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PowerPoint By: Jayson Beauchamp English Pd. 1. “Moody began to beckon students forward in turn and put the Imperius Curse on them. Harry watched as, one.

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Presentation on theme: "PowerPoint By: Jayson Beauchamp English Pd. 1. “Moody began to beckon students forward in turn and put the Imperius Curse on them. Harry watched as, one."— Presentation transcript:

1 PowerPoint By: Jayson Beauchamp English Pd. 1

2 “Moody began to beckon students forward in turn and put the Imperius Curse on them. Harry watched as, one by one, his students did the most extraordinary things under his influence. Dean Thomas jumped three times around the room, singing the national anthem. Lavender imitated a squirrel. Neville performed series of quite astonishing gymnastics he would certainly not have been capable of in his normal state.”(231) “ ‘Potter,’ Moody growled, ‘your next’ Harry moved forward to the middle of the class room, in the space Moody had cleared desk. Moody raised his wand, pointed it at harry, and said ‘Imperio!’ (Pg231) … “‘Jump! NOW!’The next thing Harry felt was considerable pain. He had both tried to jump and tried to prevent himself from jumping.” (pg. 232) Moody is demonstrating to his class, of wizards, you can control people with a curse called the Imperius Curse; and Harry doesn’t want to be controlled. So he landed on his face. Now he has broken knees, He wont be trying that anytime soon. Conflict Slide

3 “ ‘ An Age Line’ Fred Weasily said, his eyes glinting, as they all made their way across the Hall to the doors into the Entrance Hall, ‘Well, that should be fooled by an Aging Potion, shouldn’t it? And once your name’s in the goblet, you're laughing – it cant tell whether your’ re seventeen or not!’ ” “ ‘ But I don’t think anyone under seventeen will stand a chance,” said Hermione, “ we just haven't learned enough…’ ”(pg 256) The Weasily’ s are trying to trick the Goblet of Fire into thinking Harry is seventeen; but Hermione is into following the rules so she objects. This still doesn’t change the Weasily’s decision. Conflict slide

4 “ The Gryffindors roared with laughter. Malfoy flushed with anger, but apparently the memory of Moody’s punishment was still sufficiently painful enough to stop him from retorting.” (pg. 234) Malfoy is normally very disobedient; yet with the though of Mad-Eye Moody Turning him into a ferret he restrain himself. Conflict Slide

5 “ Nice try, Harry. I'm back in the country and well hidden. I want you to keep me posted on every thing that’s going on at Hogwarts. Don’t use Hedwig, keep changing owls, and don’t worry about me, watch out for yourself. Don’t forget what I said about your scar. -Sirius” (pg. 240) Sirius has to hide because he is hiding from the corrupt Ministry of Magic. He is trying to tell Harry about how to contact him. He is trying not to give his location away. Conflict Slide

6 “ The Villagers of Little Hangleton still called it the ‘Riddle House,’ even though it had been many years since the Riddle family had lived there. It stood on a hill overlooking the village, some of its windows boarded, tiles missing from its roof, ivy spreading unchecked over its face.” (pg. 1) The author is explaining that the Riddle House is abandoned from its original owner. That it is very creepy and no one except the delinquents who vandalized the house.

7 “ Through the gates, flanked statues of winged boars, and up the sweeping drive the carriages trundled, swaying dangerously in what was fast becoming a gale. Leaning against the window, Harry could see Hogwarts coming nearer, its many lighted windows blurred and shimmering behind the thick blanket of rain. Lightening flashed across the sky as their carriages came to an halt before the great oak front doors, which stood at a flight of stone steps.” (pg.171) The Author is explaining the scary along the long journey of the carriages. The Dark sky and the lightening, giving the creepy feeling that sends chills down your back. Making you want to read more because you want to know if someone dies.

8 “Snow was falling thickly upon the castle and its grounds now. The pale blue Beauxbatons carriage looked like a large chilly, frosted pumpkin next to the iced gingerbread house that was that was Hagrid’s cabin, while the Durmstrang ship’s portholes were glazed with ice, the rigging white with frost.” (pg.404) The narrator is telling that the wizarding school is in a terrible freeze. Foreshadowing that something bad will happen further in the book.

9 “Harry shrugged. ‘no idea,’ he said. ‘So What about Ron?’/ ‘Well…” said Pavati slowly, ‘I suppose my sister might… Padma, you know … in Ravenclaw. I’ll ask her if you like.’ / ‘Yeah, that would be great,’ said Harry. ‘Let me know, will you?’(pg.402) This story is 3 rd person because he uses: he she they. And does not used me, my, I, we, us, or you, you all.

10 “They were soon caught up in the crowds now flooding out of the stadium and back to their campsites. Raucous singing was borne toward them on the night air as they retraced their steps along the lantern-lit path, and leprechauns kept shooting over their heads, cackling and waving their lanterns.” (pg.117) The Dark Mark was terrifying the people. They all are trying to get out all at once. The hectic path is flooded by all the people rushing out of the stadium of the World Quidditch Cup. Away from The Dark Mark which means the Dark Lord is alive.

11 “ Rain Lashed against the living room window. Hermione was immersed in the standard book of spells, grade 4, copies of which Mrs. Weasley had bought for her, Harry, and Ron in Diagon Alley. Charlie was darning a fireproof balaclava. Hermione was polishing his Firebolt, the broomstick servicing kit Hermione had given him for his thirteenth birthday open at his feet. Fred and George were sitting in a far corner, quills out, talking in whispers, their heads bent over a piece of parchment.” (pg.152) All the characters are trying to keep busy to pass by time for them to go to the Hogwarts. Hermione is trying to study. Fred and George are making something mischievous.

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