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ERASMUS STUDENTS 2013-2014 WELCOME DAY. ERASMUS STUDENTS 2013-2014 Erasmus Incoming Students Office.

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2 ERASMUS STUDENTS Erasmus Incoming Students Office

3 Erasmus Incoming Students Office: Location International office is located in Building U9, 1° floor, room Please write from your University mailbox

4 Erasmus Incoming Students Office: Front Desk Our front desk welcomes you and informs you that we receive students only by appointment. The International Office front desk is open MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY It is located in Building U9, 1st floor, room 1014 To make an appointment (FROM 9 OCTOBER) use the Bicocca website DX/International-Programs/Erasmus

5 Erasmus Webpage All necessary information about the Erasmus Program is available on the Bicocca webpage Click on the Union Jack to access the English version Then Click on ERASMUS on right-hand side of page




9 WELCOME DAY Erasmus Documents and Study Plan ERASMUS STUDENTS

10 The other copy is to be delivered to your Bicocca Erasmus Departmental Coordinator. Personal Data Sheet Inside your welcome kit you will find two copies of your Personal Data Sheet. Please fill them in and give one copy to us here.

11 How to change study plan If you want to change your study plan please use our Amendments to the Learning Agreement form. 1.Fill in the Amendments to Learning Agreement form 2.Get it signed by your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator in Bicocca. 3.When you have got it signed put the form in the box outside Room After approximately 10 days make an appointment to pick up your form. We do not send an or call you to remind you to pick it up. Note: Please use BOTH your University form and our Amendment to LA form.

12 Amendments to Learning Agreement DEADLINES 15th November (for the first semester) 15th May (for the second semester)

13 CODES ARE ESSENTIAL CODES ARE ESSENTIAL Every subject has its own specific code; more than one subject can have the same title but codes are always different. Please check the codes with your Erasmus Departmental Coordinators or Mobility Assistants!

14 VERY IMPORTANT If you follow Courses from different fields of study, you will need to obtain signatures from both Erasmus Coordinators The list of the Coordinators is available on our website

15 WELCOME DAY ERASMUS STUDENTS How to extend your Erasmus Period

16 How to extend the Erasmus period Extension Mobility form 1.Fill in the form 2.Have it signed by your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator in Bicocca. 3.Deliver the form to the International Office (Room 1014). You can leave it in the box outside the door. 4.The International Office will fax or mail it to your University. 5.After 10 days return to the International Office (Room 1014) to collect it. Note: Please use BOTH your University form and our EM form.


18 During this meeting you will receive your personal ID utente and your password to enter your personal webmail and webpage university account Your “matricola” number is the enrolment number which identifies you as a student officially enrolled at the University of Milano- Bicocca

19 ID Utente: this is the user name or user ID to access the online services (personal page, online exams booklet, registering for exams) and it is the first part of your Bicocca campus address To get the complete address just add to the user name (see the section “How to access your Bicocca Campus account”) e.g student name: Harry Potter ID UTENTE: h.potter Campus University Enrolment

20 Password: you need it together with your username to access the online services. At the first log in you must change it with a password of your own choosing. From that moment on this will be your password to access the online services at Bicocca Campus University Enrolment

21 Check your Bicocca campus frequently It is the only official source of communication for students; we do not reply to personal accounts VERY IMPORTANT

22 How to log on to your Bicocca account Go to Click on “Segreterie online”

23 Click again on segreterie online

24 Click Log in and give your user name and password

25 How to access your Bicocca campus account Go to Click on “Webmail studenti”

26 Howto access your Bicocca campus account How to access your Bicocca campus account Write here your Username (ID Utente) followed e.g Fill the blank with your password Password forgotten? Click here! And…log in!!!

27 Student card collect your student cardAn will be sent to your Bicocca Campus address to call you to go to the Banca Popolare di Sondrio and collect your student card which you must ask the Bank to activate. Just click on the link you receive with the from the bank and follow the instructions. You need it to: Enter and use the Library, Identify you during an exam, Enter into Bicocca Parking As a VISA prepaid bank card


29 Registering for exams Check carefully the date of your exams BEFORE you buy your return ticket BEFORE you buy your return ticket! Please remember that: You have to register (Prenotazione appello) every time you want to sit for an exam otherwise your grade won’t appear on your online booklet!!! Mind that the exam code corresponds to the one of the subject you chose in your Learning Agreement You cannot change the date of an exam (appello) The exams registration procedure is completely on line (you have to sign up on “Segreterie online” and if you pass your exam the professor will approve and register it). If you have problems with online services, contact the department Erasmus assistants/coordinators

30 WELCOME DAY ERASMUS STUDENTS Italian Language Courses

31 For information about Italian Language Courses you can contact Ufficio Lingue Front office: Bldg. U17, piazza Difesa per le Donne Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 to By telephone: Tel: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00. Wednesday and Friday from 14:00 to 16:00. Contact details : mail: website: (click on the window on the right and then on “Italiano per Stranieri”) In order to obtain final qualification, students are required to attend at least 75% of the Italian course.


33 At least two weeks before your departure check the section “Before you leave” in the Erasmus information on the Bicocca website in English) Make an appointment with the International Office to bring the Erasmus closure paperwork Come to the Office bringing : Confirmation of Good Standing (duly signed) List of “Exams taken and passed” (use the provided form) A letter of confirmation of attendance for your Erasmus Mobility period will be given to you for your University

34 Confirmation of Good Standing At the end of your Erasmus mobility period, you have to fill in this form and have it signed shortly before your departure by a library official, Ms Beatrice Lozio for CIDiS (only if you live in a CIDiS residence) and by your Departmental Erasmus Assistant.

35 List of “Exams taken and passed” At the end of your Erasmus mobility period, make an appointment to bring this form duly filled in to our Office (Room 1014) together with the Confirmation of Good Standing when closing your Erasmus Period.

36 Extra period exams request If you didn’t pass any exam and you want another chance you can request the authorization to come here and take exams after finishing your Erasmus period. When coming to our Office to close your Erasmus Period hand in a copy signed by the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator at Milano-Bicocca. Take the hard copy with you and return it to us once signed by the Erasmus Coordinator at your Home University

37 Transcript of records After your departure, your Transcript of records will be sent to your University.  1st semester : starting from April 1st  2nd semester – whole year : starting from September 1 st or at least not before a month after your last exam All the exams you have taken must be registered on line otherwise they won't appear on your academic records certificate YOUR EXAMS MUST BE REGISTERED ON LINE BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE UNIVERSITY No partial Transcript of Records will be issued


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