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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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1 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Book Presentation by Mr. Parker

2 Summary The third book in the Harry Potter series, The Prisoner of Azkaban focuses on Harry confronting the infamous prisoner known as Sirius Black. He has escaped from the wizard Prison known as Azkaban, and had made his destination known: Hogwarts. Harry must prepare himself in the Defense Against the Dark Arts in order to combat this new foe. New Quidditch adventures, trips to Hogsmeade, and a traitorous new enemy make this Harry Potter book a wild ride.

3 Why You (yes, you!) should read this book
The Prisoner of Azkaban continues building up the series, adding more suspense to the overall story. It is the most mature Harry Potter book up to that point in the series. Full of action, suspense, and some deathly new foes.

4 Main Character Harry Potter – Harry Potter is a boy wizard known as “The Boy Who Lived.” He lives with his aunt and uncle, but attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry is adventurous and incredibly loyal to his friends. Harry fears the Dementors.

5 Other Characters Ron Weasley Herminone Granger Sirius Black
Draco Malfoy Hagrid Professor Lupin Albus Dumbledore

6 Setting Located after taking a train from Platform 9 ¾, Hogwarts is a magical castle where students learned witchcraft and wizardry. The majestic castle is surrounded by water, and houses students and professors alike. Hogwarts is multiple stories, with different moving stairs. It is said that not even Albus Dumbledore knows all the secrets of the huge Quidditch field, the secret rooms, and the magic that fills Hogwarts.

7 Sensory Details/Figurative Language
SD: The wind, though as strong as ever. Was forgetting to roar. (sound) SD: Numbing, swirling white mist was filling Harry’s brain. (touch) FL: It was as though freezing water were rising in his chest (simile) FL: Every inch of him was aching as though it had been beaten. (simile)

8 Context Clues He was falling through icy mist.
She…tipped a dozen bits of splintered wood and twig onto the bed, the only remains of Harry’s faithful, finally beaten broomstick. Madam Hooch put her whistle to her lips and gave it a blast that sounded shrill and distant.

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