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Rowville Institute of the Arts Information Evening.

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1 Rowville Institute of the Arts Information Evening

2 A day in the life of RIA

3 Eng/SOSE10 periods Maths/Science13 periods LOTE (Italian) 6 periods PE/Sport Ed 4 periods Technology 4 periods Arts Performing Arts –23 periods Drama, Music, Dance Visual Arts – Visual Art, Visual Comm. & Design Total Core60 periods Instrumental Music Program (additional cost)20 periods Year 7  2011 Structure

4 Core Eng/SOSE10 periods Maths/Science12 periods LOTE (Italian)* yr9 only 6 periods Personal Development 6 periods PE/Life Skills 2 periods Arts Visual & Performing12 periods Specialism 4 periods Project 6 periods Enhancement Sequence* (except Music) 8 periods Years 9 & 10

5 A selective VCE course offered at the Eastern campus to cater for students who wish to pursue a predominantly Arts based VCE. Students can access a broader range of subjects by choosing to travel between campuses. Year 11 & 12

6 Years 7 to 9 Significant Teacher Yr 7 – Peer Support Staff – Team leaders Year 10 to 12 Senior School Team MIPs co-ordinator Careers co-ordinator Pastoral Care

7 Curriculum Delivery Curriculum programs are designed and delivered by qualified teaching staff within their area; supported by external professionals in all areas of the performing and visual arts.

8 OPPORTUNITIES OFFERED TO DATE: -Workshops with various visiting artists specialising in – watercolour, chalk pastel, cartooning, installation art -‘Suade’ music workshop -Master Blaster Recordings – portable recording studio - Excursions and workshops to National Gallery of Victoria (International and Ian Potter) & Heide Gallery - Excursion to Top Arts exhibition & lecture series - Excursions to ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘West Side Story’ - Excursions to Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) - Participation in Knox Festival Project each year (2011 – ‘On the ball’, 2010 – ‘Identity T-Shirts’, 2009 – ‘Sneaker Project’)

9 Artistic ability Positive attitude & application to academic studies and developing skills in their artistic field Passion for the Arts Commitment & motivation Process – 150 word essay, if short listed, audition (performing arts) or studio session (visual arts) Selection Criteria

10 Application Process

11 RIA application forms

12 Platform Rowville Times Sports Academy Newsletters Platform

13 Key Dates for 2012 Enrolments Applications due Tuesday 14 th June 2011 Auditions – last two weeks of term 2, 2011 Interviews if required Early term 3 Notification of outcome of application –Early Term 3, 2011

14 Auditions Dance – students come prepared with 1 min solo in any style; Songs to be on CD. Students will learn a short dance phrase at the end. Drama – students to come prepared with a 1 – 1.5 minute monologue. Students will be asked to participate in improvisation games as well as a cold read of a script. Media – students to come prepared with a folio of their best work. Students will then participate in a skills drill. Music – present two contrasting pieces. CD and mp3 backing may be used, or a piano accompanist. Plus play/sing a major scale in the key of C, F or B flat. Visual Arts – students to come prepared with a folio of their best work. Students will then participate in a skills drill.

15 RIA Uniform The RIA uniform that will be supplied (paid for by the school) includes – RIA track suit pants RIA Polo shirt RIA Dance Top RIA Apron Additional Optional Items for purchase - RIA Jacket; RIA Dance pants This uniform is for the RIA project day and RIA performances All RIA students will need to have full RSC uniform for all other days. Students will also require a full RSC sports uniform as well.

16 What are the fees for RIA? –Answer: An annual fee of $1050 InclusionsExclusions –All excursions and incursions- Any camps or overnight activities –RIA uniform (track pants; polo shirt; dance top)- Instrumental music program tuition –Specialist class materials- Booklist items –Art folio; art apron- Stationery –Internet credit and printing credit- RSC College Uniform and Sports Uniform –Publications – school magazine- SRC fundraising events –Diary –Combination lock How are students assessed? –Answer: Students are assessed formally and informally as per mainstream. Through performances, tests, assignments etc. Frequently Asked Questions

17 Will the student be able to switch back into mainstream? –Answer: The curriculum is designed to ensure continuity with mainstream, to minimise any disruptions should the transfer into mainstream occur. Will my child have to travel between campuses? –Answer: The travel between campuses may occur throughout the VCE studies, however students in years 7 to 10 will not be required to travel. Frequently Asked Questions

18 Questions from the floor

19 Applications Expression of Interest forms/Application forms can be downloaded or collected at the door this evening. An Expression of Interest form or an Application form is to be submitted along with a copy of the most recent report and the 150 word essay. Please return to Kerri in the RIA / RSA office (14 th June)

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