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Harry Potter Convention Orlando Florida July 2010.

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1 Harry Potter Convention Orlando Florida July 2010

2 Wizard World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios

3 Start of a Night of a Thousand Wizards at Universal Studios It started with a skit of the graveyard scene at the end of book 4.




7 Look at all the people here for a Night of a Thousand Wizards.



10 Hogwarts and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride



13 A view of the Hogwarts castle.

14 The portraits on the walls of Hogwarts. Some of them talked.

15 The sorting hat tells you to stow your things in the lockers to protect your items.

16 Hologram films of Harry, Ron, and Hermione interacts with people in the library.

17 The dragon hanging in the library class room.

18 Defense against the Dark Arts class room teacher’s desk.

19 The Halls of Hogwarts

20 Hogwarts Train Platform 9 3/4





25 Hogsmeade

26 The street signs between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts

27 Some more shops in Hogsmeade.

28 Tonya outside Potages Cauldrons Shop.

29 Cauldrons in the window of the cauldron shop the spoon stirred itself.

30 Ollivanders Wand Shop

31 The windows of Ollivanders’ Wand Shop.

32 Dogweed and Deathcap Exotic Plants and Flowers Shop. Florish and Blots Book store window.

33 The monster book it growls and moves inside the cage inside Flourish and Blots.

34 The window of Flourish and Blots book store the picture of Lockheart moved like in the movies.

35 Roof tops of Hogsmede and the crowd usually there.

36 Roof tops of Hogsmeade.

37 Inside the owlery.

38 Another view inside the Owlery.

39 Gladrags Wizardwear One of the shops in Hogwarts.

40 Inside Honeydukes.

41 The Tri-wizard Tournament aka The Dueling Dragons Ride.

42 Support sign for Harry Potter at the tri-wizard tournament. Goblet of Fire with blue mist / smoke on the way to the dueling dragons.

43 The Tri-wizard cup



46 Hagrid’s Hut

47 Buckbeak outside Hagrid’s hut

48 The car in the forest from book 2.

49 The Quidditch Match at the convention

50 The Quidditch Tournament banner.



53 The Dance Saturday Night

54 Natasha with the dragon in the lobby at the convention.

55 Natasha and I all dressed up for the dance.

56 People dancing at the dance.

57 The individual dancers doing Beyonce’s “If you like it you should put a ring on it” dance.

58 The break out of the Macarena dance by over 25-30 people.

59 The dance floor was all moving with all the light up wands they handed out.

60 After a while the whole dance floor was jumping. So much fun!

61 The ballroom was a hopping.

62 Harry and the Potters the first act in the concert after the dance.

63 All the Costumes and the Characters.

64 Padfoot aka. Serious Black and a very colorful witch.

65 The Howler and the Golden Snitch. Simple idea but cleaver idea

66 Headwig the owl and the sorting hat

67 This lady is dressed like button candy from Honeydukes and this other lady was potions bottles.

68 This witch had the new Headwig owl from Build-a-Bear dressed like a princess. Too cool! This other lady had her Dumbledore Bearemy bear also from Build-a-Bear. I have a Harry Potter Bear also from Build-a-Bear.

69 Professor Snape at the dance Hagrid and his pink umbrella

70 Dumbledore and Professor Mad Eye Moody

71 Mr. Flitch and Madam Pompfrey

72 Professor Slughorn and Lavender Brown

73 Hermione The two different takes on the same character. The one on the right is after the Polyjuice potion mix-up.

74 The ghosts of Hogwarts the Hufflepuff gray lady and the Red Baron from Slytherin. The witch in green has a very ornate dress and this is one of the other ghosts wandering around.

75 One of the characters from the Harry Potter Musical. A witch all dressed up and a lady dressed like one of the ghosts.

76 Lupin the Warewolf and Tonks Rita Skeeter and her Quick Quotes Quill.

77 The death eaters “We are going to get you.”

78 Death eaters were everywhere.

79 Voldermort before and after he came back in the grave yard.

80 A portrayal of what Voldermort may have looked like before he attacked Harry Potter.

81 The Diva Witches of the night.

82 An Asian version of Lockheart. Natasha liked this Leopard print formal witches dress. Peeves is in the background.

83 Madam Rosmorta from the Three Broomsticks. A lady that I met named Rita all the way from Canada. She met her husband at Harry Potter Convention 3 years ago and we stood in line together at Honeydukes.

84 The youngest Harry Potter fan dancing with a bunch of glow wands. This family was at the dance The dad was Lupin and his wife was dressed like Narcissus and their daughter was just having a blast with everyone.

85 Some of the other costumes that were here that did not really go but were fun anyway.

86 This couple’s story was that they were a Roman princess and her gladiator boyfriend who were visiting from Rome to the wizard ball. Funny thing was they were actually from Minnesota.

87 Two of the Disney princesses here Cinderella and Fiona there was also a Snow White and a Belle but I could not get them to stop and take pictures.

88 The ghost of Michael Jackson. The creepy world of the Dominatrix of Snape with Belatrix. They put on quite a show during the dance.

89 I had a really wonderful time. I thought I’d share and hope, as a fan, you truly enjoy!

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