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Julia “Sandy” Hutchins Hannah Barreto Leesburg Public Library Leesburg, Florida.

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1 Julia “Sandy” Hutchins Hannah Barreto Leesburg Public Library Leesburg, Florida

2 Teen & Tween Programs Movies Crafts Gaming Passive Programs Photo Booth Special Events Competitions

3 Movies PG for Tweens PG-13 for Teens Have Technical Services set aside new releases Facebook Polls Teen Sing-A-Longs (RENT, GLEE) Brown Bag food


5 Craft Supply Donations Within the library- books, puzzles pieces, CDs, tech Center for the Arts- T-shirts, Spray Paint Boys & Girls Club- stuffed animals Local Businesses- Feed store, Hardware store, Sports teams Patrons Facebook

6 Soda Tab Bracelets Soda Tabs donated by staff, patrons, and the library cafe

7 Cardboard Creations

8 Steampunk Goggles -Baseballs from Parks and Rec -Bottle caps from patrons -Spray paint from Center for the Arts -Hardware from local business All we bought was scrap fabric and thread.

9 Steampunk Crafts Broken Jewelry Watches Old cell phones Nuts, washers, etc.

10 Recycled Crafts Frankentoys Disco Balls

11 Gaming Video Games Board Games LEGO Club Ask teens & tweens Facebook Donations Flyers

12 Contests, trivia, promotions, & more!

13 Passive Programs Use pictures of Teens & Tweens (with permission) in displays and with book reviews throughout the library and on social media Contests- such as “Guess how many books are in the teen room?” Teens love to be heard- Vote for favorite series, manga, etc.

14 Book Face Use in displays throughout the library and post on Facebook. Teens will love tagging themselves!

15 Photo Booths Ask for donations post-Halloween Frames- no glass

16 Themes & Parties

17 Sci-Fi Day Invite local Sci-Fi Fan Clubs -Doctor Who -Star Trek -501 st Legion -OASFiS- Orlando Area Science Fiction Society -Comic Book Stores Movies Crafts Costume Contests

18 Sci-Fi Crafts

19 Harry Potter Day Diagon Alley- Capes, Hats, and Wands Herbology Class- donated seeds Potions Class- “Dragon Snot” Borax Gak Wizard History- trivia

20 Quidditch -Brooms -Hula Hoops -PVC Pipe -Balls

21 Minute-to-Win-It Silent Library Hunger Games Angry Birds Trash to Fashion Battle of the Sexes

22 Angry Birds or Hunger Games

23 Trash to Fashion Teams compete to make the best ensemble Impartial Judges from within the library Win bragging rights

24 Battle of the Sexes Marshmallow & spaghetti towers

25 Silent Library Banana GolfDon’t Ring the Bells

26 Marshmallow Shooters Donated scrap PVC pipe Create & Compete

27 Minute-to-Win-It

28 Lakefront TV

29 Thank You! Hannah Barreto Julia “Sandy” Hutchins

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