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Wizard Rocking the Library of Congress: Submitting a New Subject Heading to LC By Joy E. Lambert August 14, 2008

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1 Wizard Rocking the Library of Congress: Submitting a New Subject Heading to LC By Joy E. Lambert August 14, 2008

2 Wizard Rock Essentially, Wizard Rock is music about the Harry Potter series of books by J. K. Rowling. According to the, there are currently over 500 wizard rock bands.

3 Wizard Rock In 2000, Switchblade Kittens wrote the first Harry Potter-themed song, “Ode to Harry”. Generally, Harry and the Potters are credited with starting the Wizard Rock Movement in 2002.

4 Wizard Rock “The Wizard Rockumentary: A Movie about Rocking and Rowling” was released in 2008. Wizard rock was featured in the 2008 documentary “We Are Wizards” as a large facet of Harry Potter fandom. There are many wrock websites and most bands have MySpace pages.

5 Wizard Rock CSUF even has its own wizard rockstar – The Hermione Crookshanks Experience! The wizard rock community as a whole involves itself with social justice issues and works closely with charitable organizations.

6 No LCSH for Wizard Rock? After some investigation, Annette and I realized that there was no Library of Congress Subject Heading for Wizard Rock. This was a problem because I wanted to add the “Wizard Rockumentary” to our collection.

7 Subject Headings As new areas of study emerge, so do LC Subject Headings to help organize new information and research. When catalogers cannot find a subject heading that is specific enough to describe an item they are cataloging, they have an opportunity to submit new subject headings for approval.

8 The Library of Congress Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) The PCC has several programs, one of which is the Subject Authority Cooperative Program (SACO) SACO oversees the addition of new subject headings.

9 The Submission Process To submit a new subject heading, a library must have an institutional membership to SACO. A Librarian whose institution is not a SACO member can ask a librarian at a participating library to submit the new subject heading.

10 Our Form So Far…. 008/06: (Direct or indirect geographic subdivision) ______ (May Subd Geog) ______ (Not Subd Geog) ______ (No Decision) 008/39: (Cataloging source): c 040: _CFI____$b eng $c DLC 053 : _________________________ 150_ ___: _Wizard rock music ________________________________________ 450 ____: __Evil wizard rock music___________________________________________________ 4_______: _______________________________________________________________________ 550_____ (BT): __Potter, Harry (Fictitious character) songs and music_ ______________________ 5_______ (BT): ___________________________________________________________________ 5_______ (RT): ___________________________________________________________________ 670 Work cat.:__Wizard rockumentary: A movie about rocking and Rowling____________________ 670 (Sources found) :_ _______ For this field we will attach multiple sources for support _________ 670 (additional "Sources found" to justify hdg or x-refs)________________________________________ 675 (Sources not found) : _____________________________________________________________ 680 Here are entered works on ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 781 (Geographic subdivision):$z_____________________$z____________________________ 667 (Note field):_________________________________________________________________ 952 :..... bib. records to be changed For this field, Annette will list bib records for wrock cds in OCLC. 952: LC pattern or SCM: _____________________ 953 : yz00 Submitted by_Annette Anderson-Ma/Joy E. Lambert _______________________ e-mail/phone:_aanderson-ma@fullerton.edu_____________________________________________

11 Source Citations Authoritative reference materials are preferred, but there are no required types of source citations. Wizard rock is relatively new and is part of popular culture. For our source citations, we will attach links to websites, MySpace pages and bibliographic records of related materials.

12 Once the Form is Submitted: Step One SACO’s Cooperative Cataloging Team reviews all submissions. The Coop Team will collaborate with contributors to make changes they deem necessary. If the Coop Team approves of a submission, it moves to the next step.

13 Once the Form is Submitted: Step Two The Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) receives submissions from the Coop Team. The CPSO holds a weekly editorial meeting to further review and approve subject headings. The editorial team may also make further changes.

14 Approval Subject headings that are passed from the Coop Team to the CPSO for editorial review are considered “tentative”. There is a “tentative” Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly list posted on the SACO website:

15 Approval Once a subject heading is approved by the CPSO editorial team, it can be found on the Approved Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly List on the CPSO website: psoeditorial.html

16 We’ll Keep You Posted on the Status of our Submission !

17 Some Cool Wizard Rock Websites Harry and the Potters: The Hermione Crookshanks Experience: The Harry Potter Alliance: Also check out YouTube. There is tons of wizard rock readily available!

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