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By: Abneet Randhawa. My brother, Abnashi Randhawa My mom, Gurmit My dad, Karnjit.

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1 By: Abneet Randhawa

2 My brother, Abnashi Randhawa My mom, Gurmit My dad, Karnjit

3 King ATMS ATSS December 19,1999, MSA Hospital Arthur and Dora

4 October 2001 first Apple iPod was released Hurricane Katrina (August 23, 2005) Kuwaiti women won the right to vote ( May 17, 2005 ) * 9/11 2001

5 13 years old Grade 9 6 years old Grade 1

6 Basketball Soccer Purple Violin Pizza Dogs

7 Check My Mark Lululemon Miami Heat Website

8 Get into UBC (after High School) Dermatologist Pediatrician OR Family Get into the Olympics for Soccer or Basketball

9 * I Used to play the flute and violin * I love the Harry Potter Series * I love reading I love my brother

10 My brother ( Abnashi) named me. He wanted both of our names to be the same.( Same beginning)


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