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American Progress.

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1 American Progress



4  Argument - the overarching idea or “super claim”  Claim - a simple statement that asserts a main point of view of an argument  Reasoning - the “why” of an argument; why a claim is made  Evidence - support for an argument that is text- based, reliable and reasonable

5  Claim: Pizza is a healthy alternative to other fast foods.  Evidence: Pizza is made with tomato sauce. Tomatoes are fruits with healthy antioxidants. Tomatoes have been linked to heart health. Tomatoes have been shown to lower total cholesterol.  Reasoning: Since tomato sauce is made from tomatoes and tomatoes have many vitamins and minerals, eating pizza with tomato sauce can be a healthy alternative.  Counter Claim: The cheese on pizza can be very fattening.

6 Claim Counter Claim

7  Argument: Violent video games do, in fact, contribute to youth violence.  Claims:  Violent video games desensitize players to real-life violence.  Playing violent video games increases violent behaviors and scripts (or repetitive procedures in reactions to events).  Playing violent video games leads to a lower level of empathy for others.  Counter-Claim: Violent juvenile crime in the United States has been declining as violent video game popularity has increased.

8  Argument (Super Claim), Claims, Reasoning, Evidence, Counterclaim  Activity on “Violence in Video Games”  Discuss the argument, claims, and counterclaims provided to you.  Your small group will separate the pieces of evidence from the pieces of reasoning and then find the two pieces of evidence and the two pieces of reasoning for each claim and the counterclaim.  All are related ideas, so you will have to be thoughtful and engage with your peers in a discussion.


10 Paragraph 1 - Introduction and argument with three claims Paragraph 2 - Claim 1 restated with supporting evidence and detailed reasoning Paragraph 3 - Claim 2 restated with supporting evidence and detailed reasoning Paragraph 4 - Counter claim with supporting evidence and detailed reasoning Paragraph 5 - Conclusion with a restatement of argument and an analysis

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