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Meet #20O By Xeno. In HP News, JKR wrote a new 1,500 story (about 1 chapter more)! It’s about HRH and Ginny (with slightly greying hair) who go to the.

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1 Meet #20O By Xeno

2 In HP News, JKR wrote a new 1,500 story (about 1 chapter more)! It’s about HRH and Ginny (with slightly greying hair) who go to the 2014 Quidditch World Cup together! Also, only 836 days until Beasts comes out! In Pottermore News, the rest of the chapters of the 4 th book have arrived!! I have completed them all, and they are very interesting… In HPLC News, the Wizengamot had their 7 th meet, and they have finished their Mega Project Video, Study Guide, and Game for Quirrell! In HPCC News, Hannah Abbott will be coming very soon for a weekend to complete the 1 st book lectures and activities!

3 Avada Kedavra: The Killing Curse. It brings about instant death in a flash of green light. There is no way of blocking it. It is one of the three Unforgivable Curses.

4 “Some of the furor that surrounded a Harry Potter publication was fun.” -J.K. Rowling


6 -1992-1992: Harry Potter and Ron, Fred and George arrive at The Burrow early in the morning.Harry PotterRonFred and George The Burrow -1941-1941: John Atterbury, the actor who portrays Phineas Nigellus Black in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is born.John AtterburyPhineas Nigellus Blackfilm adaptationHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

7 Did you read the essay “How Do Duels Work?” If so, there’s a worksheet for you on the table!

8 “Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy” (HP Film Wizardry) “Gilderoy Lockhart Profile” (Pottermore)

9 “Deleted Scenes from Harry Potter (Parody)” Made By: PistolShrimps

10 -The Hair-Raising Potion is part of the 2 nd year curriculum for Potions -Ron says that if you read Sonnets of a Sorcerer, you talk in Limericks for the rest of your life, but they are VERY different from Sonnets! -Ron burps slugs on Tom Riddle’s trophy, which is funny, being that he’s basically vomiting on Voldemort! -Hermione got an item that looks like an eraser (which makes writing become invisible), but it does the opposite! -If Hermione had never met the boys and studied magic every moment of the day, she would’ve become VERY dangerous! -Harry finds Riddle’s diary when Myrtle’s toilet floods, Lockhart stages a Valentine’s Day extravaganza, and Harry goes into the diary and “realizes” that Hagrid was the one that opened the Chamber of Secrets -The Hospital Wing is BELOW the Gryffindor dorms -Ron suspects that Riddle got the trophy for killing Myrtle, which would do everyone a favor – this is EXACTLY what happened, but he got the award for (apparently) capturing the person that killed her…

11 -On Valentine’s Day, Lockhart has little dwarves carry Valentines to students all day – but if he had any consideration for other people and the teachers, he’d have them delivered only between classes! -Do the Valentine senders specify a time of delivery? -While headed for Charms class, HP’s bag breaks, and the only other time we’ve seen that happen is in GF when HP casts spell on Diggory’s bag to delay him. Ironically, he was ALSO going to Charms class! -This chapter occurred right after Xmas all the way through Valentine’s Day, 1993 -In the Valentine for HP, it says that he conquered the DARK LORD, but the only ones who call Voldemort the DARK LORD is Death Eaters, ex-DE’s, Seers, and close associates (Like Ginny at the time of the Chamber of Secrets opening!) -Fred/George Weasley know the words to the Valentine, even though they weren’t witnesses! -Riddle/Hagrid confrontation on June 13 th, 1943 (50 years before CS events) -Fawkes the Phoenix and the silver contraptions don’t come with the Headmaster’s office; they’re Dumbledore’s -Dumbledore was red-head as a man before greying!

12 -Besides the Basilisk, Hogwarts does have many other monsters -There are no more Petrification attacks, 2 nd year students pick electives for next year, HP finds that TR’s diary is gone from dorm, G vs. H match is cancelled b/c of Hermione/Penelope being attacked, HP and Ron overhear the Malfoy/Fudge/Dumbledore/Hagrid conversation, and Hagrid’s taken away and Dumbledore’s suspended! -Leaping Toadstools are part of the 2 nd year Herbology curriculum

13 We will now film “Acromantulas”. Ginevra and Dora have filmed “Trolls” with us, and this is very similar! It is the theme of a Muggle science show. There is a script for you under your bean bag. We will need Weasy to be Jonathan James. We will also need someone to be Perry Proton. Ginevra can not because she was the other expert. Dora will be the expert, and Ginevra will be the Camerawoman! Xeno will be Director and Script Prompter

14 You have 3 choices: 1.Read the essay titled “Who Sent the Singing Valentine?” (Link online/in brochure) 2.Read the essay titled “The Ethics of Rowling” (Link online/in brochure) 3.Create an Activity for Chapter CS14: Cornelius Fudge for the HPCC. Best one gets a prize!

15 Which character’s actor was the only one to know their character’s fate before the books came out???

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