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Program Implementation LIBM 6371 Elizabeth Lewis.

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1 Program Implementation LIBM 6371 Elizabeth Lewis

2 Leverett Elementary Library presents: Guest Author and Illustrator Jim Arnosky and his wife Deanna Arnosky on November 17, 2011

3 Jim Arnosky presents to 3 rd, 4 th and 5 th Grade Students (170 students)

4 Jim Arnosky’s Books He has written and illustrated 86 books on nature subjects and has illustrated 46 other books written by various authors. He has been awarded the Christopher Medal, Orbis Pictus Honor, ALA Gordon Award, and Outstanding Science book awards from National Science Teachers Associations. (Arnosky, 2011) Photos retrieved from

5 Jim talks about studying nature. His wife takes many of the photos that he creates his illustrations from.

6 Video on Jim’s journal process. Place mouse pointer on picture, then click on arrow to play video.

7 Jim sings his “I’m a Turkey” song. Place mouse pointer on picture, then click on arrow to play video. Photo retrieved from m-Arnosky/e/B001IR1M8I

8 Jim told interesting and funny stories about observing animals.

9 Evaluation (102 evaluations were returned) 1. Did you enjoy the speaker, Jim Arnosky? 102 yes, 0 no 2. I like the topic of nonfiction books and illustrations the guest speaker talked about? 99 yes, 3 no 3. I would check out a book by Jim Arnosky? 94 yes, 8 no 4. I could hear the speaker well. 97 yes, 5 no 5. I could see the speaker well. 79 yes, 23 no 6. I liked the illustrations by Jim Arnosky. 101 yes, 1 no 7. I would like to see more guest speakers in the library. 98 yes, 4 no

10 Evaluation continued 8. I would like to see a program about…….. Birds, sea animals, Fancy Nancy, animals, Public Library, Jim Davis, Garfield, Jeff Kinney, dogs, bats, komodo dragons, series of fiction books, Barbara Parks, Katherine Lasky-Guardian books, Harry Potter, music, art, cooking, sports, authors, history, magic, gymnastics, cats, funny authors, Louis Sachar, Jared Lee, Karen Hesse, Graphic Novels, Rick Riordan, video games.

11 References Amazon. (2011). Jim arnoksy [Photo of Book Covers]. Available from e/B001IR1M8I Arnosky, J. (2011, November 26). Biography. Retrieved from http:// biography.html. Lewis, E. (2011). I'm a turkey and Jim Journaling. [Video]. Lewis, E. (2011). Jim Arnosky presentation. [Photographs].

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