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Trial of muff potter.

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1 Trial of muff potter

2 What are ethics? Read the definition
On the back write 1 paragraph for the *****TS question and 1 other ethical question from the paper (1-4)

3 Courtroom trial Every citizen of the US has the right to an attorney and a defense against any charges that are brought on a person. Innocent until proven guilty. Muff Potter had an unfair trial. We are going to give him a more just trial.

4 People of the court Judge Bailiff Jury Prosecution Defense
Attorney for the Defense Attorney for the Prosecution Count clerk/time keeper Stenographer Courtroom artist Journalist

5 Opening statements One of the most important roles for the attorneys is to make an impeccable opening statement. This sets the tone for their job and their position in the trial (for or against) This also puts a message into the minds of the jury…a pre-judgement or sorts. Make a compelling case to the jury and the court!

6 Know the facts Re-read and analyze Ch. 9
Write a numbered outline of the events in the order that they occurred Detail any info/details that could help the court case Re-read and analyze Ch. 23 Who are the witnesses? What statements did they make? Are their statements true? Is there any physical evidence? Who was at the scene? What evidence is there? For the crime? For Muff Potter? About his character? Defense/Prosecution’s job to present the character of the person (as bad…or good) Gather evidence for both sides on your T-chart

7 A mock trial example Video Muff Potter trial?

8 Mock trial preference sheet
Select a preference (3 choices) Rate them in order Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get what you want If too much, we will choose at random….

9 Complete opening state. Prep sheet
Complete the sheets for both sides…you do not know yet what your role in the trial will be… Then write your opening statements for both sides. This will serve as a rough draft for the real thing and a draft for your group to use. Read the guidelines for writing an opening statement… And refine it tonight for homework using

10 Prep day Work in groups for the trial
Defense/Muff Attorneys & defense witnesses, Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn Prosecution Attorneys & prosecution witnesses & Injun Joe Bailiff, time-keeper, stenographer, journalist, courtroom artist meet with Judge Jorgenson Professional dress on Friday

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