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Chapter 14 Section 1 Page 484 – 490, Questions 1-5.

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1 Chapter 14 Section 1 Page 484 – 490, Questions 1-5

2 What did you learn? 1. What skills did the Yayoi practice that they may have learned from the Chinese and Koreans? They may have learned the use of a potter’s wheel, pottery, numbers, metal work,and growing rice in paddies



5 What did you learn? 2. In the Shinto religion what do people worship? How are they worshiped? They worship the spirit called Kami, which reside in all natural things; through rituals and shrines they are worshiped.



8 Critical Thinking 3. Sequencing Information
Draw a time line like the one on page 490. Fill in dates and information related to events in Japanese history From the Jomon to Shotoku. 300 B.C.E. Yayoi Appear 500 C.E. Yamato controls Most of Japan 646 C.E. The Great Change begins 5000 B.C.E. Jomon Begin 600 C.E. Shotoku Takes power 300 C.E. Yayoi organize Into CLANS

9 Prince Shotoku Yamato Clans

10 Summarize 4. Describe Japanese society under the Yayoi around 300 C.E.. Yayoi society were broken up into clans lead by a small group of warriors who protected the farmers, artisans, and servants.


12 Analyze 5. In what ways did Shotoku look to China to improve Japan?
In Government - needs a strong leader and educated officials In Learning –Buddhist teachings, art, medicine, philosophy.

13 Buddhism SHOTOKU Strong Leaders

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