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Comparison Writing Compare and Contrast Essays. Prewriting: Choosing Your Topic  First – Brainstorm (make a list of things you would like to compare)

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1 Comparison Writing Compare and Contrast Essays

2 Prewriting: Choosing Your Topic  First – Brainstorm (make a list of things you would like to compare)  Chose one set of items and make a Venn diagram or comparison chart  Venn Diagram: Comparison Chart:

3 Venn Diagram  Each item has a circle; anything that’s the same for both items goes inside where the two circles overlap.

4 Comparison Chart  Each item has a box. Whatever you say about one item, tell how the other is similar to or different from that item in that particular way.

5 Drafting: Writing a Topic Sentence  Tell what you are comparing  Mention that they have many things in common, but many differences, too  You may use the terms similarities and differences.  __________ and _________ are a lot alike, but they are also very different.

6 Drafting: The First Paragraph  There are two ways to write a comparison essay: Tell how they are alike in one paragraph and how they are different in another. Tell how they are alike and different by discussing particular components (not recommended)  The first paragraph should be an introduction to the topic, describing it and your interest in it.

7 Drafting: The Second Paragraph  From the introduction, you can spend one paragraph discussing similarities. This is best done before differences.  If you choose to go the other route, pick a few ways they are either alike and different and discuss them.

8 Drafting: the third paragraph  Either keep discussing similarities and differences by individual traits or  Use this paragraph to discuss differences.  End with a sentence restating how alike and different the two things are.

9 Mrs. Johnson’s Example Compare and Contrast Essay “What Lies Within”

10 My Brainstorming List  Cats vs. Dogs  Cheerleading vs. Color Guard  Soccer vs. Hockey  Cinderella vs. Snow White  Twilight – the book vs. the movie  Batman vs. Superman  Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort

11 Venn Diagram (Bubble Map)  Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort Scar Messy hair Skinny Good Friends Loved Orphans Love Hogwarts Parsel- tongue Talented wizards Handsome, turned snake-like Feared Evil Death- eaters

12 Topic Sentence + Introduction One of the most popular children’s series out today is the Harry Potter series. There are seven books in this series, which is about a boy (Harry Potter) who discovers he is a wizard. He learns that there is a whole other world he belongs to but never knew existed. In this other world, he is well-known by everyone, and the most evil wizard of all (Lord Voldemort) desires nothing more than to kill him. Throughout the seven books, this wizard attempts to take the young boy’s life many times because he believes the boy is the only one standing in the way of him having absolute power. In the Harry Potter series, the main character, Harry Potter, and his evil nemesis, Lord Voldemort, share many similarities and differences.

13 Similarities Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort have many things in common. Both Harry and Voldemort grew up without their parents. Harry grew up with his muggle (non-magical) aunt and uncle, and Voldemort grew up in an orphanage. They both had one pure-blooded wizard/witch parent, and the other parent was either a mudblood (muggle who can do magic) or a muggle. In growing up outside of the wizarding world, Harry, like Voldemort, had to have magical things explained to him. Both of these characters also loved Hogwarts, the wizarding school, and they felt more at home and accepted there than anywhere else. At Hogwarts, Harry and Voldemort similarly excelled in practical magic. In addition to these similarities, the one that is most surprising is that Harry and Voldemort both can speak Parseltongue, a very rare talent of talking to snakes.

14 Differences Although Harry and Voldemort have so many things in common, they also have many differences. On the one hand, Harry is too skinny, has messy hair, and has a lightning-bolt scar on his forehead. On the other hand, Voldemort was always very attractive in his youth until he returns to his physical form and takes on a snake-like appearance. In addition to their looks, Harry and Voldemort differ in their companions. Harry has two best friends and other close friends who love and care for him. However, Voldemort only has the death-eaters (his followers) who do not really care for him; they fear him. Perhaps the most important difference between these two characters lies in their choices. Harry chooses to do what is good and right for all humanity; whereas, Voldemort chooses to do what is evil and right for only him. Voldemort desires total power and control, but Harry desires only to be normal. Despite these differences, Harry and Voldemort still have many similarities that cause people to scratch their heads and wonder, “How can two people be so alike and yet so different?” The answer lies within each of us.

15 Now it’s your turn  Brainstorming List  Diagram/Chart (31b)  Topic Sentence (____ and ____ have many similarities and differences.)  1 st draft

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