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Secondary School № 69 “The Centre of Education Development” Done by; Kuraksina Anna, 7th grade student Adviser: Pukina T.V. Ryazan 2013.

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1 Secondary School № 69 “The Centre of Education Development” Done by; Kuraksina Anna, 7th grade student Adviser: Pukina T.V. Ryazan 2013

2 Introduction Nowadays many sociologists and psychologists analyze phenomenon of popularity of different films, shows and books that teenagers like. In modern world where there is no limit for information transfer questions about reasons and increase of popularity are very critical. To realize the true reason (good promotion or high quality) of social phenomena fanaticism becomes almost impossible. Stephanie Meyer’s Saga “Twilight” is the striking example of teenager’s but also child’s and adult’s fanaticism. So I think research devoted to phenomenon of Saga “Twilight” popularity is quite important. This research will help to answer the question what the reason of modern writing popularity is. Also this research will help to make a list of advice for people, who wouldn’t like to get into dependence of any modern writing or film.

3 The aim of the research is to find out the reason of Saga “Twilight” popularity. The tasks: To analyze Stephanie Meyer’s books and the films that are based on them Compare the level of popularity of two modern bestsellers: “Harry Potter” and Saga “Twilight” To find out the reasons and level of Saga “Twilight” popularity among Russian students

4 The Subject of the research is Stephanie Meyer’s Saga “Twilight”. The Object of the research is phenomenon of Saga “Twilight” popularity among different ages. A hypothesis: Phenomenon of Saga “Twilight” popularity is based on three components: Simplicity and availability of language Classical love story Connection of romance, adventure and action.

5 Methods of the research: Questionnaire design Informational search (analyzing of literature, periodical and internet resources) Analysis of manuscripts Measuring Comparison


7 Twilight saga, it’s 16% of the books sold in America in the first 3 months of 2009. Twilight saga, it’s more than 300 fan sites. Twilight saga, it’s more than 500 fan pages on Facebook Twilight saga The first and the last Twilight books get almost 5000 readers reviews.

8 The first reason of Twilight`s popularity Writing style of Stephenie Meyer is simple and easy to read. The story has beautiful and wonderful description of landscapes: rainy Forks and sunny Arizona. Almost half of the text consists of words, which describe emotions and thoughts of Bella.

9 The second reason of Twilight`s popularity The second reason of Twilight`s popularity Edward Cullen, who was performed by the actor Robert Pattinson. He is immortal, very strong, fast, and he have exceptional sight, hearing and sense of smell. Also, Edward have a talent for thought-reading.

10 Opinion ofWikiAnswers : Opinion of WikiAnswers : Twilight Books have become popular because they are: great books, Stephenie Meyer is a wonderful author, the fact that the emerging conflict of their love grows and grows until the last part of the last book.

11 Twilight vs Harry Potter Harry Potter – the world existing outside our world. Twilight – the world existing in parallel with our world

12 Poll Total: 67 students. Group 1 – 13 years old – 18 students Group 2 – 14 years old – 13 students Group 3 – 15 years old – 36 students

13 Have you seen the film Saga “Twilight”?

14 Have you read the books Saga “Twilight”?

15 Do you like Saga “Twilight”?

16 Who is your favourite character?

17 Saga “Twilight” or “Harry Potter”?

18 Twilight DatesBooksFilms 20051st book- 20062nd book- 20073rd book- 20084th book1st film 2009-2nd film 2010-3rd film 2011-4th episode part 1 2012-4th episode part 2

19 Harry Potter DatesBooksFilms 1997 1st book - 19982nd book- 1999 3rd book - 2000 4th book - 2001- 1st film 2002- 2nd film 2003 5th book - 2004- 3rd film 2005 6th book - DatesBooksFilms 2006-- 2007 7th book5th film 2008-- 2009-6th film 2010-7th film part 1 2011-7th film part 2

20 Twilight vs Harry Potter TwilightHarry Potter Round 1: The books Conclusion:It is worth taking into account the age of the Twilight series - perhaps in a decade's time, sales of New Moon will have outstripped sales of the Deathly Hallows. At the moment, though, Harry Potter's worldwide dominance is borne out in these statistics. Twilight:0Harry Potter:1 Round 2: Critical reception and controversy Conclusion:While Rowling's penmanship is more accessible to all ages, Meyer's novels were met with less controversy and the only serious book-burning that went on involved disgruntled vampires in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, the movies let Twilight down, so this category can only be a draw. Twilight:1Harry Potter:2

21 Twilight vs Harry Potter TwilightHarry Potter Round 3: Box Office Takings Conclusion:Perhaps controversially, we're going to give this one to Twilight; Harry Potter may have had the greatest success so far, but Twilight is performing better in terms of box office takings per film. Twilight:2Harry Potter:2 Round 4: Movie budgets Conclusion:The Harry Potter films had much larger budgets than the Twilight series, but the team here at know that investments have to see returns. In this case, the profits from the Harry Potter movies more than justified the initial outlay, so the wizard wins this round. Twilight:2Harry Potter:3 Round 5: Author success Conclusion: No author has ever been as successful as JK Rowling in their own lifetime, but it took her over a decade to reach this level of superstardom. Stephanie Meyer had earned her first million within a couple of months of publication. Harry Potter wins this round, but only just. Twilight:2Harry Potter:4

22 Twilight vs Harry Potter TwilightHarry Potter Round 6: Rate of growth Conclusion:while Harry Potter has arguably been more successful in the long run, Twilight shot into popularity almost immediately. It was a matter of weeks before it was making millions and a matter of months before it was making history. Twilight definitely wins this round. Twilight:3Harry Potter:4 Round 7: Wealth of the stars Conclusion:The Harry Potter cast win this category. They're richer - at least for now - and at a younger age. Emma Watson said she "felt sick" when she found out how much the motion pictures had earned her. Twilight:3Harry Potter:5

23 Conclusion: Our hypothesis was proved to be true. People of different age can read Stephenie Meyer`s books, because they were written by accessible language. Stephenie Meyer didn`t create a magic unreal world of her own, the scenery of Twilight is a small American town, the citizens of which knew everything about one another, but had no idea that were wolves and vampires lived among them. She described relationships and emotions, so readers can understand condition of character better. Edward is one of the favorite characters. And it is not surprised, because Edward Cullen`s amazing devotion to Bella, readiness to sacrifice himself to protect her life from danger and eternal beauty. It is a classical love story. Proceeding from results of poll we can see that much interrogates like and Saga “Twilight” and “Harry Potter”. Harry Potter is adventures and action, so we can assume that they like adventures of Edward and Bella in “Twilight”.

24 Bibliography : “Harry Potter” J.K. Rowling Saga “Twilight” stephanie meyer http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.c om/http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.c om/

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