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UMSA Programme of Implementation UMSATIC (La Paz – Bolivia) Management 2000–2002 Jmplementation 2003-2004 Blithz Lozada.

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1 UMSA Programme of Implementation UMSATIC (La Paz – Bolivia) Management 2000–2002 Jmplementation Blithz Lozada

2 BOLIVIA Area:1,098,581 square Km. Population:+/- 8,000,000 inhabitants High school studies:26% Use of computers:4 per 1,000 Cities:9 capitals in the country Main city:La Paz. 2,000,000 people Universities:15 big Universities, 160 small private universities Students in universities:210,000 people Main University:Universidad Mayor de San Andres, La Paz

3 Universidad Mayor de San Andres Undergraduate students:60,000 people Postgraduate students:2,000 people Faculties and carrers :13 Faculties, 56 Careers. Teachers and researchers:1,600 teachers, 400 researchers. Research centers and libraries:35 Centers and 25 libraries Academical activities:60% postgraduate studies in Bolivia Research activities:30% R+D in Bolivia Places to institutional activities:26 campus in the city P.C. and Faculty network:2,000 PC (1/30 students), 3 networks Donners for ICT implementation:Sida-SAREC only

4 umsa Steering Committee 1.Pro-rector ( President of the Committee ) Eng. Iván Irazoque Tobías 2.Dean of Health Area Dr. Teresa Rescala Nemtala 3.Dean of Social Sc. & Humanities Area Dr. Fernando Cajías de la Vega 4.Deans of Technologic Area Eng. Javier Lucero Bilbao la Vieja & Eng. Rolando Campuzano 5.International Coordinator M.Sc. Blithz Lozada Pereira 6.Chief of Adm. and Financial Affairs Lic. Angel Durán Jiménez 7.Technic Manager Eng. Roberto Zambrana 8.Leader of the UMSA teachers Dr. Carlos Aguirre Castro 9.Leader of the UMSA students Undergraduate Diego Salazar

5 Steering Committee Another units to instal LANs (libraries and DAF) International consultants (Lund University) 13 FacultiesTechnic commission National consultants Faculty and Another units representatives Dpto.RR.II. umsa

6 To implement a unique informatized system in San Andrés To strengthen research through internal and external communication. To internationalize UMSA’s scientific production To create access mechanisms to scientific and technological information. To integrate the TIC’s to the teaching-learning processes at UMSA, in order to reach higher levels of academic quality in the undergraduate and postgraduate. To train the new professionals with competitive aptitudes, so that they could be able to respond to the challenges of today’s globalized society. To use the TIC’s as a means for distance education. To modernize internal and external communication. To supply efficiency, reliability and celerity to the administrative processes. To improve the financial processes for optimizing the management of higher education. To constitute local networks and intranets with instantaneous access to daily information. To modernize university channel turning it into an educational channel of a wide scope. To broadcast educational programs extensively.




10 Human Resources Project Information System Project Academic Strengthening Project INTRANET BASIC SERVICE PROJECT

11 UMSATIC Program, Information, Diffusion and Basic Training Project UMSA’s ICT Center (UIC) Staff recruiting Project Faculty ICT Centers (FIC) Staff recruiting Project Old and New ICT related Personnel Recruiting and Training Project Continuous Training and Qualification of UIC and FIC Personnel Staff Project Network Infrastructure Implementation of UMSA’s ICT Center (UIC) Acquisition, Configuration and Operation of equipment for UIC Faculty Networks Communication (University Backbone) Standardization and Regulation of faculty Networks Model Acquisition, Configuration and Operation of equipment of Faculty ICT Center’s equipment

12 ISPs connection and Basic Services configuration of UIC Faculty ICT Center (FIC) Basic Services Configuration model UMSA’s Academic Information System Development UMSA’s Administrative-Financial Information System Development UMSA’s Library and Documentation Center Information System Development UMSA’s Intranet development Faculty Intranet Model Development

13 To create a automated system of information to UMSA´s libraries Distance Learning model Development To install two virtual classroom in ICT Central Unit University Television Advantage and Modernization ICT Center Construction Standardization and Regulation of faculty ICT Centers

14 umsa Sida-SAREC Tour of protocol, knowledge and negotiation Tour of protocol, knowledge and negotiation People: * Dr. Gonzalo Taboada López (Rector) * Lic. Angel Durán Jiménez (Chief of Administrative and Financial Affairs) * Eng. Javier Lucero Bilbao la Vieja (Dean of Technological Area) La Paz – Lund – La Paz June, 16th – June, 25th of 2001 People: (also, International Conference in Madrid) * M.Sc. Blithz Lozada Pereira (Chief of DIPGIS) * Dr. Teresa Rescala Nemtala (President of Committee of Deans) La Paz – Dar–es– Salaam - Madrid – La Paz June, 16th – June, 29th of 2001 Univ. Diego Salazar Luizaga (Leader of UMSA students) He went to the Conference in Madrid only. First group Second group People: (also, International Conference in Delft) * Fernando Cajías de la Vega, Ph. D (Dean of Social Sciences Area) * Dr. Guido Zambrana Avila (Dean of Health Area) La Paz – Delft - La Paz June, 20th – June, 27th of 2001 de junio Third group

15 Visit of technological appreciation to the Universities of Nicaragua. Taking advantage Eng. Campuzano’s stay at the IX Seminar of ALTEC 2001 (San José de Costa Rica, October 17th to 19th), he paid a visit to the University of Managua which receives support from Sida-SAREC for TIC. Managua, Nicaragua. October 21st to 22nd of 2001 PARTICIPANT: *Eng. Rolando Campuzano Arzabe Training in BIREME and agreements for technical cooperation. The visit to the Regional Library of Medicine (BIREME), had the purpose of learning the consolidation of the contents network for incorporation in it. Seminars, courses and consultancies which would be carried out in La Paz were defined. Sao Paulo, Brazil. December 17th to 20th of 2001 PARTICIPANTS:*Dr. Guido Zambrana *M.Sc. Blithz Lozada *Lic. Marilín Sánchez Visit of technological appreciation to the University of La Habana. The visit had the purpose of making an appreciation of the technological implementation of the Polytechnic Higher Institute José Antonio Echeverría of La Habana (CUJAE). La Habana, Cuba. December 8th to 16th of 2001 PARTICIPANTS: *Eng. Rolando Campuzano Arzabe *Undergraduate Diego Salazar Luizaga *Lic. Javier Reyes International Course on university networks and firewalls. The course was organized by Dr. Alberto Herrera and did take place in Lund University. It includes the presentation of the work developments at the respective universities. Lund University, March 18th to 22nd of PARTICIPANTS: *Eng. Roberto Zambrana *Lic. Ramiro Gallardo INTERNATIONAL TRIPS INSIDE UMSATIC PROGRAM

16 Invitation to participate in Workshop on IT. Mr. Blithz Lozada was invited for Américo Muchanga to participate at International Workshop on IT in the capital of Mozambique. The suggestion was made by Mr. Afzal Sher, main adviser of Sida-SAREC on IT topics. This trip did not paid with support from UMSATIC Program. Maputo, Mozambique, April, 9 th to 12 th of 2002 PARTICIPANT:*M.Sc. Blithz Lozada International Congress of Information. La Habana. Cuba. April 22th to 26th, 2002 PARTICIPANTS:*Eng. Javier Lucero Bilbao la Vieja *Undergraduate Vladimir Calcina Excelence Center opening Monterrey, México. May 24th to 25th, 2002 PARTICIPANTS:*Eng. Javier Lucero Bilbao la Vieja *Lic. Rolando Campuzano Arzabe Iberoamerican Approach, global perspective. International Conference on education, training and new technologies. Virtual EDUCA Valencia, Spain. June, 12th to 14th, 2002 PARTICIPANT:*Ing. Iván Irazoque Tobías International Senubar on ISSN: LATINDEX San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 10th to 14nd of PARTICIPANTS: *Eng. Roberto Zambrana INTERNATIONAL TRIPS INSIDE UMSATIC PROGRAM

17 umsa February:Carrying out the first International Seminar on IT (Europe Hotel) Agreed Minutes between Sida-SAREC andUMSA to UMSATIC Programme (La Paz) June:Tour of protocol, knowledge and agreement (Lund, Delft and Dar-es-Salaam, with the participation of the Rector o of UMSA, Dr. Gonzalo Taboada) September:Notice about the first stage of Technical national consultancies and Technical management October:Start the work of consultants and technical Manager (Lic. Javier Reyes) Second Seminar and Workshop on IT. With Lund University consultants like counterpart of the Programme First Course on Digital academic management November: Second Course on Digital academic management Third Course on Financial management with computer system Lines of agreement between UMSS, UCB and UMSA, to development academic activities (Cochabamba) Agreement and tour of knowledge around the Universities of La Habana and Nicaragua. December: Third Seminar and Workshop on IT, with Lund University consultants. Handing over the draft version on Policy document. Approval of the document on the UMSATIC Programme by the consultants of Lund University. Tour around BIREME and Sao Paulo University. Agreement about consultancy to collaborate in the Libraries project. Visit to technical knowledge also. Approval of the reports from national consultants and technical Manager. Notice about the second stage of Technical national consultancies and technical Management.

18 umsa February:Publication of the First Bulletin on UMSATIC, and the dossier on the report from the consultants of Lund University Seminar on Technological information in the time of internet (BIREME expert, Dr. Abel Packer). Start the work of national consultants and technic Manager (Ing. Roberto Zambrana) Workshops to show the contents of UMSATIC Programme to community of the University. March: Course in Lund on Networks of universities. Advanced University Networks (asistants; R. Zambrana and R. Gallardo) April: Course in La Paz on University Networks. Security in internet and firewalls. Course for administratives of UMSATIC. Fourth Seminar of UMSATIC with the experts from Lund Univesity Publication of the Second Bulletin on UMSATIC and the dossier on the report from the consultants of Lund University Fourth Course on to mark texts and to put on line magazines inside Scielo-BOLIVIA Consultancy for to make the Digital Libraries project (expert of BIREME) Presentation of the last draft version of the Masterplan document (responsibles: technic Manager and national consultants of UMSATIC) May: Approval of reports from national consultants and Technic Manager Approval of Masterplan Document and handing over to Sida-SAREC. Handing over to Sida.SAREC of the Policy document final version, to the implementation of the programme since 2003 until Development in detail of the project on Digital libraries in the UMSA and building ofa network of information and places of archeve to the research.

19 umsa... thanks a lot Sincerely yours, M.Sc. Blithz Lozada Pereira Director of International Relations Department UNIVERSIDAD MAYOR DE SAN ANDRES

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