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GPS Math Standard M5D1 Christina Albritton EDU 8814/02.

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2 GPS Math Standard M5D1 Christina Albritton EDU 8814/02


4 Table of Contents Title page for lesson Feature Presentation Table of Contents GPS Mathematics Standard Essential Questions What do you know? Our Favorite Types of Books Matching titles to their genre Favorite Books Table Charts using Data –Pie –Bar Group Activities Directions

5 Table of Contents continued Analyzing Data –Pie chart –Bar graph Summarize slides Directions for next step Charts and Graphs for comparing and contrasting –Pie and bar –Bar and pie Discussion as a group Writing Activity Directions Writing Graphic Organizer After you are finished.. What did you find? Essential Questions Answered? Video Clip- reading Harry Potter

6 GPS STANDARD M5D1. Students will analyze graphs. a.Analyze data presented in a graph. b.Compare and contrast multiple graphic representations (pie graphs, line graphs, bar graphs, etc.) for a single set of data and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

7 ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS How can I use prior knowledge of graphs to analyze new data? How can I compare and contrast charts and graphs to determine the similarities and differences between them? How can I write descriptive paragraphs to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each graph?

8 What do I know about charts and graphs? Charts and Graphs Pie Research projects Bar They are used to store data You can use them in any class You can create different types

9 Our Favorite Types of Books Click here to purchase these books at amazon.

10 Harry Potter and Star Wars Fantasy and Action How to Eat Fried Worms Comedy

11 I Built the Titanic Non-Fiction Goosebumps Scary

12 Favorite Books between 5 th grade boys and girls. (survey of 100 students) Comedy Books Action Books Scary Books Non- Fiction Books Fantasy Books Boys2012468 Girls1534217

13 Favorite Books: Pie Charts

14 Favorite Books: Bar graphs

15 Group Activities For the next two slides, graphs will be shown side by side with questions below them. In your groups, discuss each question and write your answer down on a sheet of paper. One paper per group please. Make sure that everyone agrees on the answer. If someone does not agree or does not understand, help your group member. Raise your hand for any questions or help. When your group is finished and ready for the next slide, one person from each group needs to stand up and wait until I present the next slide.

16 Analyzing data from the charts 1.How many students total chose comedies as their favorite book? 2. Did more boys or more girls chose scary books as their favorite? How did you come to that conclusion?

17 Analyzing data from charts cont. 1.For which type of book did the same amount of boys and girls choose as their favorite? 2. For comedy, what is the difference from boys to girls? 3. Which type of book has a difference of eight students?

18 Summarize the slides so far…. Charts or Graphs Pie Charts Circle Bar Graphs Uses bars to show the data. The bars go from left to right on the graph.

19 NEXT STEP: Compare and Contrast the charts and graphs Over the next two slides, you will compare and contrast the two graphs or charts that are shown. Use another piece of paper. Make sure your group member names are on it.

20 Directions: Make a T-chart. Label the left side, comparisons and label the right side, contrasts. You will create a two T-charts, so do one on each side of your paper. Comparisons 1.How are the two charts or graphs the same? 2. What do they have in common? Contrasts 1.How are the two charts or graphs different? 2.What are the major appearance differences between the two?

21 Compare and Contrast


23 DISCUSSION As a group, discuss the similarities and differences between the graphs. After ten minutes, we will come back together and talk about your findings.

24 Writing Activity Group Assignment: Your topic is to write about the data we have discussed. Write about each graph. Tell the advantages of it and the disadvantages of it. Write 3-4 sentences per graph. There are two different graphs to write about so you will write two paragraphs. For the last paragraph, write a conclusion. Tell which graph you liked the most and why. The next slide will give you an outline.

25 Writing Organizer: Each paragraph and conclusion Writing Activity Paragraph 1 3-4 sentences Pie Chart Paragraph 2 3-4 sentences Bar Graph Conclusion 3-4 sentences Which graph you like and why

26 After you are finished.. When your group finishes the writing activity, bring your paper up to me. If a group is already with me, please wait until they sit back down. When every group is finished, we will discuss together your gatherings.

27 What did you find? How are the graphs different? How are they alike? Did you find out any interesting facts using the data? In your opinion, do you think the data is true when comparing what boys and girls like for books, why or why not?

28 Essential Questions Answered? Let’s know try to answer the essential questions for this lesson.

29 BONUS MATERIAL: CLICK HERE VIDEO CLIP CLICK HERE CLICK HERE BONUS MATERIAL: CLICK HERE VIDEO CLIP CLICK HERE CLICK HERE Taking one of the favorite types of books and hearing a selection out of that book. This gives you a sample as to what makes Harry Potter a fantasy.

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