000 iControlYesNo $1,200

8 iBulb Leadership Team iBulb Founder, successful entrepreneur, CEO of IT support company SFconsult Manages corporate infrastructures at Cisco and HP Mladen Bobev CFO of iBulb and Assistant Professor of Finance at George Mason University Alexander Philipov Corporate Evangelist and Strong sales. Works for the City of San Francisco Emily Davis iBulb Hardware Designer. Project manager hardware designer in NYC Miroslav Rusenov iBulb Software Developer. Extensive Project Leadership experience with SAP in PaloAlto Silvia Petrova iBulb Legal Representative. Law and Physics degree from UC Berkeley Gesualdo Riday

9 iBulb’s Product Maturity Designed Prototype Took us 4 years and $100k of our own investment to design the iBulb hardware with electronic circuit board Code Mobile phone compatible java software Founded Company Registered the iBulb company in San Francisco Filed provisional patent: #61332990 Developed the company website http://www.i-Bulb.com Mass Produce iBulb In 9 months we will manufacture the first 10k units Significant additional revenue will come from a line of similar products based on the same electronic circuit board.

10 Line of Products Based on our Sensor Technology Wall mounted light switch iFixture can control a group of kitchen lights, air conditioning or heating from any mobile phone. Monitor home energy usage online LED Tube Light is a smart fluorescent light tube replacement for commercial and office use, that lights on if someone with a phone walks by or is in the office Power Strip can control any devices in kitchen garage or the home theatre system from any mobile phone Unlock the front door, garage and gate conveniently by entering a PIN on the mobile phone. Home and office security control by monitoring log entries online Warm car engine from your phone without going outside. When nearby open the car door by entering PIN on the mobile phone. Monitor log entries online 1. These products backs up your investment and guarantee high quick returns

11 Raise$265K to Bring iBulb to Manufacturing Stage Sales & Marketing Hire Chief of Marketing. Develop and execute marketing strategy. Contact distribution partners. Make advertisement materials. Contact media channels Rent an Office Hire HR, Designer, Director of Finance, Purchase equipment Rent an Office Hire HR, Designer, Director of Finance, Purchase equipment Management & Business Development Hire legal assistant. Achieve industrial CE certifications File patents. Register trademarks Research & Development Hire Java compatibility Developer; Electronic board designers and Industrial designer Director of Manufacturing Negotiate partners For mass production Director of Manufacturing Negotiate partners For mass production We are very passionate about the LED light revolution and soon will be leading soon the market

12 Strategic Relationships Sales and Market Positioning To reach Smart Phone users, execute a marketing strategy with T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint and other phone retailers, as well as PGE and electrical companies Target city planners for public space installations, eco- conscious consumers, LEED certified builders/properties Utilize channel distribution, marketing iBulb via social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook Negotiate distribution partnerships with Ikea, Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, and Office Depot Buy targeted ads from AdSense, and other sources. Plan exit strategy with major light bulb manufacturer 1. Rapid investment return if acquired by a bigger bulb manufacturer like Philips

13 Deal Structures iBulb Profit and Loss Statement Assumptions 20152016201720182019 Units Sold101,0002,0003,0004,000 Unit Price$79$59$49$45$39 Unit COS (cost of sales)$34$29$26$23$19 Revenue$790$59,000$98,000$135,000$156,000 Cost of Sales$340$29,000$52,000$69,000$76,000 Gross Margin$450$30,000$46,000$66,000$80,000 Wages$325$875$1,560$2,645$4,380 Rent ($400/person)$29$72$115$365$595 Marketing$42$300$400$500$600 Administration$40$120$160$200$240 Equipment Lease$13$18$22$29$41 Total Expenses$449$1,385$2,257$3,739$5,856 Net Profit$1$28,615$43,743$62,261$74,144 Solid investment return within 12 months. Multiply investment 14times within the first two years

14 iBulb Profit Necessity of LEDs Incandescent bulbs will be pulled from the US market by 2018, and LEDs will fill the void Growing Smart Phone Market There are 51 million new Smart Phone users in the US market every year that will want an iBulb Shifting Attitudes The American consumer is increasingly interested in eco-friendly devices and the iBulb is a perfect fit With an investment of $850k 10 million iBulbs can be manufactured and sold, rendering a net profit of over $210 million in 5 years. Sales are based on just a 1% of the total LED light bulb market The iBulb investment strategy can easily fit as a winner into the investment portfolio of any individual or company If interested in more details Email Call Bobev (415)513-5112

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