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Off road recovery lguides/RORcrashes/description_ of_strat.htm.

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1 Off road recovery lguides/RORcrashes/description_ of_strat.htm

2 Wreck kills Farmville teen Wednesday, March 19, 2008 The Daily Reflector A Farmville teenager was killed and a Winterville man injured Monday afternoon in a head-on collision on U.S. 13


4 Tuesday, April 01, 2008 A Greenville woman was killed in a head-on collision about 7 a.m. Monday outside Farmville, according to the State Highway Patrol. Maria Lucila Ovando-Arias, 28, of 789 Dusty Lane, died at the scene of the accident and was identified just before 5 p.m. Her Ford F-150 pickup was traveling west on U.S. 13 near Arch Flanagan Road when it was struck head-on by a Ford Econoline van heading east. The van veered left of center, said Trooper Michael Potter. Ovando-Arias had no identification on her at the time of the accident but she was wearing a seat belt, Potter said. The van, carrying nine Chinese-speaking passengers, was driven by Cun Wu Dong. He had an Illinois driver's license, Potter said. A Pitt County Memorial Hospital doctor on scene was able to translate some conversations between Dong and the troopers. All 10 van occupants were transported to the hospital and were listed in stable condition Monday afternoon, Potter said. The cause of the wreck remains under investigation.

5 Not again! Monday, April 07, 2008 An 8-year-old Ayden girl died Saturday following a two-car wreck on N.C. 903, according to State Highway Patrol. Cailie Grace McKinney, of 5001 N.C. 903 South, died at Pitt County Memorial Hospital after the car driven by her mother was struck by another vehicle at 12:44 p.m. at the intersection with Red Forbes Road, said Sgt. Gary Weaver. McKinney was riding in the backseat in a booster chair and was properly restrained, he added, but was unsure what type of injuries caused her death. Christle McKinney, 34, was driving north on N.C. 903 when she ran off the road to the right, came back on and crossed over the center line into oncoming traffic, Weaver said. They were hit by a Toyota passenger car heading south, driven by Snow Hill resident Billie Hardee, 53, and carrying one passenger, 22-year-old Michael Jones.

6 MV accidents still #1 More teens die in MV accidents than any other way. Teens have the highest rate of off road, loss of control, of any driver age group.

7 We must address this issue in DE Almost all persons can handle most emergencies, few handle it well the first time. Let your students experience this emergency under controlled conditions, so they are more likely to handle it under real world conditions.

8 Road side maintenance often lacking

9 Tire damage and/or loss of control expected here

10 How to: First, select an isolated area.

11 Second, check out the shoulder for width

12 Third, check for debris

13 Practice Never try to teach anything you have not practiced and mastered yourself. Explain rationale, explain how to do it, demonstrate how to do it, and then let them practice until they are competent. Review/closure. Print this is your brain!

14 The HOW: There are TWO ways to practice off-road recovery. Let us look at #1.

15 Never put anyone at risk Wait until all traffic is cleared before starting this lesson.

16 When you drop two wheels of the road. First, 9-3 hand positions is best. It is a balanced hand position, It allows maximum steering input without removing your hands from the wheel.

17 #1 Brake gently. Loss of control is unlikely by braking. With anti-lock brakes, the brakes will not lock up. With ESC, the brakes will not lock up. Come to a complete stop. –This allows for a break –We are in no hurry here

18 Slow to a stop When safe, signal and come back into traffic.

19 Simplest/safest way to recover Unfortunately, you may not have time/space to slow to a stop and return to traffic.




23 So, we must return to the road at speed. During this lesson, 35 MPH is fast enough. The procedure is the same at 35 MPH as it is at 65 MPH. The transfer of learning will occur.

24 Give your tires room to work

25 Straddle the edge of the road

26 Even if you are all the way off, the recovery is the same

27 Steering input, SLIGHT Today’s cars steering is a much closer ratio than the older models

28 Do not ease it back on, rock it Again, give your tires room to roll over the rut.

29 Right tire hits the road edge

30 When your right front wheel touches the road edge, counter steer.

31 Regain control

32 FYI


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